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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Playing at a Polling Place Near You: "Revenge of the Peace Fascists"

Labor Day marks the end of summer and the official start of the political campaign season. 2006 may be a watershed moment in American politics. While all the conventional wisdom that predicted doom and gloom in 2002 and 2004 was wrong, who knows? The punditocracy might get it right this time and we find ourselves dealing with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the defeaticrats in charge of the legislative portion of the federal government for the final two years of the Bush presidency.

The secret to conservative victories in past elections is the ability to get our people registered and make sure they vote on election day and that their vote is counted and that efforts are made to eliminate fraud in the electoral process.

The deadline for registering new voters and requesting absentee ballots will pass shortly. There is no time to waste if you have a friend or family member who is not registered, or who will be unable to vote at their precinct on Election Day and needs an absentee ballot. In most states, voters need to be registered 30 days in advance of an election. Requirements for requesting absentee ballots vary, so check with your local Election Board for details.

Time is running out quick for those serving in our military overseas . If you have family members or friends in the U.S. Armed Forces, please make sure they understand that absentee ballots need to be filled out correctly, POSTMARKED, and returned well in advance of election day to avoid any challenge by Democrat poll workers.

Hold Onto Your Hats: Expect Dem Dirty Tricks

Registering voters and getting them to the polls is not enough. In the past six years we've witnessed a slew of dirty tricks that undermine the sanctity of "One man. One vote."

The Democrat attempt to exclude military ballots in Florida 2000 and recount only selective precincts where Al Gore was strongest was only the preview of what was to come.

In the 2004 presidential election, attempts to affect the vote in key states with fraud, harassment, vandalism, violence and intimidation reached epidemic levels never seen before in American politics.

Expect things to get worse. After all, Democrats continue to be fed a steady diet of hate speech directed at Republicans from Howard Dean, the Chairman of their party, on down.

When Dr. Dean states that he "hates Republicans and everything they stand for" and later goes on to suggest that: "We're in a battle between good and evil and we [Democrats] are the good." it hardly goes without notice among the ranks of those who are prepared to do anything to win the "battle" for "good."

When Peace Fascists Attack:
Walking with uber-Peace Fascist Cindy Sheehan, a woman carries the sign "Fascism is on the March." (full size image here) What a shame they live in an Orwellian delusion and fail to realize the irony.

Ms. Sheehan and company have been knighted with "absolute moral authority" by the left. But as the new saying goes: "Absolute moral authority corrupts absolutely."

Like the KKK cross burners of old, today's Peace Fascist is obsessed with the symbol of Nazi Germany, the Swastika. It's spray painted on private property and burned into lawns

Ratcheting up the drumbeat of fascism, Peace Fascists also display a penchant for breaking windows and vandalizing property of those marked with an ideology that runs counter to that which is approved by the mob. It's another painful reminder of the history of fascism when Nazis stormed through the streets of Germany breaking the windows of Jews in what is remembered as 'Kristallnacht.'

The assault against private property is only the first step in that long, slow slide to fascism. The next step is illustrated here during the 2004 election when pro-Kerry union thugs surrounded 3 year old Sophia Parlock as she sat on her father's shoulders and tore the Bush/Cheney sign from her hands and shouted at her and her father as Parlock's 11 year old son looked on in horror.

Peace Fascists claim that President Bush and conservatives threaten their civil rights and would curtail dissent. Yet here we have a 3 year old girl subjected to the true character of those who are imbued with what they claim is an "absolute moral authority."

Yet even before Dr. Dean began his role as chief validator of the hate campaign, Democrat activists in the 2004 election assumed the mantle of "absolute moral authority" and went on sprees of violence, vandalism, theft and intimidation directed at Republicans.

When Angry Democrats Attack documents the cases in what was once regarded as peaceful Minnesota. Politburo Diktat has a list with details of multiple reports in several states of:
  • Gunshots fired into GOP Headquarters in two states.
  • Organized Union gangs invading, and in some cases vandalizing GOP HQ's in several states.
  • Multiple reports of burglarized GOP offices and thefts.
  • Nazi swastikas burned into lawns, spray painted on private property and campaign signs.

And in a direct attempt to influence the outcome of a close election in Wisconsin Michael Barone reports: "the sons of state Sen. Gwen Moore (who would be elected to Congress that day) and Acting Mayor Marvin Pratt slashed the tires of some 25 buses leased by the Milwaukee County Republican Party to take voters to the polls on Election Day."

When Dems Feel Empowered to Commit Electoral Violence, Why Not Commit Fraud as Well?

The attempt to keep the GOP voters from getting to the polls in Wisconsin in 2004 would be disturbing enough if it were an isolated incident. But John Kerry won Wisconsin's 10 electoral votes by a margin of 11,384 votes. Yet a joint investigation found that thousands more votes were recorded than voters having voted in Milwaukee. A massive number of double votes, phony registrations and felons voting also raise the specter whether the election of a U.S. president might have been decided by a deliberate campaign of vote fraud.

The American Center for Voting Rights has the full story on what happened in Wisconsin. But irregularities and fraud did not stop in the Dairy State. ACV documents similar problems in:

Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada,New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia.

Mary Poppins, Jeffrey Dahmer, Janet Jackson, George Foreman, Brett Favre, Michael Jordan, and Dick Tracy. All Registered to Vote in Small Town Ohio.

Some of these attempts at fraud would be funny, if the subject of voter fraud weren't so serious. Take the case of Chad Staton in Defiance, Ohio. He turned in 130 voter registration cards. 126 were determined to be fraudulent. Elections officials in small town Defiance immediately be-came suspicious when the above were registered mostly at the same address as Chad and all written in the same hand.

Chad admitted to being paid for his efforts with crack cocaine by a woman working for the National Association of Colored Persons Voter Fund. Perhaps he received an advance payment.

The NAACP tried to claim that this was an isolated incident, yet the history of their voter registration efforts in Ohio suggests otherwise.

Prosecutions Few and Far Between

Chad Staton pled guilty. The woman who hired him died suddenly of a drug overdose. The tire slashers in Wisconsin got jail time. Vote buying schemes in Illinois and West Virginia also brought convictions.

But if you read the full ACVR report you cannot help but notice the scale of the problem and the failure of many states and jurisdictions to assign the resources necessary to put a stop to the fraud.

Republicans Just as Bad???

Oh, yes. I can hear the moral equivalence crowd out there just waiting to say that Republicans are "just as bad" or the usual "both sides do it" nonsense that always seeks to ignore or explain away the seriousness of the issue. Perhaps those who push that tattered line of reasoning can point me to the convictions of Republicans for similar acts.

Liberals are always wailing about how evil right-wing Christians are out to take over the country. Perhaps one of those who espouses this irrational fear can point to an example of right wing Christians forcing their way into Democrat campaign headquarters, shooting at them or attempting to buy votes and create massive false registrations.

Democrats have alleged that black voters were discouraged from voting by long lines or acts of racism. Yet, no investigation of these charges has found any evidence to support those conclusions. If you look at the list of exhibits in the ACVR report, you'll find the infamous Kerry Edwards Colorado Election Day Manual with specific instructions on how to file false charges of racism and disenfranchisement of blacks even "if no signs of intimidation have emerged yet, launch a pre-emptive strike."

The bottom line is that those who feel an "absolute moral authority" in a battle against "evil" may feel justified in breaking the law to achieve their ends. Of course this is exactly the definition of fascism and the danger it represents to democracy. Since most of these crimes go unpunished, we can only expect more of the same. Beware!


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