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Saturday, November 25, 2006

History Repeating Itself?


The Lesson

Violating the "peace" treaties signed after World War I, Germany rearmed. The world did nothing but talk. Hitler again violated "peace" accords by remilitarizing the Rhineland. Again, the world talked.

David Low published the above cartoon July 8, 1936, wondering what would be next. He got his answer soon enough. Less than two years later, Hitler annexed Austria. The world talked. Following more talk from Neville "Peace in our time" Chamberlain Hitler swallowed Czechoslovakia.

By the time Hitler invaded Poland, there was no more talk. But by then it was too late. A war was unleashed which scarred the planet forever and caused the horrific deaths of over 60 million human beings.

Talk and diplomacy only served the interests of those bent on war. "Peace in our time" gave people short-term false hope which led them to be ill-prepared for the nightmare that came later.

Repeating History?

When "students" in Iran took Americans at our embassy in Tehran hostage in November 1979 it was an act of war. Yet all the world did was talk.

When Saddam Hussein violated every UN resolution demanding disarmament, the world talked again.

As Iran founded and funded Hezbollah's private army in Lebanon, the world talked. When that army launched attacks against Israel the world acted by pressuring Israel to stop before defeating Hezbollah. UN "peacekeeping" troops now watch as the Iran and Syria violate more UN resolutions and rearm Hezbollah. Still nothing but talk.

When Iran's proxy Syria assassinated Lebanese pro-democracy leaders, more talk. When Iran and Syria fund and arm terrorists to go into Iraq and attack civilians the reaction is to blame the United States and call again for more talk.

Again the world community talks and watches as another nightmare slowly unfolds.

The enemy has learned it's lesson from history. There are no masses of tanks and aircraft 193446291_d8afa68452threatening neighboring states. Just the slow withering away of the institutions and peoples who oppose Islamic tyranny.

Cancer Returns

Whether you wish to admit that this is the cancer left over from the Nazi era that we missed at the end of World War II, It's clear from the public statements and ACTIONS of Islamic fascists in Iran or Al Queda that the goal is nothing less than the world domination which Hitler sought.

If you haven't see the videos of groups like the Islamic Thinkers Society in the U.S. or those presented in Obsession, or by Glen Beck, ask yourself why the mainstream media would withold the statements of these radicals from you when they open each night's newscast with the latest bombing in Baghdad?

Throughout the 1930's Winston Churchill warned of the gathering danger. He was ignored, impugned and ridiculed. At the very moment when the survival of Britain was at stake the British turned to him for leadership. What a price they paid. Hundreds of thousands of troops lost, tens of thousands of civilians dead. Nearly all of which was avoidable.

When we think about the threat today, at what point do we say "let's stop it now" while there is still time to avoid a calamity? God forbid the worst should happen two, five or ten years from now. No one can say they were not warned, no one can say they didn't know, or that government didn't "connect the dots." The dots are all lined up in a row for anyone with an appreciation of history and human nature to connect.

What's needed is leadership to honestly and directly address the threat before it becomes the nightmare that history promises will return to those who ignore the lesson.

Still in denial?

Watch this video excerpt of an Imam in pre-invasion Baghdad:

The remainder of this program is available here, here and here.

From that opening clip there are ominous parallels between the speaker and crowd reaction to the infamous speeches of that monster of the 20th Century (video here).

My greatest fear is that some in this country have so succesfully neutered the aggressive military and security posture needed to resist the gathering storm that we face a repeat of the horror which befell the world at a time before most of us were born.

My most fervant hope is that there is still time to head off the danger at small cost and risk before that happens.

Time will tell.


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