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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sneak Attack on U.S. Forces in Karbala Iraq an Iranian Operation?

You may have heard by now of the January 20th sneak attack on a U.S./Iraqi Provincial Joint Coordination Center in Karbala, Iraq where enemy dressed as U.S. soldiers entered the compound, killed one American and kidnapped four others and took them out into the countryside and killed them.

Armed Forces Press Service has the story.

Readers may recall that Karbala, and nearby Najaf (both of which are referred to as "Holy Cities" which means that they are hotbeds of death and violence among the faithful adherents of the religion of peace) were the scene of heavy fighting in 2004 between U.S. forces the Mahdi Army of Muqtada al-Sadr.

First suspicion would certainly fall on Sadr's band of Shiite killers. But this attack doesn't seem to fit the modus operandi of Sadr's amateurish thugs. A darker force may be at work, and one that is closely allied with Sadr in their goal to turn Iraq into another bastion for radical Islam, Shiite-style.

The Political Pit Bull links to news and analysis which suggests that Iranian agents may be behind the attacks. Who else could provide the "in depth training for the agents to pass as American troops, resources to provide for weapons, vehicles, uniforms, identification, radios and other items needed to successfully carry out the mission?"

Killed in the Attack:
Army 1st Lt. Jacob N. Fritz, 25, of Verdon, Neb.
Army Spc. Johnathan B. Chism, 22, of Gonzales, La.
Army Pfc. Shawn P. Falter, 25, of Cortland, N.Y.
Army Pvt. Johnathon M. Millican, 20, of Trafford, Ala.
Army Capt. Brian S. Freeman, 31
(more background here)

Jake Fritz: All American Small Town Boy

Jacob Fritz, 25 grew up in Verdon, Nebraska (population 242). He was an honor student, a basketball star, and a Homecoming King who also played football, and ran track in high school.

In 2005 he graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point (Captain Freeman graduated from West Point in 1999).

Fritz deployed to Iraq in October 2006 and four days before he died sent this email back to friends and family describing his service. He talked about Christmas in Karbala with his troops, the first time he was away from home for Christmas, and he wanted to thank all the hometown folks who sent him Christmas greetings.

In closing he said :"Regardless of when we come home, my soldiers and I want you all to know that we couldn't have made it this far through the deployment without your support from back home."

To paraphrase President Bush in his State of the Union Address: "There is something wonderful about a country that produces a brave and humble man like Jacob Fritz."

We honor you Jacob Fritz. Your sacrifice shall not be in vain!

UPDATE: Iran's Ambassador to Iraq Admits Iranian Agents In Country.

From the NYTreason: "“They worked in the security sector in the Islamic Republic, that’s clear,” Mr. Qumi said, referring to Iran. But he said that the Iranians were in Iraq because “the two countries agreed to solve the security problems.” The Iranians “went to meet with the Iraqi side,” he said.

No word on what such nice guys were doing with "manifests of weapons and material relating to the technology of sophisticated roadside bombs" and intelligence information that could be used to mount attacks.

UPDATE: 200 Insurgents Killed in Nearby "Holy City" of Najaf

Breitbart Reports that a religious cult called "Soldiers of Heaven" said hundreds of gunmen planned to disguise themselves as pilgrims and kill clerics on the holiest day of the Shiite calendar. Najaf government officials indicated the militants included both Shiite and Sunni extremists, as well as foreign fighters. The attackers believed that the mass death and bloodshed their attack meant to cause would bring back the "hidden imam, a 9th-century Shiite saint who Shiites believe will come again to bring peace and justice to the world."

Funny way to bring peace and justice to the world. Last March, we posted more information on the "hidden imam" and would remind Mike's America who it is that also thinks that mass violence in destruction is the way to heaven.

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