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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

"Now" We Need to Know What Obama Stands For? NOW???

Someone explain to me the purpose of the "news" media!

While visiting at Always on Watch, I noticed the following from Wednesday's Washington Post:

"At home, Obama must revive an economy experiencing some of the worst shocks in more than half a century. Abroad, he has pledged to end the war in Iraq and defeat al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan. He ran on a platform to change the country and its politics. Now he must begin to spell out exactly how."
"Now he must begin to spell out exactly how???"


You mean the guy was campaigning for years and even the Washington Post doesn't know what he would do once elected? All those debates. All those speeches. All those press conferences (oops! scratch that, he has held so very few) and we don't know what Obama would do once he's in office?

What were all those thousands of reporters doing when they weren't busy investigating Sarah Palin's children or Joe the Plumber? Don't you think they could have asked Obama a question about the economy, Iraq or the Taliban?

It's no coincidence that the Dow Jones Stock average dropped a dramatic 486 points on Wednesday with the news of Obama's election. Uncertainty breeds fear.

UPDATE: Audio of Charlie Rose and Tom Brokaw on October 30 admitting they "don't know" who Obama is:

We are in such trouble!

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