Thursday, January 28, 2010

Obama's State of Denial Address

He's still not listening!
Plus: Justice Alito says Obama lies!

Here's a letter to the editor I submitted to my local newspaper after Obama's speech:

State of Denial Address

Wednesday night people across the nation tuned in to watch the State of the Union speech to see if President Obama heard the message from Massachusetts voters. Like me, many were disappointed. It was more of the same empty promises, angry rhetoric, partisan jibes and blame it all on Bush.

Obama seemed to want to run against Washington in an attempt to avoid responsibility for what has gone wrong in the past year. He sits in the White House and his party controls congress with the largest majorities in a generation. How can he run against a system he controls? How can he blame Republicans when he’s ignored every idea they put forward?

He talked about transparency as if he had never promised repeatedly to put health care negotiations on C-Span. Did you see those negotiations on TV?

He promised to do more on earmark reform. Another campaign pledge. But he continues to sign spending bills loaded with pork.

He promised to consider offshore oil exploration. But then, we’ve heard him promise so much and deliver so little. Does anyone believe him now? As Virginia Governor McDonnell said in his response: “we want results, not rhetoric.”

Sarah Palin described Obama’s speech as “lecturing, not leading.” I agree. It’s clear from Obama’s tone that he hasn’t heard the voice of the American people expressed in Town Halls, tea parties and elections in Massachusetts, Virginia and New Jersey.

Let’s send him a stronger signal nine months from now.

Justice Alito has Joe Wilson "YOU LIE" Moment

Have you EVER seen a President rebuke the Supreme Court to their face, in a State of the Union speech? Obama did it Wednesday night. What's more, he lied about the Supreme Court's recent ruling overturning recent campaign finance law.

Justice Alito couldn't sit there and take it. Notice how he shakes his head then mouths "not true."

With Obama clearly in such deep denial about the rejection of his failed policies it hardly makes him seem more presidential to attack the judicial branch of government to their face!

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