John Bolton

John Bolton

Saturday, January 12, 2013

You Have to Laugh: Poor and Middle Class Obama Voters in Shock that THEIR Taxes Went Up!

They made the mistake of believing Obama's promise to protect the Middle Class and soak the rich. They voted for him and now it's costing them PLENTY!

Stunned Obama voters just did not see it coming. They didn't read the fine print when Obama bragged that under the fiscal cliff deal he signed into law "than 98% of Americans and 97% of small business will not see their income taxes go up one dime." Notice he didn't say anything about payroll taxes. Obama voters shouldn't be surprised. After all, this is the same man who made a "firm pledge" when he ran for office in 2008 that those making under $250,000 would not see ANY tax increase of any kind.  "Not a single dime" he said in 2008. Of course that "firm pledge" didn't last long. If his voters didn't learn their lesson the first time, it's hard to have any sympathy for them now.

Now, those lucky enough to have a job after four years of Obamanomics are staring at their paychecks and wondering what happened. It's not just dimes we are talking about but hundreds, even thousands from lower and Middle Class workers.

Twitchy, that wonderful Twitter aggregator has one, two threads of examples of surprised Obama voters. I feel sorry for the guy who Tweeted: "Since I make less than $25k a year I guess I must be an evil rich guy."

The painful reality that many of these folks are waking up to is that Obama's ever expanding welfare state and his corrupt crony capitalism cannot sustain itself on the backs of just 1 or 2% of the taxpayers. The Middle Class is the biggest cash cow and will be asked to pay the bill.

Meanwhile, Obama will continue to give huge tax breaks to his "millionaire and billionaire" Hollywood and Wall Street pals. And why not? Middle and lower income voters will be paying for it!

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