John Bolton

John Bolton

Friday, September 27, 2013

Obama Negotiates with Iran by Phone While Key Adviser Rejects Negotiationg with Republicans who are "people with a bomb strapped to their chest."

Perhaps Obama and key aides have forgotten the hundreds of Americans killed by Iranian backed terrorism!

When House Speaker Boehner's office released a video suggesting Obama would rather negotiate with America's enemies rather than Republicans some people might have thought Boehner went too far. But then on Friday Obama had a 15 minute phone call with the President of Iran and later repeated the dubious promises that Iran is not building a nuclear weapon. Just like the Syrian crisis, problem solved right?

The day before Obama cozied up to the regime in Tehran which persists in holding rallies where they shout "DEATH TO AMERICA" and which has direct links to the killing of hundreds of Americans (1,2,3), Obama's Senior White House adviser for Communications Dan Pfieffer was on CNN saying that Obama would not negotiate with House Republicans. Pfieffer said "what we’re not for is negotiating with people with a bomb strapped to their chest."

[side note: Imagine the hell that would break loose if top GOP officials said the same thing about Obama.]

Perhaps we should ask the widows and orphans of American troops murdered by Iranian backed suicide bombers what they think about this attitude in the White House which paints Americans as terrorist villains and seems to accept at face value the lies told by terrorist regimes.

If Obama can't tell the difference between a Republican with a difference of opinion on domestic issues and a terrorist regime which murders Americans then he isn't qualified to be Commander in Chief!

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