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Monday, January 27, 2014

Lesson to Obama: A Tale of Two States. Conservative Policies Saved Wisconsin, Democrat Policies Destroyed Neighboring Illinois

And what do Democrats in Wisconsin want to do with their new-found prosperity? Copy Illinois' big spending/high tax failure!

Obama is all set to deliver another tedious State of the Union Address Tuesday night. Once again he'll promise to change the world for the better but after five years of Obama policies resulting in the weakest economic performance since World War II  with millions remaining out of work and real incomes for the middle class falling, people might want to consider whether there is a better way.

Democrats in are always demanding that Republicans show alternatives to  failed Democrat policies yet when Republicans comply the Democrats scream bloody murder. Wisconsin is an excellent case in point.

In Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's State of the State Address the Governor touted Wisconsin's reform success story:

  • $911 million surplus. Much of it to be rebated back to the taxpayers.
  • Unemployment the lowest since 2008. New unemployment claims at 12 year low.
  • Private sector job creation higher than neighboring Minnesota, Iowa or Illinois.
  • Personal incomes up 4.4%. 4th best in the nation.
Democrats did all they could to stop Walker from implementing his reforms. Angry mobs filled the state capitol and launched a recall of the governor and GOP members of the state senate. The recalls failed to stop Walker. To punish Walker allies Democrat county prosecutors have targeted them in an attempt to intimidate and silence support.

The only Democrat alternative to Walker's successful reforms is more spending and when that money runs out, a demand for higher taxes. All for "the children" don't you know?

Meanwhile, neighboring Illinois, Obama's home state and long run by Democrats is ranked by USA Today as the 3rd worst run state in the country with out of control spending and deficits.

The Democrat model for government is a failure on the state level and a failure on the national level. The GOP alternative works and creates the conditions which foster greater opportunity and prosperity for all Americans. Yet in his State of the Union speech Obama will once again endorse policies which only seek to benefit  Big Labor special interests. All at the expense of the Middle Class.

The good news for America is that no one listens to Obama anymore. We've learned the hard way it's all empty words and promises!

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