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Friday, May 02, 2014

White House Spin Machine in Overdrive as Benghazi Lies Unravel

So many lies they're having trouble keeping their story straight!

The White House email which revealed the extent to which the White House was prepared to go to keep the truth about what happened in Benghazi a secret from the American people continues to cause problems for the Administration.

The repeated claim that the White House had nothing to do with formulating the talking points has been decisively exposed as false. It's clear from the email of mid level staffer Ben Rhodes that the White House was involved in shaping the story line much more than the minor changes to the original talking points which White House Press Spokesman Jay Carney frequently insisted was the case. It's obvious that the White House played a key role in prepping then U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and directing her on what to say when she went on all five Sunday news shows to discuss the Benghazi attacks.

Also, for months now Carney and Obama's Democrat defenders have insisted that the White House had cooperated fully and turned over all relevant documents to Congress, such as the email, which might have helped to answer how it was that the You Tube video came to be blamed in so public and repeated fashion for the attacks. Carney insists now that the reason this document was not turned over is because it was not about Benghazi though it clearly deals with that issue and was in fact turned over by the State Department on that basis.

For 19 months since the attack, the Obama Administration has purposely hidden this email and is clearly hiding more that would tell us exactly WHO came up with the video excuse as well as answer why no help was sent the night of the attack and why urgent pleas for more security prior to the attack were ignored. And we still do not know what Obama was doing the night of the attack.

However, we did learn on Thursday that Obama was not in the Situation Room at the White House monitoring the response to the attack. In a very unusual interview on Special Report with Bret Baier former National Security Council Spokesman Tommy Vietor admits that Obama was not there. The interview [full video] is also very useful in exposing just how immature and inexperienced these White House aides are. At one point, Vietor responds to Baier's question by saying "dude." And Vietor is supposed to be the hot new talent in Washington?

BRET BAIER: According to the e-mails and the time line, the CIA circulates new talking points after they've removed the mention of al Qaeda and then at 6:21 the White House, you, add a line about the administration warning on September 10th of social media reports calling for demonstrations. True?

TOMMY VIETOR: I believe so.

BAIER: Did you also change attacks to demonstrations in the talking points?

VIETOR: Maybe. I don't really remember.

BAIER: You don't remember?

VIETOR: Dude, this was two years ago. We're still talking about the most mundane thing.

BAIER: Dude, it's what everybody is talking about.
What's Vietor's qualifications for the job of National Security Spokesman? He drove the press van for Obama's 2008 campaign!

The self proclaimed "most transparent Administration in history" has a habit of hiding inconvenient truths. Whether it's Benghazi, the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious or any other embarrassing story their first line of defense is to deny, then stonewall, then slow walk and hope the story dies. They are aided in part by the news media. While representatives from CBS, ABC, CNN and the New York Times all had strong questions on the Benghazi email at the White House briefing very little of those questions actually made it on air. Obama knows that the rules of accountability that would apply to Republican Administrations in similar circumstances do not apply to him. Thus, he's free to keep doubling down on deception!

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