Saturday, February 16, 2019

If Race Relations Are So Bad Why Do They Have to Lie About It? Hoax Exposed in Chicago. Nothing to Do with Trump Supporters!

Now the left says that lying is OK because it must be true somewhere. Imagine if Trump tried that!

Police in Chicago arrested two men who were identified in a grainy video taken the night actor Jussie Smollete was allegedly attacked at 2 AM on one of the coldest nights in Chicago recorded history.  I've previously discussed how odd it was that Smollet was able to fend off two attackers while holding on to his cell phone and a sandwich and how odd it is that he claims he was talking to his manager on the phone at the time but refused to turn over the phone as proof.

But now, after  claiming that the attack was racially motivated and identifying the two men shown in the video we learn that the men are black and knew Smollett and at least one worked on the show Empire with the actor.

Watch Jussie's words and see if they make sense in light of this new information:

Here are the two men who were reported to be white and making racial and homophobic slurs while claiming Chicago was "MAGA country." Jussie: "I don’t have any doubt in my mind that that’s them. Never did."
Jussie's attackers?  Do they look white to you?

From CWB Chicago:
The Osundairos are no longer considered suspects by investigators, whose full attention is now focused squarely on Smollett, according to well-established sources.

CWBChicago has learned that federal investigators sat in as Chicago police interrogated the Osundairo brothers for two days after the men were taken into custody at O’Hare airport on Wednesday evening. The Osundairos flew into the airport minutes earlier, returning from a trip to Nigeria that began hours after Smollett reported being attacked.

Abel (L) and Ola Osundairo | TMZ
The brothers, who have a relationship with Smollett and served as extras on his TV show, saw their status with police evolve from “potential persons of interest” to “potential suspects” to being “unable to leave” custody because investigators had “probable cause that they were involved in a crime” to being set free in the course of 48 hours.

Meanwhile, Smollett has lawyered up big time.
And what about these fools? Don't hold your breath waiting for apologies or corrections. The lie lives on!

No one ever said these attackers wore MAGA hats but that didn't stop this fool from saying so and believing it proves anyone who does is a racist.
And what about these clowns? Just another day at the office at the lie factory!

Or this from GQ magazine:
A still-disputed aspect of the attack on Smollett is a line shouted after his attackers fled the scene: "This is MAGA country." While its veracity isn't confirmed, its sentiment needs no fact-check. America's choice to embrace the blind rage of late-stage whiteness in decline is an explicit longing for this kind of crime, a version of America in which those who do not assimilate to the satisfaction of their white, straight, and Christian betters are subject to the impunity of law enforcement, the scorn of the media and the fury of racist homophobes stalking the streets of your city, who want you to know that they could lynch you if they really wanted to, and maybe get away with it too.
Liars say truth unimportant

Since the hoax is now becoming apparent the story line, as seen above is shifting. Even if it's a lie it's true, well just because!

Blaming Trump and his supporters for hate crimes that turned out to be hoaxes is nothing new.  Perhaps Smollett should have tried to be more original.

One wonders if Shonda will be calling for Jussie to be prosecuted for perpetrating a hoax?

Montage of lies

Watch this reporting. Every word of it a lie and repeated over and over and over:

"I can't believe this is happening in 2019." It didn't. And what a shame you didn't bother to find out before you said that!

It isn't Trump who is diving America with racial animus and hate. It's people like Jussie Smollett who LIE about racism!

Friday, February 15, 2019

FINALLY! We Have a New Attorney General. Heads Will Roll!

Let's hope William Barr is the Mr. Clean-up we were promised!

In the Oval Office President Trump witnesses William Barr being sworn in as the nation's 85th Attorney General by U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts on Thursday.
Attorney General Barr's wife, Christine, holds the Bible.
More on A.G. Barr from the Justice Dept. web site.

The swearing in took place on the same day that Andrew McCabe, disgraced former Deputy head of the FBI currently under investigation for lying, admitted to a conspiracy to unlawfully remove Trump from office by means of a soft coup.

Since former AG Bill Sessions unwisely allowed himself to be hamstrung by Democrat demands that he recuse himself from key management of the department (notice Dems NEVER demanded Obama's AGs recuse themselves for far worse) those who believe in justice have had to wait until he was replaced.

Barr is billed as the man who can drain the swamp and clean house. Will he?

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Bi Partisan Senate Panel Concludes: No Evidence of Any Collusion Between Trump Campaign and Russia

Though I doubt this will stop the Trump haters in the House from trying to dig up dirt on Trump anyway!
For more than two years we have seen every wild accusation Dems have thrown at Trump come to nothing. One long spew of fake news.   No evidence of ANY wrongdoing yet they refuse to stop.

On the same basis, we could demand a Special Prosecutor of Obama for unspecified crimes and then spend two years digging through the lives of every Obama Administration official looking for something. I'm sure Dems would be fine with that right?

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Isn't White Privilege Good Enough for Elizabeth Warren? Why Did She Have to Pretend to be an Indian?

Easy answer: she did it to steal the job that would otherwise have gone to a Native American!

The Washington Post dug up this copy of the form Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) used to register with the State Bar of Texas in which she claimed to be an American Indian:

Warren has now apologized to the Cherokee Nation for posing as a fake Indian.  But the damage is done. For years at Harvard, she was included in the diversity reporting requirements to the Federal Government. In essence, she was taking the place of a TRUE Native American. And not just at Harvard. Warren was listed in the directory of the Association of American Law Schools in the section for "minority law teachers."

Democrats who put on black face are forced to resign. Why shouldn't Sen. Warren share the same fate for putting on red face?

Dueling Rallies: Trump in El Paso All American vs. Beto Event with Mexican Flags

Whose side are the Dems on?

Massive Trump rally in El Paso, Texas Monday night. Thousands inside, tens of thousands outside:
Meanwhile, at a MUCH smaller rally, former El Paso Congressman Robert Francis O'Rourke managed to cobble together a few thousand for his own rally. Sound from the nearby Trump rally was heard at the O'Rourke rally where the participants showed their true colors. Literally, their TRUE colors by waving Mexican flags:
More Mexican flags here.

While screaming about "hate" from REAL Americans just down the street the O'Rourke crowd bashed a Trump pinata with a baseball bat. No, they don't hate anyone do they?

Once again, the left can't help but show who and what they really are. American they are not!

Saturday, February 09, 2019

Pelosi a "Radical Conservative?" Dems Come Out of the Closest for Full Bore Socialism with Green New Deal

After the laughter over there absurd proposal dies down people will realize just how radical these people are!

Did you know House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrat from San Francisco is a "radical conservative?"  That's how the spinmeister for the newly minted Rep. A. Ocasio Cortez describes those who stand in her way. “I am talking about the radical conservatives in the Democratic Party,” said Saikat Chakrabarti, Chief of Staff to Rep. O-Cortez.

Could that be because Pelosi refused to appoint Cortez to the special House committee on climate change? Or was it when Pelosi described Rep. Cortez's signature idea, the Green New Deal this way:
PELOSI: "It will be one of several or maybe many suggestions that we receive. The green dream, or whatever they call it, nobody knows what it is, but they're for it, right?"
Rather than being a "radical conservative" can it be that Pelosi kept her distance to the Green New Deal because it's an even bigger joke than she is? As the plan was unveiled, it was greeted not with cheers but howls of laughter. Ending air travel, rebuilding or refitting every building in the country to be green compliant and getting rid of gas powered cars in ten years is just the tip of the iceberg.

They also want to end cattle production. As the plan says "he only way to get rid of farting cows is to get rid of beef." Then there's every other socialist wish list: free health care, education and money for those who choose not to work. In short it's Venezuela, American style. And they want to do it all in ten years. Reminds me of the old Soviet five year plans and would likely have the same result. Total economic ruination.
If you want to see more details of the plan click here. Don't look for them on Rep. Cortez's official government web site. That page has mysteriously disappeared. Probably because comedians were stealing the material. If fully implemented the plan would cost tens of trillions of dollars. Cortez doesn't even know how much and suggests that government "credit" will pay for it.
Remember that Dems say $5 billion Trump's border barrier is a waste of money but they advocate plans that would cost 10,000 times that!

The Green New Deal is a joke but that hasn't stopped Democrat 2020 presidential hopefuls from hopping on board. By doing so, they immediately draw a contrast with President Trump who made the following vow in the State of the Union address.

In 2020 voters can choose Trump or choose crazy.  At this rate, Trump may even get Pelosi's vote!

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Watching Dems Self Destruct After They Imposed the "Kavanaugh Standard" of Instant Guilt

It couldn't happen to nicer people!

By the definition set by the national Democratic Party elected Dems in Virginia are either racists or rapists.  Just months after Dems made the most outrageous accusations against now Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh for what they said happened during his high school years their tactic is coming back to bite them.

First it was "Coonman" (his nickname) Governor Northam who admitted being either in blackface or a KKK outfit then denied it. It looked like Northam would be forced to resign until allegations of sexual assault were raised against Lt. Gov. Fairfax set to take his place.

These allegations, are far more detailed than any of the vague and uncertain statements made by Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford. Vanessa Tyson, professor at Scripp's University and a fellow at Stanford University's Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences gives an account far more compelling. Read it here.

With Fairfax out of the running, that would leave the Attorney General Mark Herring. Except he too also appeared in black face. That leaves the Virginia Speaker of the House, a Republican. That can't be allowed so now watch as the zero tolerance policy of Dems takes another hypocrisy hit and the whole thing get's swept away. Don't you understand that we really need to be blaming Trump for this? Deflect, deny, lie.

It's amazing that any of these men still have their jobs. By contrast note that Michael Ertel resigned as Florida's newly appointed Secretary of State after a photo of him in blackface was made public. But Ertel was a Republican. Apparently it's OK for Dems to be racists and rapists!

Now, where are the Dems who insist that a woman must be believed and that no racism can be tolerated? Some have come out calling for Northan's resignation but remained mostly silent when they realized that it means the wholesale replacement of Dem leadership of a key swing state.

Once again, we see that Dem's vaunted principles are easily waived when it comes to holding onto power. Just as the Democratic women in the House chamber sat on their hands during Trump's State of the Union Address as he described efforts to stop over the border trafficking in female sex slaves. If it means Republicans benefit, Dems will oppose it!

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Master of the Moment Trump State of the Union Speech Challenges Dems to Rise Above Resistance and Serve the People

In many ways Trump out-reaganed Reagan with his mastery of the event!

Bio of the President's guests

It was worth the wait.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrat from California,  rescinded an earlier agreement for Trump to appear in the annual speech highlighting the Administration's goals.  By so doing, she elevated the importance of the speech above it's already high importance on the political calendar. And Trump knocked that curve ball out of the park on Tuesday night!

In the opening, Trump challenged Dems to rise above the partisan hate and hysteria they have unleashed the last two years. He reminded them that they have a choice:
PRESIDENT TRUMP: We must reject the politics of revenge, resistance, and retribution -- and embrace the boundless potential of cooperation, compromise, and the common good. We must choose between greatness or gridlock, results or resistance, vision or vengeance, incredible progress or pointless destruction.
Throughout the speech the President reminded his audience of the great things America accomplished in the last Century and called them to join with him in unity to achieve new greatness. He also listed some of the historic achievements of his first two years:
In just over 2 years since the election, we have launched an unprecedented economic boom -- a boom that has rarely been seen before. We have created 5.3 million new jobs and importantly added 600,000 new manufacturing jobs -- something which almost everyone said was impossible to do, but the fact is, we are just getting started.

Wages are rising at the fastest pace in decades, and growing for blue collar workers, who I promised to fight for, faster than anyone else. Nearly 5 million Americans have been lifted off food stamps. The United States economy is growing almost twice as fast today as when I took office, and we are considered far and away the hottest economy anywhere in the world. Unemployment has reached the lowest rate in half a century. African-American, Hispanic-American and Asian-American unemployment have all reached their lowest levels ever recorded. Unemployment for Americans with disabilities has also reached an all-time low. More people are working now than at any time in our history –- 157 million.

We passed a massive tax cut for working families and doubled the child tax credit.

We virtually ended the estate, or death, tax on small businesses, ranches, and family farms.

We eliminated the very unpopular Obamacare individual mandate penalty -- and to give critically ill patients access to life-saving cures, we passed right to try.

My Administration has cut more regulations in a short time than any other administration during its entire tenure. Companies are coming back to our country in large numbers thanks to historic reductions in taxes and regulations.

We have unleashed a revolution in American energy -- the United States is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world. And now, for the first time in 65 years, we are a net exporter of energy.

After 24 months of rapid progress, our economy is the envy of the world, our military is the most powerful on earth, and America is winning each and every day. Members of Congress: the State of our Union is strong. Our country is vibrant and our economy is thriving like never before.

On Friday, it was announced that we added another 304,000 jobs last month alone -- almost double what was expected. An economic miracle is taking place in the United States -- and the only thing that can stop it are foolish wars, politics, or ridiculous partisan investigations.

If there is going to be peace and legislation, there cannot be war and investigation. It just doesn’t work that way!
Democrats mostly sat on their hands as the President described the progress made by minorities. Finally, as he focused on women, female Democrat Reps. decided to get to their feet and cheer as if they were on guests on some rowdy Jerry Springer daytime television talk show. Then it was back to scowling as the President continued to roll.

President Trump pointed out what success is possible if both parties work together. He pointed to prison reform as one effort and two guests which highlighted the issue in the audience. The moving personal stories of these African Americans who received overly harsh sentences for non-violent offences should dispel the attacks on Trump as a racist which are mostly lodged by white Democrats seeking to use identity politics to divide Americans. The sight of Democrats sitting while two African Americans recently freed from prison stood in recognition should be all you need to know about the party of racial divisiveness.

The most critical issue before Congress is resolve the border security impasse which threatens to once again shut down the government as the short term funding bill expires. Trump spoke of the effectiveness of border barriers:
No issue better illustrates the divide between America’s working class and America’s political class than illegal immigration. Wealthy politicians and donors push for open borders while living their lives behind walls and gates and guards.

Meanwhile, working class Americans are left to pay the price for mass illegal migration -- reduced jobs, lower wages, overburdened schools and hospitals, increased crime, and a depleted social safety net.

Tolerance for illegal immigration is not compassionate -- it is cruel. One in three women is sexually assaulted on the long journey north. Smugglers use migrant children as human pawns to exploit our laws and gain access to our country.

Human traffickers and sex traffickers take advantage of the wide open areas between our ports of entry to smuggle thousands of young girls and women into the United States and to sell them into prostitution and modern-day slavery.

Tens of thousands of innocent Americans are killed by lethal drugs that cross our border and flood into our cities -- including meth, heroin, cocaine, and fentanyl.
Joining the First Lady in the gallery were the daughter, grandchild and great grandchild of Gerald and Sharon David who were murdered last month in their Reno, Nevada home by an illegal alien. Also present was ICE Special Agent Elvin Hernandez, a legal immigrant who now specializes in apprehending the human sex traffickers who prey on vulnerable women and children. The sight of Democrat Representative women sitting on their hands while President Trump described the horror inflicted on these innocent victims was appalling. But then, like racism, Dems seem to care only about women's rights when it can be used to bludgeon Republicans.

Trump's border security plan is simple and it's based on what has proven to work:
My Administration has sent to the Congress a commonsense proposal to end the crisis on our southern border.

It includes humanitarian assistance, more law enforcement, drug detection at our ports, closing loopholes that enable child smuggling, and plans for a new physical barrier, or wall, to secure the vast areas between our ports of entry. In the past, most of the people in this room voted for a wall -- but the proper wall never got built. I’ll get it built.

This is a smart, strategic, see-through steel barrier -- not just a simple concrete wall. It will be deployed in the areas identified by border agents as having the greatest need, and as these agents will tell you, where walls go up, illegal crossings go way down.

San Diego used to have the most illegal border crossings in the country. In response, and at the request of San Diego residents and political leaders, a strong security wall was put in place. This powerful barrier almost completely ended illegal crossings.

The border city of El Paso, Texas, used to have extremely high rates of violent crime -- one of the highest in the country, and considered one of our Nation’s most dangerous cities. Now, with a powerful barrier in place, El Paso is one of our safest cities.

Simply put, walls work and walls save lives. So let’s work together, compromise, and reach a deal that will truly make America safe.
Along with listing accomplishments in foreign policy and restoring America's military the President turned to the urgent crisis in Venezuela and reminded his audience of the important lesson it contains:
Two weeks ago, the United States officially recognized the legitimate government of Venezuela, and its new interim President, Juan Guaido.

We stand with the Venezuelan people in their noble quest for freedom -- and we condemn the brutality of the Maduro regime, whose socialist policies have turned that nation from being the wealthiest in South America into a state of abject poverty and despair.

Here, in the United States, we are alarmed by new calls to adopt socialism in our country. America was founded on liberty and independence –- not government coercion, domination, and control. We are born free, and we will stay free. Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country.
The sour faced socialist Bernie Sanders.  He would turn the
United States into Venezuela. 
Trump pointed right at the Democrats as he said it. Sour looks on the face of Bernie Sanders and other radicals in the Democrat Party greeted that lesson.

The President's address concluded with several emotional moments. In the gallery were two survivors of the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh which left eleven dead. One of those present was SWAT Officer Timothy Matson who was shot 7 times while taking down the shooter. The other present tonight was Judah Samet, a survivor of Nazi death camps. Tuesday was Judah's 81st birthday and the audience sang an impromptu "Happy Birthday." President Trump continues the story:
Judah says he can still remember the exact moment, nearly 75 years ago, after 10 months in a concentration camp, when he and his family were put on a train, and told they were going to another camp. Suddenly the train screeched to a halt. A soldier appeared. Judah’s family braced for the worst. Then, his father cried out with joy: “It’s the Americans.”

A second Holocaust survivor who is here tonight, Joshua Kaufman, was a prisoner at Dachau Concentration Camp. He remembers watching through a hole in the wall of a cattle car as American soldiers rolled in with tanks. “To me,” Joshua recalls, “the American soldiers were proof that God exists, and they came down from the sky.”

I began this evening by honoring three soldiers who fought on D-Day in the Second World War. One of them was Herman Zeitchik. But there is more to Herman’s story. A year after he stormed the beaches of Normandy, Herman was one of those American soldiers who helped liberate Dachau. He was one of the Americans who helped rescue Joshua from that hell on earth. Almost 75 years later, Herman and Joshua are both together in the gallery tonight -- seated side-by-side, here in the home of American freedom. Herman and Joshua: your presence this evening honors and uplifts our entire Nation.

When American soldiers set out beneath the dark skies over the English Channel in the early hours of D-Day, 1944, they were just young men of 18 and 19, hurtling on fragile landing craft toward the most momentous battle in the history of war.

They did not know if they would survive the hour. They did not know if they would grow old. But they knew that America had to prevail. Their cause was this Nation, and generations yet unborn.

Why did they do it? They did it for America -- they did it for us.

Everything that has come since -- our triumph over communism, our giant leaps of science and discovery, our unrivaled progress toward equality and justice -- all of it is possible thanks to the blood and tears and courage and vision of the Americans who came before.

Think of this Capitol -- think of this very chamber, where lawmakers before you voted to end slavery, to build the railroads and the highways, to defeat fascism, to secure civil rights, to face down an evil empire.

Here tonight, we have legislators from across this magnificent republic. You have come from the rocky shores of Maine and the volcanic peaks of Hawaii; from the snowy woods of Wisconsin and the red deserts of Arizona; from the green farms of Kentucky and the golden beaches of California. Together, we represent the most extraordinary Nation in all of history.

What will we do with this moment? How will we be remembered?

I ask the men and women of this Congress: Look at the opportunities before us! Our most thrilling achievements are still ahead. Our most exciting journeys still await. Our biggest victories are still to come. We have not yet begun to dream.

We must choose whether we are defined by our differences -- or whether we dare to transcend them.

We must choose whether we will squander our inheritance -- or whether we will proudly declare that we are Americans. We do the incredible. We defy the impossible. We conquer the unknown.

This is the time to re-ignite the American imagination. This is the time to search for the tallest summit, and set our sights on the brightest star. This is the time to rekindle the bonds of love and loyalty and memory that link us together as citizens, as neighbors, as patriots.

This is our future -- our fate -- and our choice to make. I am asking you to choose greatness.

No matter the trials we face, no matter the challenges to come, we must go forward together.

We must keep America first in our hearts. We must keep freedom alive in our souls. And we must always keep faith in America’s destiny -- that one Nation, under God, must be the hope and the promise and the light and the glory among all the nations of the world!

Thank you. God Bless You, God Bless America, and good night!
Dem response: the state of sour grapes!

President Trump challenged Democrats to rise above the politics of hate. But in their response, failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams showed why that won't happen. The Democrat's message would have Americans ignore our progress and the great things we might achieve together and focus on grievance, division and discord.

Democrats want blacks, Hispanics and women to ignore the progress of the past two years, forget about America's great accomplishments and stoke anger instead. They succeeded in driving that message home with their near media monopoly in the Midterm election. But as the lives of real Americans continues to improve will they join the hate fest or look to the brighter future President Trump has laid before them? Time will tell!

Media Trump haters predictably negative. Public loved speech!

House Democrats Show Solidarity with VA Gov. "Coonman" Northam by Wearing White at State of the Union Speech

Retro fashion for today's left wing racists!

Sunday, February 03, 2019

No Evidence of Race Attack on Jussie Smollett But Still Hysteria Anyway

More than a few questions after dubious attempt to say it was done by Trump supporters!

Jessie Smollett, an actor, singer I've never heard of but apparently a big time Trump hater claims he was the victim of a racially motivated attack by Trump supporters last Tuesday in Chicago.  Unlike the online legion of Trump haters who ginned up another bout of race hysteria I was willing to wait for more information.

Coldest night in recorded history and Jussie goes out at 2 AM for a sandwich in rich Chicago neighborhood.
What do we know now? The story continues to change which is a sure sign something just isn't right.  For example, the original claim was:
Such a vicious attack and yet Smollett later said no ribs were broken as he took to the concert stage to perform on Saturday in California days later. Also, Smollett had gone out at 2 AM on one of the coldest nights in recorded Chicago history to visit a Subway sandwich shop. OK... that's weird. Surveillance footing shows that there was almost no one on the streets but we are supposed to believe that two race hating thugs were waiting outside just in case a black guy walked along in this very upscale Chicago neighborhood? Further compounding our curiosity he claims he was on the phone DURING the attack in which his manager overheard the thugs saying "this is MAGA country" a reference to Trump. How anyone would think Chicago is MAGA country is beyond me. But Smollett reported that the thugs placed a noose around his neck in this attack that was supposed to have left him badly hurt but was still able to hold his phone and his sandwich.

And why did Smollett walk into the lobby of the luxury hi-rise he was staying in, past security guards and wait for an extended period with the noose still around his neck before calling the Police?

A massive police dragnet of the area turned up no evidence of any attack and Smollett refused to turn over his phone to confirm the call with his manager.  Yet the headlines about racist Trump haters and the hysteria they generated are still out there.

We're glad Jussie is OK and that whatever happened hasn't caused him any apparent harm.  And if there was an attack, we would hope the police would be able to corroborate the incident and bring any perpetrators to justice. But when I heard about the noose I became suspicious. Nooses are frequently used in fake hate crimes as race hoaxes.  Democrats are even using them in political campaigns.

If racism by Trump supporters is SO prevalent, why do so many lefties have to fake it?

Either way, this is the latest example of where left wing hysterics rushed to judgment and fomented racial discord just because they wanted it to be true.  But of course they blame Trump for dividing America. Yeah, right!

Facts vs. Fiction on Climate Change. Why is it So Difficult for Dems to Tell the Truth on This Issue?

They keep saying the Big Lie over and over and expect you to believe it OR ELSE!

Consider this a follow-up to my previous post on climate change where newly minted Dem presidential candidate Kamala Harris claimed that we’re not going to buy the lie, we’re going to act based on science fact, not science fiction. That statement was preceded by the absolute fiction that extreme weather was getting worse. The usual litany of climate scaremongering. This was paired with a threat from left wing fascist darling Rep. Occasio-Cortez who inists "We cannot allow the financing of misinformation campaigns to shape our democracy." The irony of the disinformation campaign waged by left wing billionaires seems lost on the cookie who thinks billionaires are evil.

In that previous post I gave links to multiple government sources for the actual FACTS that Dems routinely ignore. No need to repeat that now, but I just wanted to add these graphics which might make the information more accessible to those with limited abilities (you know who you are). The information below has been presented here over the years and is available for all to read for free even for left wing billionaires!

And yet during this time the Big Lie continues. Not content to misinform adults, one environmental group tried to scare children into thinking Christmas was canceled because the North Pole was melting!

No More Big Freezes, No More Snow.... Then More Big Freezes....

Just a few years ago the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said this:
FAQ 3.2:Observations show that changes are occurring in the amount, intensity, frequency and type of precipitation. More precipitation now falls as rain rather than snow in northern regions. For a future warmer climate, models project a 50 to 100% decline in the frequency of cold air outbreaks.
Got that? "50 to 100% decline in the frequency of cold air outbreaks," and less snow. The OPPOSITE has happened and now they say it's all because of climate change.

The "snow is a thing of the past" is a lie they have repeated every warm winter:

Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) 2002: "Look at the kind of winter we have had. One snow, three inches...I don't need a scientist to tell me the differences in the winter and we had better do something about it."

Sen. Barbara Boxer(D-CA) 2007: "30-70% of the snowpack will disappear... recreation industry is already hurting....we've seen the melting snow and changes in the seasons."

Sen. Amy Klobachur (D-MN) 2008: "I've heard it from the head of our snowmobile association...decreasing snow levels."

Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA) 2005: "Having no snow is consistent with what the models predict will become a significant problem for us in the future."

I could keep going but you either get the point or you prefer the scaremongering fiction and will believe nothing else. FACTS don't seem to have a place in the Dem side of this discussion. Neither does science. Today's global warming zealots truly are SCIENCE DENIERS!

Friday, February 01, 2019

Dem Virginia Governor "Kill the infant" Northam Outted w/ KKK, Racist Images in Med School Yearbook

Will HE be held to the same standard as the teens from Covington? 

Imagine if the media found images of Trump like this....

NBC has the story.

Remember when Dems went digging through Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's high school yearbook and couldn't find anything but they inferred it anyway?  Well, this is Gov. Northam's med school yearbook. Not high school. Not college.

Will left wing racebaiters give Northam a pass because he's pro-choice up to and past the moment of birth?  It should be interesting to watch. One thing we do know is that the Covington Catholic teens were never accused of dressing up like the KKK yet they were tarred and feathered for life!

UPDATE: Gov. "Coonman" Northam refuses to resign but admits doing blackface. Resists suggestion to do Michael Jackson impersonation.

Typical. Typical. Typical.

UPDATE:  CNN reported "Coonman" was a Republican.  More FAKE NEWS!

Obama endorsed "Coonman" Northam!

But then Obama has a history of standing up for racists. Here he is with Louis Farrakhan:

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