Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Democrats Say "No One is Above the Law" Unless You are an Illegal Alien

Just another example of how Democrats put illegal aliens ahead of American citizens!

Over the past few weeks you've heard the Democrat mantra: "no one is above the law."  They apply that dictum to President Trump, his children, his grandchildren and members of his Administration.

Bernie Sanders said it. So did Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren.  And many, many more.  They even had a nationwide day of protest with that as the theme. But almost no one showed up!

Other extreme left wing groups expanded on the theme by pointing to court action and judges orders used to stymie Trump Administration initiatives.

But as with everything else in radical left wing politics principles are only relative to the moment.  That goes for the rule of law and judges orders. Take the case of deporting illegals who have exhausted all legal recourse to stay in the United States.  Trump was set to deport them when Democrats objected. As usual, Dems tried to paint the deportation orders as some gross injustice. The same Speaker Pelosi who said no one is above the law suddenly changes her tune and charges that Trump is "scaring children" with threats of deportation. Forget how Dems use fear as a political tool in their zeal to promote global warming, once again it's all relative.

And Bernie "no one is above the law" Sanders now says it's "not appropriate" to enforce the law and a judges ruling.

Read carefully the words of Mark Morgan, acting ICE director, Immigration and Customs Enforcement
MORGAN: This is a false narrative. The majority of people we arrest are criminal aliens that have committed additional crimes against American citizens. And the individual we’re going after, we talk about families, these are families that have had due process. They’ve had lawyers. They’ve interpreters. And they were given a final order of removal by a judge. We sent many of them letters saying, “Hey, you’ve got 30 days. Get your affairs in order and come.” These are individuals that had due process and been ordered removed. We’re not ripping up families. We’re enforcing the rule of law, maintaining the integrity of the system. It’s unconscionable what’s being said.
These illegals had their day in court. We paid for their lawyers and interpreters. They had every opportunity to make a claim of asylum and a judge determined it was not valid and ordered them deported. A JUDGE ordered them deported, not Trump!

But apparently Democrats who promote open borders no longer care about the rule of law or judge's orders. By their words and actions they have encouraged a flood of illegal aliens, some of whom lost their lives in an attempt to reach this country and get on the Democrat gravy train. But of course these negative consequences, of which there are more to come as illegals flood into already overburdened cities, will be blamed on Trump not those who are promoting this open revolt against the rule of law!

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