Sunday, June 16, 2019

Left's Big Impeach Trump Nationwide Rally Fizzles Terribly. Real America Does Not Support These Anti-Democratic Antics!

Here's proof of just how much of a minority the hate Trumpers really are!

When hate Trump protests fizzled in London the haters blamed it on the weather. Just as they cite global warming for nearly all their woes, it was some drizzle in a city where it rains nearly every day that kept protesters home.

OK. If that's the case, was there rain in every city across the United States on Saturday?  Because Trump haters scheduled their big nationwide impeachment rally in cities across the country and only managed to get a few dead-enders and aging hippies to attend.

I tuned into the news channel Saturday morning to see reporters gathered at sites in several cities breathlessly awaiting the start of the protests.  Oh boy, this was it they must have thought.  Now we're going to show Trump just what America thinks of him.  Yeah, well America did show what it thought of Trump by staying as far away as possible.

New York, DC and perhaps a few other cities managed to break out of the double digits but elsewhere, even in left wing cities like Portland Oregon it was pathetic. This is Portland, where you can usually get a few thousand left wing loons to show up any day of the week and scream hate:

Portland Oregon Impeach Trump debacle.
In Atlanta Georgia 20 people showed up. In Los Angeles 50.  More cities.

This isn't just an embarrassment. It's a disaster for the Democrats who shout IMPEACHMENT at every opportunity.

It didn't go unnoticed with Trump.
We must point out again that these left wing Trump haters claim to be the very guardians of democracy. Yet they would overturn the results of an honest and fair election. Their numbers speak for themselves. They are the danger to democracy they claim Trump represents!

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