Friday, June 14, 2019

More Feigned Hysteria Over Trump Comment on Foreign Information from People Who STILL Ignore Clinton Campaign Collusion w/ Russia

It's impossible to take these people seriously anymore. Whatever Trump does they are outraged. Even if Dems do it and they don't care!

The hate Trump hysterics are at it again after this Trump comment in an interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulus, the former Clinton communications manager:
GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, FORMER WHITE HOUSE COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR: If foreigners, if Russia, if China, someone else offers you information on opponents, should they accept it or should they call the FBI?

TRUMP: I think maybe you do both. I think you might want to listen, I don't - there's nothing wrong with listening. If somebody called from a country, Norway, we have information on your opponent, oh I think I would want to hear it.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You want that kind of interference in our elections?

TRUMP: It's not an interference. They have information. I think I would take it. If I thought there was something wrong, I would go maybe to the FBI, if I thought that there was something wrong.
Forget that Hillary Clinton said exactly the same thing. That was enough to gin up the perpetual outrage machine of daily manufactured hysteria that the Democrat media uses to keep it's followers scared and filled with hate:
CHRIS MATTHEWS: Stunning news tonight that President Trump has admitted now that he’s willing to take opposition research from a foreign country.

ANDERSON COOPER: He says it’s done all of the time, just normal opposition research, says President Trump. History says otherwise. It is not done all of the time or even some of the time. It’s not normal.

ALISYN CAMEROTA: He is willing to do it all over again. He has learned nothing.

DAVID GERGEN: … so out of bounds, it was just unimaginable.

TRACIE POTTS: … unamerican, treasonous and the very definition of collusion.

CHRIS CUOMO: This behavior is collusive behavior. “Hey, yeah, let’s work together. Give me what you have.”

CHRIS LU: It’s foreign interference. It’s subversion of our democracy.

JAMES CLAPPER: Stunning and disturbing that the president would advocate the use of accepting information provided by a foreign country.

BRIAN KILMEADE: You don’t want a foreign government or foreign entity giving you information.

BARBARA BOXER: You cannot take anything from a foreign government period. End of quote.
Let's just repeat that last one: "You cannot take anything from a foreign government period." Except of course that Dems did. Do any of the tut-tutters above care?

Former U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy published a recent analysis of the infamous Steele Dossier. Bought and paid for by Hillary's campaign the dossier used Russian intelligence sources. Keep in mind that Steele is a British/foreign intelligence agent. There is no dispute about this and also no outrage from Democrats.

From McCarthy's report:
Second, there is the matter of the Kremlin sources to whom Steele attributed his information. As mentioned earlier, Steele maintained that a “former top Russian intelligence officer” was one of his principal sources — in particular, for the allegation that Russia had amassed enough kompromat on Trump to blackmail him at a time of Putin’s choosing. Steele also purported to derive insider intelligence from what were variously described as a “senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure,” a “senior Kremlin official,” an official close to the head of Putin’s presidential administration, and/or “two well-placed and established Kremlin sources.” Information was said to be forwarded to Steele through an unidentified person sometimes described as the “trusted compatriot” of these sources. And for all we know, there may have been yet more intermediaries in the telephone game between the sources, the “compatriot,” and Steele.

When he was interviewed by the State Department’s Kathleen Kavalec in October 2016, Steele claimed his sources included Vyacheslav Trubnikov and Vladislov Surkov. A regime eminence, Trubnikov ran Russia’s SVR (the external intelligence service, analogous to our CIA) before Putin came to power. Thereafter, he served in other key posts: first deputy for foreign affairs, ambassador to India, and omnipresent counselor. Surkov, who has been Russia’s deputy prime minister, may now be Putin’s top adviser — referred to as the “Kremlin demiurge” and “Putin’s Rasputin.”

Really? We’re supposed to believe that when Steele was not slumming with the wannabe likes of Sergei Millian, he was plugged in to the crème de la Kremlin? Count me skeptical. As Daniel Hoffman, the CIA’s former station chief in Moscow, told the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross, trusted figures in Russia’s national-security bureaucracy “never stop” working for the Kremlin. In Trubnikov’s case, “there’s no such thing as a former intelligence officer.” And Surkov might as well be Putin’s right hand. If these characters were Steele’s sources, they were not spying on the Kremlin but getting the West believe what the Kremlin wanted to West to believe.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report found no conspiracy between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign. What remain to be investigated are the neon-flashing indications that we’ve been had.
Hillary's campaign paid for Russian disinformation and used every lever of power in the Obama Administration to direct that disinformation to the FBI to undermine Trump. Now that the Mueller probe found NO COLLUSION between Trump and Russia will we finally get to how Hillary and the Democrats were used as Russian pawns?

Not to mention how liberals routinely took the side of Putin and the Russians in opposing Trump's military and energy policy. You couldn't find better puppets for Putin that the American left who hate Trump. Whose side are THEY ON? And they call Trump a "traitor?" 

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