Sunday, July 21, 2019

The Real Racists Are the Ones Who Think Black People Are Too Stupid To Know Trump Isn't A Racist

The same Dems who take the black vote for granted and do NOTHING for them!

After years of watching the Dem's open border policy and promising to give away free everything to illegal immigrants some black folks are getting woke.  Meanwhile, in their own lives they have seen a dramatic turn around in the employment situation which is especially critical for young black men and women entering the workforce.  While many remain trapped in cities run by Democrats who are indifferent to the sky high murder rate, more and more are seeing the benefits of Trump's economic plan.

Don't mess with Aunty Tomasina.  She isn't going to put up with the lies anymore:
Others might fear to speak out. But Antifa, today's version of the KKK political enforcers, don't scare her. Some pasty thin white boy in a black hood wouldn't stand a chance against Auntie Tomasina!

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