Tuesday, August 13, 2019

African Americans Rejecting Dem Message of Hate and Racism #Blexit

More and more blacks are starting to figure out that Dems are the ones who are responsible for the problems in their communities!

I'm not the only one who has noticed that for Dems, the daily message is all hate and racism:
And they're not all swallowing the racism and hate lie anymore. This confrontation of Al Sharpton in Baltimore won't make it on the liberal news media. Imagine if they were heckling Trump:
Imagine how much better things would be in our country if people didn't get brainwashed with those Dem messages of racism and hate. Eight year old Maurice Adams Jr. in Milledgeville, Georgia is too young to absorb all that hate. He doesn't see people are black or white but just people in need. He asked his mother for permission to help this old woman up the steps.

Young Maurice lives up to the credo of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who implored us all to see not the color of a person's skin but the content of their character. What a shame Dems forgot that message!

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