Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Simple Question: Do You Support Left Wing Fascist Violence? Yes or No? Why Has NO Democrat Condemned Antifa?

This is what fascism looks like!

Below I posted on how protesters in Hong Kong are singing the U.S. National Anthem and waving the American flag. No one took a knee. That happened over the weekend. At the same time, this happened in Portland Oregon.
Left wing haters who commented on the original post did not respond to ANY of the content of the original post but simply reverted to their hate Trump mantra. So, I'll ask again: DO YOU SUPPORT OR CONDEMN VIOLENCE BY ANTIFA?

Every Democrat running for President has refused to answer the question. When it comes to hatred and violence they are silent when American citizens are being assaulted! Every day they spread hatred, racism and division like a virus then blame Trump!

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