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Friday, February 21, 2020

Why Trump Will Win: Contrast Dems Wednesday Debate Clown Show with Trump's Phoenix Rally Honoring American Veteran

The Dems are so filled with hate they are attacking each other. Trump shows that love of country trumps hate!

Democrats can't help themselves. They act as if every day is Halloween. I guess behaving like freaks comes naturally. Consider this from a recent Bernie Sanders rally in Nevada:

The scene at the Dem debate in Nevada wasn't much of an improvement. Bernie looked like he was going to have another heart attack. Biden didn't know where he was. Amy Khlobachur kept attacking "Perfect Pete" Buttigieg and wanted to know if he thought she was "dumb." Answer: YES!

Bernie, did you forget your medication again?
All the Dems dumped on Billionaire Mike Bloomberg. The same billionaire who may have given the Democrat National Committee a huge amount of money to convince them to break the rules that previously limited debate participation of minority candidates in debates and allow him on the stage. It wasn't a good night for Mike. It's bad when you get placed next to the Indian dominatrix Elizabeth Warren and she's taller than you. It's worse when she does this to you:

And now the contrast with the Trump rally that same night in Phoenix. Over 20,000 outside who couldn't get in and jammed to the rafters inside. Trump at his best but one moment really stood out. Before Trump took the stage two men were seen carrying an old man to his seat:

The two men were helping 102 year old World War Two Navy veteran Irvin Julian to his seat. President Trump noticed the effort and gave a personal tribute to this man for honoring us with his service to our country:

There it is in a nutshell (pun intended). Dems do crazy and Trump does patriotism and honor. Which do you think sells to the American people?

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