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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

1 Year Old Boy Killed in New York Latest Victim of Dems/BLM Defund the Police Insanity

Another dead black child that didn't matter to Black Lives Matter or the left!

Blacks in cities across the country are being killed at an alarming rate. No, not by the police. The black on black murder spree has been unleashed by Democrat/Black Lives Matter radicals who are defunding and attacking the police.

Once again, it's the most vulnerable who are the victims of this left wing insanity. Say his name: DAVELL GARDENER JR. One year old and gunned down at a park in Brooklyn over the weekend.

Davell Jr,. with his father. Another black life that didn't matter!
Davell Jrs. mother.  Where are the white BLM activists to answer her grief?
.@seanhannity and @LawrenceBJones3 spoke to the parents of one-year-old Davell Gardner Jr. who was shot and killed in NYC:
Mayor Bill DeBlasio, who recently made a massive cut to the police budget, held a moment of silence of Davell. That's all his black life was worth to DeBlasio. He goes back to work surrounded by armed guards and lives behind walls.

Meanwhile, it's not just New York City. Nearly every major U.S. city run exclusively by Democrat left wing radicals is experiencing a massive wave of black murders. In Chicago, another Dem city run by a pathetic left wing clown the dead bodies of blacks continue to pile up:
Democrat and BLM radical policies are killing black children. They have blood on their hands! Murderers!

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