Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Senate Hearing: Same Generals Who Leaked Criticism of Trump Refuse to Criticize Biden for Afghanistan While Admitting He LIED About Their Advice for Withdrawal

Biden LIED, people DIED. Americans Trapped in Afghanistan!

If you needed testimony under oath to show how corrupt and political the top military has become you got it today! One after another, top Generals were put in the hot seat at the Senate Armed Services Committee where Republican and Democrat Senators grilled them on the Afghanistan fiasco.

The big takeway is Biden's lie that he followed the General's advice. The second big takeway is how Chairman of the Join Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley leaked information critical of President Trump to the media but won't answer direct questions which might be critical of Biden.

Here's a sample.  It's a damning portrayal of a military that desperately needs a purge or corrupt, political officers: Milley refused to answer questions about the advice he gave to Biden. But Milley admits he spoke to journalists and told them what he said to President Trump:

Meanwhile, a Colonel who did criticize Biden and the Generals was PUT IN JAIL for doing so.  Milley breaks the rules with no consequence:


A disaster in Afghanistan. Generals betraying President Trump with no consequence and any criticism of Biden lands you in jail. We're not going to put up with this SHIT much longer!

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