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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Will the Real Hillary Clinton Please Stand Up

Love her or hate her, nearly everyone concedes Hillary Clinton is one smart cookie (couldn't resist alluding to her "not staying home baking cookies" remark from years past).

She's mostly kept her head down in the Senate, even embracing SC's own Lindsey Graham, one of the House Managers during Bill Clinton's impeachment. She voted for the Iraq War AND funded the troops as well as visiting the country twice. He's lectured the far, FAR left in her own party and tried to tack right on issues of religion and abortion.

Leaders in the Democrat Party readily admit that if her star continues to rise she will be handed the Democrat nomination for President on a silver platter.

But there's just one tiny problem: Is the Hillary we see today, the champion of moderate values and friend to Republicans and Democrats alike the woman who would be President? Like the scene in the Wizard of Oz when Toto pulls back the curtain, few have seen the real Hillary.

Dick Morris, who knows the famous couple better than nearly everyone has been warning all who would listen to look beyond the veneer. Whether in his columns in the New York or Post or his book "Rewriting History" Morris gives his personal insights into the woman who would be President.

What I learned when it was just the three of us: Me, Bill and Hill

I can only add one personal experience that confirms all the stories about the real Hillary. In 1992, shortly before Bill Clinton was nominated by his party for President, I was walking out of the Fairchild Building in Washington DC where my Environmental Protection Agency office was located. The Democrat National Committee was across a side street where I walked on my way to lunch.

As I approached I recognized Bill Clinton standing in the middle of the street speaking to a woman with blond hair. I thought: "this is odd, standing outside the DNC and no glad handers or job seekers anywhere in sight." Just this woman, who was wagging her finger in his face in full view of anyone looking out the DNC windows. As I got closer I thought "who is this staffer that would dare give him the business in public?" I walked past the two on the sidewalk when I realized who "she" was.

Will the real Hillary Clinton please stand up.

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