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Monday, January 21, 2019

Fake Story on Racist High School Trump Supporters Shows Why No One Should Believe News About Trump

Once again, we see the Big Lie of the left at work!

Whose the racist liar here?
It seems the hate Trump media can't go more than 48 hours before letting loose another whopper. Last Thursday it was the bombshell that Trump told his attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress. Not a word of it was true but that didn't stop 24 hours of hate Trump hysterics in the media. In a bid to change the subject from their Big Lie exposed, the Trump haters came up with a new one on Saturday. This time a bunch of white high school students wearing Trump hats were said to mob an innocent Native American outside the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.
Nathan Phillips, a Vietnam War veteran and elder in the Omaha tribe, was in Washington, DC on Friday for an Indigenous People's March through the city. Towards the end of the evening, he claims he noticed a large group of Covington Catholic high school boys attacking four black adults. In an interview with the Detroit Free Press, he says he was forced to stand "between beast and prey." Phillips claims the white boys were the beasts while the black people were their prey. He began to drum an Intertribal song to help quell the "mob mentality" forming. That is when the group supposedly surrounded him, causing him to fear for his safety.

"The looks in these young men's faces ... I mean, if you go back and look at the lynchings that was done (in America) ...and you'd see the faces on the people ... The glee and the hatred in their faces, that's what these faces looked like," Phillips said.
Look at the kid above. Standing there just minding his own business with a slight smile on his face. Meanwhile, Phillips got in his face with his drum.

The media ran with the story of white teens in MAGA hats behaving like racists. At least until a recorded live stream video of the entire event along with other videos surfaced showing that these reports were entirely false.

The kids were there to catch their bus home. As they waited a nearby group of black supremacists began taunting them. It's ALL on tape:
Calling the group of Catholic school boys “faggots” and “sodomites”
Somehow defending Bill Cosby
Threatening injury to a man on a hoverboard
Calling a group of white children “future school shooters”
“There will be no peace until blood is shed”
“The nation of Nubia will destroy America”
Calling black friends of the MAGA hat wearers the n-word
These black racists are the people Chief Full of Bull is said to be defending.

24 hours later as the full video evidence was unearthed, the mainstream media that gleefully reported the original story had to eat crow. But the damage was already done. Across the country the teens had been condemned. Even priests in their sermons denounced their behavior. But how many people saw the correction?
Despite the retraction, Trump haters are still running with the phony story. One commenter on Tapper's Twitter thread cites the teens as chanting "build the wall" as proof they are racist. Yet the recorded livestream of the entire event shows not one instance of where this happened. The lie is out there and it's good enough for the Trump haters.

And right on cue, the same people who complain about toxic masculinity and violence urged supporters to physically assault these teens.

Burn Children alive and shoot them but Twitter has NOT banned him!

Shoot children and burn them alive! Kill their families, put them in woodchippers. This is what Nancy Pelosi calls "free speech."  And somehow it's all Trump's fault!

Once again, the Trump hating hysterics have sold their soul for a LIE. And they keep on selling it no matter what!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Buzzfeed: Another Lie About Trump Exposed. If Trump is So Awful, Why Do They Have to Make It Up?

Trump's critics have no credibility. Truth isn't something they value.  But still, they know the Big Lie works so they keep on with their fake news!

Oh, the Trump haters really got excited when Buzzfeed published an article claiming Trump instructed his Attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress.  This is it they said, the smoking gun, we've got him. Now we will impeach him. A cacophony of Trump hysterics took to the airwaves to say the word "impeachment" over and over on Thursday and Friday. Approximately 200 times on CNN and MSNBC.

Except it was all a giant lie. Another in a LONG LIST of lies told about Trump.

While it's gratifying that Trump haters suddenly take lying to Congress seriously and consider it a crime their hypocrisy is showing. Have any of these hysterics demanded prosecution of arch deep state coup plotters Comey, Clapper or Brennan?  All three have been CREDIBLY accused of lying to Congress. Sadly, you won't find anyone on CNN or MSNBC calling for their prosecution. Likewise when Justice Kavanaugh accusers were referred for prosecution for lying to Congress. Nothing but crickets from today's Trump hysterics.

No, once again we see the Big Lie in action. Put a bombshell report out there that if true might have serious ramifications.  A day or two later it's exposed as false but the damage is already done.  Say the word "impeachment" a couple hundred times and it's bound to get picked up by even casual news observers who likely will never see the correction.

It's the same story of lies and fake news that has been repeated over and over by the Trump haters. Yet one wonders: if Trump is really as awful as they say why do they have to make it up?  There is still NO EVIDENCE that Trump did anything wrong in connection with Russia and the 2016 campaign.  At this stage it's obvious that the fake news crowd doesn't care about the truth.  Lies are their weapon of choice and the truth is their first victim.

As I said below about Brexit scaremongering, once you sell your soul to fear and lies there is no way back.  The Trump hating hysterics have lost their soul!


From Michael Goodwin's Sunday column in the New York Post:
While BuzzFeed alone created the false report, which was based, naturally, on anonymous sources, it was not alone in revealing its desire to be rid of Trump. Much of the political class embraced the story without doubts because they wanted it to be true. Dems in Congress instantly pledged investigations.

Then there are the so-called journalists who swallowed the ­report without trying to confirm it themselves. Many touted it as the Holy Grail while inserting the ridiculous phrase, “if it’s true.”

Not so long ago, no respected journalist or news organization would go public with something unless they had enough evidence to reach the conclusion it was true. The bigger the story, the higher the threshold of necessary evidence.

Not Friday. Then the biggest possible story was presented with the least possible evidence. “If it’s true” is an admission of malpractice.

To use it as a shield while reporting an accusation of massive significance violates every conceivable standard. Real journalists do not report something, then caution that it may not be true.

You certainly don’t accuse the president, or anyone else, of a crime unless you are persuaded by evidence it is true.
What if the media had treated the Birther charge against Obama with the same hysteric zeal as every false allegation against Trump?

Friday, January 18, 2019

Yank's View: Exposing Lies of Fear Campaign Reason "No Deal" Brexit Is Resisted

We've seen these scare tactics before. They are used to manipulate public opinion and must be exposed!
Y2K, another in a long line of baseless fears!
In 1999 I was assigned to write a cover story on the looming Y2K apocalypse.  Remember that?  Computer chips would go berserk when at the dawn of the new millennium the two digit code for the year flipped from "99" for 1999 to "00" for 2000.  Everything with a chip in it might cease to function. Planes could fall from the sky, safety controls in nuclear power plants might cease to function. Your bank account would be zeroed out.

Of course none of that happened.  The fearmongers claimed it was because they warned you in time so you could update your computer chips.  But we all know that is totally bogus. Even with older hardware life went on.

At least the Y2K scare was not used to promote a political agenda. Unfortunately, those kinds of scares are more common.  Over the last 30 years how many times have we been told we have just ten years to get serious about global warming or we are all doomed? And every year we're told is the hottest on record.  We should all be fried by now.  The sky is falling crowd uses fear of a climate apocalypse to promote their radical vision of a green utopia. Dystopia more like it!

In party politics recall how the left insisted Reagan's strong stand against the Soviets would result in nuclear war. Remember the movie about nuclear winter?  But when Reagan won the Cold War without firing a shot and the nuclear threat vanished those same folks refused to give him creditor admit they were wrong.

Before the 2016 presidential election in the United States Dems predicted that a Trump win would mean an immediate crash of the stock market and the economy.  Even with the recent correction the market is still well above what it was when Obama was President.

You get the point. Fearmongering is a common tactic used to manipulate the public.  Despite the number of times these fears have been proved groundless the tactic continues.

No Deal Brexit Best Deal?

Here I have to admit I was wrong. When the fear campaign to convince British voters to remain in the European Union failed I thought that was the end of it.  The Brits would just get on with it and everything would work be tickety-boo.  But just as in the U.S. where anti-Trump hysteria increased after he was elected, a political movement showed that there were people who would say anything to overturn the will of the people as expressed at the ballot box.

So now here we are two and a half years since the vote and the fear campaign not only continues but intensifies as the deadline for Brexit approaches in a few weeks. Imagine if the people who have spent all this time "remoaning" about their loss in the referendum had instead directed that energy towards working out the logistical challenges. But no, fearmongering is a hard habit to break.

Instead of acting on the instructions of the British people expressed through the referendum vote Prime Minister Theresa May sought to appease the remoaners and bureaucrats in Brussels with an exit plan that was rejected initially by many of her own cabinet colleagues and ultimately in a historic humiliating parliamentary defeat.  After witnessing that slow train wreck I have little faith in her to come up with a "plan B."

It is entirely possible that the only way forward will be a hard Brexit.  Would that be so bad?  Certainly there would be some challenges but does anyone really believe that calamity will ensue?  Scaremongers warn there will be no food or drugs. The Channel Tunnel will close and contact with the continent will grind to a halt.  Would remaining members of the E.U. really want to cut off sales to one of their largest markets?  Hardly.

Common sense is usually the first victim of a fear campaign. But as Abraham Lincoln once said "you can't fool all of the people all the time."  Common sense appears to be alive and well at least in some British circles.  Watch this:

No doubt the fearmongers will fight tooth and nail to avoid a hard Brexit. Not because it's a terrible idea but more because it exposes the lies they have told to manipulate the people and undermine democracy. It's the same sad story in the U.S. with Trump. Once you sell your soul to hate and fear you can't stop!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Dem's Racist Attacks on 19 Year Old Black Republican. Youngest Elected Black Official and Potential First Black President!

Elected in WV district that voted 70% for Trump he shows who the real racists are!

When a white Republican wins on a platform of "God, guns and babies" determined by his strong Christian beliefs, pro-second amendment and pro-life views and opposition to affirmative action he can expect to be attacked as a white supremacist. When he's a 19 year old college student who happens to be black he's the target of racist attacks by the Dems, those lovers of tolerance and diversity.

Introduce yourself to Caleb Hanna. The newly elected State Representative in the West Virginia legislature. He's a churchgoer who has strong family values and humility. Exactly the same characteristics that are lacking into today's crop of celebrity seeking young Democrats. But we likely won't see his face in the mainstream media. A young black man who doesn't fit the mold of racial grievance so common on the left.

Trump voters had no problem voting for a young black man. Racist attacks came from the left!
Hanna's success in winning against a Democrat incumbent wasn't based on big money donations or the good old boy network.  He did it the old fashioned way, he worked for it. He had no big victory party funded by lobbyists. He went with his Mom and Dad to the local McDonald's and monitored election night returns on his phone. He won by over 25 points.

Initially inspired by Obama's success, he soured quickly as he noted “I felt Obama’s policies were bad for West Virginia.”

Read his story in the Charleston Gazette-Mail. An excerpt follows:
Hanna is a fresh face and a rising star in the GOP, which is strange when you consider that it was Barack Obama who was his inspiration.

“I first got interested in politics in the third grade,” he said. “Here was this charismatic black man who rose to be president of the United States. I thought, ‘I can do that.’”

But President Obama’s policies did not sit well with the son of a coal miner.

“My dad got laid off in the mines,” he said. “I felt Obama’s policies were bad for West Virginia.”

So when it came time for Hanna to register to vote, he was a Republican.

“God, guns and babies,” he said. “That pretty much sums up my political philosophy.”

His faith informs much of his worldview. He was an active member of the Christian organization YoungLife at Richwood High School. He is also a member of the Little Laurel Baptist. His girlfriend, a freshman at WVU, is the daughter of a pastor at another church.

Hanna is a firm defender of Second Amendment rights and the rights of the unborn. The Democrats, at least on the national level, did not reflect those values for him.
Caleb attends West Virginia State University, an all black college and was successful in registering 100% of his classmates to vote. A new crop of black Republicans. Naturally, that made him a target:
Hanna bristled at the suggestion that the Republican Party is characterized by some as racist. “There’s room for everyone in the GOP,” he said.

He is keenly aware, however, that racism is still a problem. He believes he was the target of racist attacks during his campaign. Flyers containing virulent racist claims, which were enclosed in a ziplock bag filled with birdseed, were tossed into the yards of several homes that had his campaign signs.

“I reported it to the sheriff only because I was concerned about the safety of my supporters,” Hanna said.

Unlike today's celebrity Democrats, Caleb is still living in his dorm room while he juggles school and duties at the state legislature. He's a model for millions of young black men and women who saw firsthand how empty the promises of Obama and the Democrats were for black Americans. They are no longer on the plantation and that might explain why Democrats are so desperate to import millions of illiterate illegal aliens to take their place!

House and Senate Dems Party on the Beach in Puerto Rico with Dozens of Lobbyists While Federal Workers Go Without Pay

Yeah, Dem's concern for those impacted by the shutdown is SO sincere!

What do Dems do when they declare a crisis over a government shutdown impacting rank and file government workers?  Why, they head off to Puerto Rico to five star resorts where they are wined and dined by lobbyists on the beach!

Oh sure, the usual malarkey with some phony meeting on hurricane cleanup (how long did that last? 30 minutes?) then party, party, party with Wall Street fat cats and lobbyists for the uber-rich.

Meanwhile, President Trump canceled a meeting of global tycoons in Davos, Switzerland to stay in Washington, a city gripped by a winter snow storm, to negotiate on resolving the current government shutdown.  Who will he negotiate with?  The janitor at the DNC?

Tell me again which is the party of the rich and who really cares about working people?  It ain't this bunch!

Friday, January 11, 2019

In 2014 No One Questioned Obama's Declaration of a "Crisis" on the Border. Media Parroted the Line. Now they Trash Trump for Using the SAME LANGUAGE!

The Trump-hate media hypocrites have no shame. And no conscience either!

Compare the language Obama and Trump used to describe a "crisis" on the border:

From the Washington Examiner:
"We now have an actual humanitarian crisis on the borer that only underscores the need to drop the politics and fix our immigration system once and for all," then-President Barack Obama said in the Rose Garden in 2014. "In recent weeks we've seen a surge of unaccompanied children arrive at the border, brought here and to other countries by smugglers and traffickers."
The Washington Post on July 12, 2014, referred to "the current crisis on the Southwest border, where authorities have apprehended tens of thousands of unaccompanied Central American children since October ..." The story's lead author was Karen Tumulty, now a columnist for the Post, who completely dismissed the idea of any crisis at the border this week.

"We are headed to this extraordinary situation where the president declares a state of emergency, which does not exist, and the law does not really explain what we do if the president manufactures an emergency," she said Tuesday on MSNBC.

On June 5, 2014, a New York Times article began, "This is what it looks like when an immigration system is overwhelmed by tens of thousands of women and children from Central America." It further noted that, "The Federal Emergency Management Agency has been ordered to coordinate efforts to contain the crisis."

The Times editorial board this week, however, said that the crisis is actually "in the Oval Office."
Republicans and conservative media didn't denounce Obama for a "manufactured crisis." There was no caterwauling of deeply personal criticism of Obama on this issue. The only disagreement Republicans had was on the substance of policy not attacks on motive.

More evidence that Democrats will SAY ANYTHING to undermine Trump expecting that their supporters will neither remember, nor care, that they said the exact same thing just a few years ago!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

"Manufactured Crisis?" FACT: Tens of Thousands of Americans Dead Because Dems Won't Permit Border Security

Dems who claim to care about the little people have forgotten about those killed by drug overdoses and gang violence due to open borders!

The chorus of left wing parrots are at it again. Speaking in unison they declare that the border crisis is a "manufactured crisis."  Practically every Dem from House Speaker Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Schumer on down along with their media puppets has used the phrase.

Of course these folks know all about how to manufacture a crisis.  Just think of the unfounded hysteria they use to promote their climate crisis agenda despite the FACT that temperatures are not rising and the long declared list of horrors from global warming have yet to emerge after thirty years of screaming "the sky is falling!"

Does this look like a "manufactured crisis?"

How many Americans have died from global warming?  ZERO!  Compare that to the growing number who die every year from a drug overdose. This from the National Institute on Drug Abuse:
How many more Americans will die in this "manufactured crisis?"
According to the Center for Disease Control There has been a five-fold increase between 2010 and 2017 in the rate of death from heroin. The rate for deaths from synthetic opoids, as depicted in the chart above is even higher. The CDC calls this an "epidemic."  Isn't that just another word for crisis?

Is this a manufactured crisis? Every week hundreds of Americans, mostly young people, are killed by overdoses of illegal drugs. And where do these drugs come from? Most come across the southern border. This is from a presentation by the Department of Homeland Security:

The contention by the "manufactured crisis" crowd that these drugs are mostly coming across the border at open ports of entry is a flat out lie. Read the words of Mark Morgan, Border Patrol Chief during the Obama Administration in a recent interview:
“So I want to run a couple of facts by you that I watched journalists tell me last night in the fact check segments. The first is that drugs don’t really come across our border. They come through our ports, is that true?” Carlson asked.

“Again, a complete disingenuous statement. So you want to say, because more drugs enter the points of entry, therefore it’s not a problem in between the ports? That’s just fictitious,” Morgan answered. “It is correct that more drugs, enter through the points of entry. Tucker, millions and millions of pounds of drugs still enter through the ports of entry.”
How many thousands of Americans will die THIS YEAR because Democrats are in denial about the problem and prefer to play semantic games with the lives of our children?

Are these funerals "manufactured?"

Funeral of Cpl. Ronil Singh (a LEGAL immigrant), police officer in Newman, California killed by illegal alien:

It's not just police officers killed by illegals every year. It's also children:

Nisa Mickens and Kayla Cuevas murdered by MS-13 gang members.

NY Post:
Nothing was left of 20-year-old Michael Banegas’ face after he was killed by MS-13 members. His killers had forced him to kneel and tied a plastic bag around his head. Suffocation was the cause of death. But Banegas’ mutilated body, found with those of three other young men in a Central Islip park in April, told a story of the gang’s savagery. Hacked with a machete, his face had no nose, no lips, no cheeks; it was just a mass of bloody tissue and broken bones. It’s unclear if Banegas was butchered before or after he died.

The second victim was his cousin Jefferson Villalobos, who was just shy of his 19th birthday. The killers had left half his face, but his uncle could identify the corpse only from a tattoo on an arm — an image of praying hands clutching a rosary with the phrase, “In God’s hands.”

The face of the youngest victim, Justin Llivicura, 16, was also hacked with a machete. His family noticed one of his ears was severed when they saw a video of the bodies sent to them by members of the gang.

The fourth body has been identified as that of another teen, Jorge Tigre, 18.
For the family of slain teen Justin Llivicura, don't worry. Your grief is "manufactured."
Thousands of children and older American citizens have been killed by illegal aliens. It;s likely that all of these Americans would be alive today if the border was secure. The response from Dems? Deny the facts and label groups that advocate for the families of those slain by illegals as hate groups.

Dems: We "reject your facts!"

In a meeting with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said "I reject your facts." Pelosi and open borders Dems spit in the face of victim's families all because they hate Trump and pander to illegal aliens.

It wasn't so long ago that they sang a different tune. But that was before Trump was elected.  In 2013 Sen. Chuck Schumer proposed a bill that added $7.5 billion for border barriers.  But now Trump wants it and no dice!

Dem's new mantra: murder Americans? No big deal. Advocate for the families of the slain or the victims of drug overdose and you belong to a hate group!

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Mitt Romney Doesn't Get It: Those Now Praising His Criticism of Trump Never Did, Never Will Vote for Him

And Romney insults the people who did with his attacks on Trump!

I'm reminded of Cheryl Mills, who in defending Bill Clinton against impeachment said "an investigation never fed a hungry child."  Great line. Too bad Dems didn't really mean it. Ms. Mills would go on to help Hillary cover up the destruction of thousands of emails containing god knows what!

Sort of a round about way to bring us to Mitt Romney.  He seems to think that by attacking Trump in an op-ed in the Washington Post days before Mitt is sworn in as a Senator from Utah that he's standing for something.  Well perhaps he is. Once again Mitt is standing for Mitt and that's about it.  The results will be as disappointing as his prior forays into presidential politics and the country will be worse off again because of it.

Romney isn't achieving anything with this stunt than staking out a claim to be the latest Trump hating Republican in the U.S. Senate.  If only Mitt had fought so hard against Obama we might have been spared the last few years.

Sadly, foolish Mitt, like John McCain, will never get the votes from the left wingers now praising his conscience.  Does anyone really think that the Democrat media, including the Washington Post, which harped on Mitt's pranks in high school (a precursor to the Kavanaugh smears) would suddenly back Mitt if he were once again the GOP nominee?

Foolish Mitt!

Mitt Romney visits Mike's America November 2007.
Photo by Mike's America.
Why was I so uncomfortable standing eyeball to eyeball with Mitt Romney 11+ years ago after a campaign event on Hilton Head Island, SC?  I've been up close and personal with plenty of presidential candidates. And Presidents!

No, there was something else to it.  When I asked him whether he was a real conservative and how would his Massachusetts roots play in primaries in the South he said he was a "Yankee with southern values."  Riiigghhhttt!

Mitt did finally get the 2012 GOP presidential nomination then promptly blew the election because he was afraid to confront Obama or even defend himself in debates.  Nothing has changed.

Apparently the only thing Mitt is good for is attacking a Republican President.  He'll get lots of media kudos for doing so. But he won't get any votes. He accepted President Trump's endorsement of his campaign and now knifes him in the back. We need another Mitt about as much as we need more Bushes!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

John Kerry's Wall to Block Beach Access Near His French Villa to Shield from Terrorists. Doesn't Want Average Americans to Have Same Protection

Kerry would also deny Americans guns to protect themselves while he is surrounded by armed guards with automatic weapons!

Must be nice to ban the peasants from your beach because you are afraid of terrorists yet the rest of us not only can't use the beach but can't defend our own homes!

Meanwhile, fellow Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer was all in favor of building border barriers until it became politically expedient to oppose them.

Schumer: "Illegal immigration is wrong!"

Must be a racist right?

Death Threats and Hate Directed at Veteran, Triple Amputee, and His Children After He Starts Go Fund page to Build Border Wall

It's the season of giving and it seems the only thing the left gives is hate!

Unbelievable. But we've seen time and time again how much hate the left expresses on a daily basis to ANYONE who does not share their radical, fascist views!

Brian Kolfage is a triple amputee who lost both legs and an arm serving in Iraq.  He has a history of fighting censorship of conservative speech.  His latest venture is a Go Fund Me page to solicit contributions to build the border wall. As of Sunday it has raised over $18 million.

Just for exercising his right to free speech he has become a target of left wing fascists, who you see from other posts here are not shy about saying some really horrific things to those with whom they disagree politically.  But death threats to children have to be a new low.

From Gateway Pundit:

The left is OUTRAGED that Brian would have the nerve to help fund a project to defend America.

Gateway Pundit reporter Cassandra Fairbanks spoke with Brian earlier this week.

Deranged leftists have been sending triple-amputee veteran Brian Kolfage mountains of abuse after he was trashed by the Daily Beast, Jimmy Kimmel, Alyssa Milano and other high-profile liberals.
The hate mail provided to the Gateway Pundit contains appalling statements such as people asking if his brain was “amputated too,” calling him a “handicapped bitch,” telling him to commit suicide, wishing harm upon his children and mocking him for having lost his limbs while fighting for this nation.

"After Alyssa Milano and Jimmy Kimmel took it upon themselves to personally attack me it blew up in their faces. The left wingers took that as their dog whistle and began attacking me, my wife and our children,” Kolfage told The Gateway Pundit," Kolfage said.

On Thursday, Kimmel used his show to trash the nearly 260,000 people who have donated nearly $16 million to the GoFundMe in less than a week, calling them “dopey people” and saying that they are “dipping into their meth money.”

On Thursday night Brian Kolfage told FOX Business Network that since Kimmel’s attacks his wife and children have been receiving death threats.
Violence against conservatives is mounting every day in the United States as left wing fascists are emboldened by their leaders to take action. It's a good thing Trump supporters are more restrained. After all, they know how to shoot!

Left Wing Fascist Store Clerk FIRED for Assaulting Trump Supporter and Verbal Abuse

Where did these left wing fascists get the idea that THEY can decide who shops and who doesn't?  You know the answer...

If this was a Christian baker who refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding the bakery would be shut down and the entire staff put out of work. But at least this lunatic was ">fired. Clearly not the kind of person who should have any contact with the public!

Major pat on the back to Ian Ferguson, 36, who stood his ground and refused to be bullied, intimidated or threatened by this left wing cretin.

Months of Democrat leaders telling their supporters to confront Trump supporters, Hillary saying "no civility" and Antifa suggesting that violence against political opponents is justified is taking it's toll on the already limited sanity and intelligence of left wing fascists.

Time for police to start arresting these people for their own good before they do harm to themselves and others!
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