One Year Anniversary.

TRUMP: "The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer and I will fight for you with every breath in my body, and I will never, ever let you down."

Monday, January 22, 2018

Pattern of Corruption: Like Lois Lerner IRS Tea Party Scandal and Hillary's Missing Emails FBI "Loses" Key Texts from Pro-Hillary Agents At Center of Treasonous Anti-Trump Cabal

Imagine if a citizen under suspicion for crimes told the FBI he or she "lost" key evidence.  Imagine the FBI reaction if the same happened THREE TIMES!
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department has turned over to Congress additional text messages involving an FBI agent who was removed from special counsel Robert Mueller's investigative team following the discovery of derogatory comments about President Donald Trump.

But the department also said in a letter to lawmakers that its record of messages sent to and from the agent, Peter Strzok, was incomplete because the FBI, for technical reasons, had been unable to preserve and retrieve about five months' worth of communications.

New text messages highlighted in a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray by Sen. Ron Johnson, the Republican chairman of the Senate's Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, are from the spring and summer of 2016 and involve discussion of the investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server. They reference Attorney General Loretta Lynch's decision to accept the FBI's conclusion in that case and a draft statement that former FBI Director James Comey had prepared in anticipation of closing out the Clinton investigation without criminal charges.
Here's Johnson's letter. Scroll down to see examples of the texts we have and questions for FBI Director Wray that MUST be answered:

Senator Ron Johnson Letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray by The Conservative Treehouse on Scribd

Someone needs to GO TO JAIL!

UPDATE: When the cops lose evidence, the case must be dismissed. Is this the grounds for dismissal? Either way, it shows Mueller's prosecution is hopelessly tainted by scandal, bias and misconduct.

P.S. Timing of gap in missing emails is especially revealing. It coincides with Trump taking office and the propaganda campaign to accuse Trump of colluding with Russia and the appointment of Special Prosecutor Mueller on whose staff both Strzok and Page worked. Who knows what else they got up to. What we DO know about the pair's text are troublesome enough. It may be grounds for treason!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sen. Mitch McConnell Sets the Record Straight on the #SchumerShutdown. Dems Shut Govt. Over DACA Yet Present NO BILL to Vote On. It's a Political Stunt!

But once again, Dems show they put illegal aliens above the rights of American citizens!

Saturday evening Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said this on the Senate floor:
SEN. MCCONNELL: [T]his bipartisan bill does what we need to do right now: it ends this pointless, irresponsible shutdown, funds the government for our troops, our veterans, and millions of vulnerable Americans, and extends health coverage for millions of children in low-income families.

“None of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle can point to a single thing in it that they oppose. That is why a bipartisan majority voted for it last night. It would have passed smoothly and been sent on for the president’s signature. Except that the Democratic Leader took the extraordinary step of filibustering this bipartisan bill and initiating his very own government shutdown.

“Why? Because, he explains, the president would not give him everything he wants on the issue of illegal immigration in one afternoon in the Oval Office. That’s it? Leaders from both parties have spent months negotiating long-term fixes for immigration policy, government spending, and other important priorities. Senators on both sides want a bipartisan solution to DACA and other immigration issues. Senators on both sides want long-term funding for our troops. Bipartisan, bicameral negotiations on these matters have been underway for months.

“Here’s the difference between the Democratic Leader and the rest of us tonight: he wants to keep the government shut down for hundreds of millions of Americans until we finish negotiating on illegal immigration. We believe that we can continue these discussions – without shutting down funding for our veterans, military families, opioid centers or anyone else who relies on the federal government over the issue of illegal immigration.

“Well, the American people know what’s going on here. A survey this week shows that a majority of Americans say funding the government is more important than passing legislation on DACA – legislation, by the way, that does not exist and which the Democratic Leader cannot present to us. Fewer than half of Democrats say that dealing with DACA is more urgent than keeping the government open.

“And these numbers came in before Americans picked up their newspapers this morning. When they did, they read from the Associated Press exactly who is responsible for this chaos. From the AP, ‘Democrats blocked a four-week stopgap extension in a late-night vote, causing the fourth government shutdown in a quarter-century.’ You might say they pinned the tail on the donkey. The New York Times, not exactly a right-wing institution, likewise put the blame where it belongs. Quote, ‘Senate Democrats blocked passage of a stopgap spending bill to keep the government open.’
Democrats don't even have a bill for the DACA fix they demand yet they are willing to hold the entire government hostage until they get one. Meanwhile, CHILDREN who depend on the now expired CHIP health insurance program may soon go without care. All that for a stunt so Democrats may be seen to side with illegal aliens over American citizens. Let's not forget this in November!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Happy Trump Inaugural Anniversary. Happy Good Bye Obama Anniversary!

January 20, 2017 was a TWOFER of happiness for America!

Two favorite photos from that day. First, the one above at the top of the main page.

And this one:

Bye Bye 'Bama. Good riddance!
No longer Marine One as the helicopter lifts off the grounds of the U.S. Capitol following the swearing in ceremony of President Trump. The chopper carries Barack and Michelle Obama away from the scene of the crime of their eight year reign of error.

Another great photo:

Trump and members of his team aboard Air Force One.
Thumbs up for America!
One year in and Trump is already making America great again. The economy is on the verge of a major boom and working men and women are finally getting their piece of the pie after eight years of "crumbs" under Obama!

Remember when Obama SPENT Money During 2013 Government Shutdown to Block Access to Parks, Memorials and Even the Ocean! But Obama Kept National Mall Open for Protest by Illegal Immigrants

Dems have a consistent pattern of putting illegals ahead of Americans!

In the 2013 government shutdown Obama purposely went out of his way, spending money during a time when government spending was severely restricted, to make the shutdown as difficult on American citizens as possible.

Roads to National Parks, memorials, even the parking lot for Mount Vernon, which is privately owned, were closed. The Obama Administration went so far as to tell fishing charters in Florida that the Florida Bay was closed to fishing and they will spend money to police the ban. One Park Ranger remarked “We've been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It's disgusting.”

Grocery stores on military bases were closed to military families yet Obama's favorite golf course on Andrews Air Force Base remained open.

Obama ordered that barricades (quickly termed "Barrycades") be erected around national monuments and memorials in Washington DC to block access. Extra security was hired during the shutdown to prohibit access. World War II veterans, many in wheel chairs, were blocked from visiting the newly opened World War II Memorial. But many vets didn't take that and other closures lying down. They removed the Barrycades and trotted them down to the White House where they piled them up before the gates with a new "return to sender."

Americans "Barrycaded" by Obama from DC Memorials:

A Marine veteran named Johnny "Joey" Jones who lost both legs in Afghanistan helped breach the Barrycades!

Return to Sender:

U.S. Citizens removed Obama's "Barrycades" and piled them in front of the White House with a note reading "return to sender."
Obama DID Open National Mall for Protest by ILLEGALS:

Nancy Pelosi thanked Obama for giving Illegals special permission to use the National Mall during the government shutdown.  This was at the same time American CITIZENS were denied access to memorials on the Mall.
In the 2013 shutdown Democrats showed they put illegal aliens over the rights of American citizens. They are doing the same thing this time around.  Meanwhile, Trump puts Americans FIRST!


Dem Enviros blamed GOP for shutting down parks in 2013. Now attacks GOP for keeping them open!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Demonstration of Real Economic Stimulus as Trump Boom Continues: Apple Says Thank You for Trump Tax Cuts w/ $350 BILLION Tax Payments & Investments and $2500 Worker Bonus

This is what REAL economic stimulus looks like. Do Dems want to call $350 BILLION "pathetic, crumbs" too?

Huge news from Apple. $350 BILLION in new U.S. investments over five years. Tens of billions more paid in taxes because of passage of the Trump Tax Law. A massive building and hiring program bringing tens of thousands of new, good paying tech jobs. Expanding tech learning for minority communities to give them access to tech jobs.

On top of that Apple, which has tens of thousands of U.S. employees, will begin giving a stock bonus worth $2500 to each employee this year.

Obama's $trillion Stimulus Bill went mostly to the union fat cats who backed his campaign. His promise for "shovel ready" jobs turned out by his own admission to be "not so shovel ready." REAL Americans were left with "crumbs" in the form of Food Stamps.

Trump DELIVERS JOBS, higher wages,economic performance and a windfall to the U.S. Treasury.  Some "crumb" hunh?
Remember this fall which party supported the bill that made this possible and which party did everything they could to stop it!

Trump Hater Sen. Jeff Snow Flake Called the Fake News Awards "Stalinist." WHY? Awards Hit the Mark!

Here's the list:

1. The New York Times’ Paul Krugman claimed on the day of President Trump’s historic, landslide victory that the economy would never recover.

2. ABC News' Brian Ross CHOKES and sends markets in a downward spiral with false report.


3. CNN FALSELY reported that candidate Donald Trump and his son Donald J. Trump, Jr. had access to hacked documents from WikiLeaks.

(via Fox News)
4. TIME FALSELY reported that President Trump removed a bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. from the Oval Office.

5. Washington Post FALSELY reported the President’s massive sold-out rally in Pensacola, Florida was empty. Dishonest reporter showed picture of empty arena HOURS before crowd started pouring in.
6. CNN FALSELY edited a video to make it appear President Trump defiantly overfed fish during a visit with the Japanese prime minister. Japanese prime minister actually led the way with the feeding.

7. CNN FALSELY reported about Anthony Scaramucci’s meeting with a Russian, but retracted it due to a “significant breakdown in process.”

8. Newsweek FALSELY reported that Polish First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda did not shake President Trump’s hand.

9. CNN FALSELY reported that former FBI Director James Comey would dispute President Trump’s claim that he was told he is not under investigation.

10. The New York Times FALSELY claimed on the front page that the Trump administration had hidden a climate report.

11. And last, but not least: "RUSSIA COLLUSION!" Russian collusion is perhaps the greatest hoax perpetrated on the American people. THERE IS NO COLLUSION!

While the media spent 90% of the time focused on negative coverage or fake news, the President has been getting results:
1. The economy has created nearly 2 million jobs and gained over $8 trillion in wealth since the President’s inauguration.
2. African Americans and Hispanics are enjoying the lowest unemployment rate in recorded history.
3. The President signed historic tax cuts and relief for hardworking Americans not seen since President Reagan.
4. President Trump’s plan to cut regulations has exceeded “2 out for every 1 in” mandate, issuing 22 deregulatory actions for every one new regulatory action.
5. The President has unleashed an American energy boom by ending Obama-era regulations, approving the Keystone pipeline, auctioning off millions of new acres for energy exploration, and opening up ANWR.
6. ISIS is in retreat, having been crushed in Iraq and Syria.
7. President Trump followed through on his promise to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel and instructed the State Department to begin to relocate the Embassy.
8. With President Trump’s encouragement, more member nations are paying their fair share for the common defense in the NATO alliance.
9. Signed the Veterans Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act to allow senior officials in the VA to fire failing employees and establishes safeguards to protect whistleblowers.
10. President Trump kept his promise and appointed Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Imagine the Snowflake Reaction if a Powerful Republican Male Senator Berated a Woman. Apparently, It's OK if You're a Democrat!

If this is the way Democrat men treat women it's no wonder so many go on to sexually harass them!

This should have caused a snowflake meltdown. The fact that it did not tells you everything you need to know about the perpetually offended.

Look at his anger.  Imagine if ANY male elected Republican spoke to a woman this way!
GOP.COM: Picture it. A male Republican senator spends his entire 10 minutes “mansplaining” the female DHS secretary about immigration policy, throws around the term “conscientious stupidity,” yells at her the only time she tries to speak, and concludes his diatribe without even asking her to respond.

There’d be so many triggered Democrats that there’d be a hashtag within minutes, campus protests across the country, and the topic-du-jour for celebrities at Hollywood’s next award show.

But because the party affiliations were reversed, Derogatory Cory got nothing but praise from the selectively-outraged base he was clearly performing for yesterday.
Meanwhile, Democrats succeeded in making sure the hearing with DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen avoided a substantive discussion of immigration issues despite an immediately looming deadline. Secretary Nielsen made this statement:
Sec. Nielsen: “I am thoroughly disappointed that attention continues to be given to a meeting I attended a week ago when we have serious and urgent border and immigration issues to address. That is unfair to our communities, our frontline officers and agents, DACA recipients, and the constituents of those who are spending precious time impugning my character."

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Senate Hearing on DACA Turns Into Dem Caterwauling Over Trump S#thole Remark Proving Trump Right. Dems are NOT Serious About Immigration Fix

Otherwise, why would they waste soooo much time with he said, she said?

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday [full video here]. With an important deadline looming this Friday for what was supposed to be an agreement on allowing so-called illegals Dreamers (aren't all children supposed to be dreamers?)to stay you would think Democrats would be working overtime to achieve a positive result. Instead, one after another, Democrats used their time to attack Trump and insist that he called certain countries "sh#tholes." Never mind that Secretary Nielsen said over and over that she never heard Trump use that word, which matches with the word of other senators. Never mind also that Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) has a history of misrepresenting what was actually said in White House meetings.

Apparently it's more important for Democrats to accuse Trump of being a racist and a Nazi than to actually do something to save the DACA children. Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) who was NOT at the meeting with Trump declared he is "seething with anger" and had "tears of rage." That for him was more important than fixing immigration.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill, who also demands an immigration fix said about Trump: "[W]e now know that we have in the White House someone who could lead the Ku Klux Klan in the United States of America, somebody who could be the leader of the neo-Nazi." No effort there to find any reasonable compromise.

The list of Dems who have purposely sabotaged talks on immigration by this charade over "sh#tholes" could go on and on.

I guess Trump was right:
Once again, Democrats have shown that playing politics means more to them than standing up for the people they pretend to care about. Too bad DACA kids. If Dems have their way you better start packing!

More Disappointment for Trump Haters as President Gets Excellent Health Report Including Perfect Score on Cognitive Ability

Now, can we administer the same cognitive test to the Trump haters?

Details at the Daily Mail including the cognitive test.  Let's see how many Trump haters can pass it.

Is anyone keeping score?  First we had Trump-Russia collusion. That bombed. Then it was Trump is demented. That's been proven false. What's next?  One sad fact about the haters is that they are so mired in their hatred for Trump they can't stop.  In so doing they continue to isolate themselves from reality and the mainstream of REAL America!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Chart Shows State by State Cost of Illegal Immigration: BILLIONS Diverted by Democrats Instead of Helping Poor/Minority Citizens!

Next time a Democrat says how much they care about the poor and children, remember that they put illegals FIRST!

Just think what we could do with the money!

Trump puts Americans FIRST! What's wrong with that?

DOW Crosses 26,000. Fastest 1,000 Point Run Up in History. Will Trump Get Credit or Just Blame When Eventual Correction Comes?

Trump took the sh#thole economy Obama saddled us with for 8 years and jump started it in one year!

So much good economic news as the U.S. stock market leads a global boom. But perhaps Dems are right. We SHOULD thank Obama for the roaring economy under Trump. Had Obama not strangled the economy with high taxes, over regulation, environmental and energy policies which caused 8 years of stagnation this wouldn't be possible!

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