Friday, July 23, 2021

Dems Want to Ban "Misinformation" OK, Start by Censoring Illegit Joe, CNN and MSNBC

 If Democrats were EVER held to the same standard they demand of the rest of us they would be in jail by now!

Dems are real big on banning misinformation.  You hear it all the time coming from the White House.  Basically everything critical of Biden must be a lie and therefore those who spread these lies must be censored and punished.  Big Tech and the media do their part. Remember how Big Tech censored any mention of Hunter's laptop?  Turned out to be true. Hunter did discuss in emails how he was rounding up big bucks to sell influence. But you were not allowed to hear about that before the election.  Of course that same standard never applied to Trump.  Dems could repeat every lie over and over and Big Tech and the media would help them do it.

Kylie Zempel at the Federalist has a few reminders:

But do factions of conservatives really embrace “misinformation” because they’re all off their rockers? Or is it because would-be trustworthy sources of information have repeatedly failed them, lied to them, gaslit and slandered them?

For instance, do conservatives largely reject media-endorsed critical race theory in their kids’ classrooms because they’re white nationalists? Or is it because the media constantly race-bait them with false narratives? Ma’Khia Bryant? “Hands up, don’t shoot”? Charlottesville? Adam Toledo?

If you’re going to smear people who fall prey to so-called disinformation, you must ask what the alternative is — and whether that alternative might contribute to the rise of fringe explanations. In this case, the alternative is the same media that smeared Brett Kavanaugh as a gang rapist. It’s the media that fell for the Jussie Smollett hoax and the Russia hoax, and that cut video footage to paint a Catholic teenager as a smug racist. It’s the media that saw the Hunter Biden laptop story and said “nothing to see here,” that stood in front of burning buildings and called it “peaceful protests,” that wrongly claimed Trump tear-gassed “peaceful protesters” in Lafayette Park for a photo op.

Corrupt corporate media gaslit conservatives with critical race theory and wrongly insisted MAGA insurrectionists bludgeoned a Capitol Police officer to death with a fire extinguisher. Shoddy news outlets teamed up with Facebook to issue false “independent fact-checks” that nuked the opinions of their opponents. The media machine ran damage control for Fauci while he flip-flopped and passed the buck.

They told us that the 2020 election, rife with last-minute rule-changes and vote-by-mail and Big Tech censorship, was the safest and most secure election of all time. They opted for comedy hour with Gov. Andrew Cuomo instead of asking him and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer real questions about their lethal nursing home policies. They concocted a false narrative out of thin air about Gov. Ron DeSantis and Publix pharmacies when they needed to make a successful Republican leader look bad.

They’ve downplayed the border crisis, framed as an “accident” the story of car-jacking teenagers who murdered a Pakistani immigrant in broad daylight, said Antifa doesn’t exist, and lied about conflict in the Middle East, with the New York Times even ginning up fake maps of Palestine. They called Republicans who voted for Trump a “credulous boomer rube demo” and said the GOP needs to be de-programmed.

They giddily ushered in a sham impeachment — and then a second sham impeachment. They claimed there was no way the National Security Agency was spying on Tucker Carlson. They lied about Russian bounties and downplayed Fauci’s emails.

“All of this goes back to 2016,” conservative TV host Saagar Enjeti rightly wrote on Twitter. “These people believe in their bones that Trump was only elected because of ‘misinformation.’ Their solution is to rig the platforms instead of ask why so many millions lost trust in all our institutions in the first place.”

Apparently, Democrat misinformation is "fair" because Trump and his supporters deserve it.  But consider what would happen if Trump said this:

And it's not just Democrat politics where misinformation is a tool to deceive.  Climate Change (OK, that subject is ENTIRELY about Democrat politics) is another area where misinformation runs rampant.  For the last thirty years we've been told that the earth is doomed unless we act NOW.  Every prediction of doom and gloom has come and gone without any serious consequence.  Yet even though this BIG LIE has been exposed over and over every time there is some severe weather the same people leap up to spread more disinformation.  Had they been accurate in the past we'd all be dead by now.  They keep at it because fear works if you have Big Tech and the media to help spread the BIG LIE!

Want to stop disinformation? Ban Democrats and their tech and media allies. 

Another example: MSNBC should be banned for spreading disinformation!

Questioning the legitimacy of a presidential election? OH HORROR!  But the Big Lie is just fine if you are attacking Trump!


  Defund the Police? More Dem Disinformation 

 Dems are now pretending it's the Republicans who want to defund the police. That's a lie of course and if misinformation was banned they would be called out on it. But like RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, Dems are free to spread misinformation until the cows come home. Here'a a reminder of how often they said "defund the police."


The "BIG LIE" alive and well as long as you are a Democrat!

Monday, July 19, 2021

New Report Shows Huge Drop in Manmade CO2 During Pandemic Made ZERO Difference in CO2 Rise. Carbon Emission Rules Are a Complete FRAUD!

 But at least the big banks and climate profiteers will make TRILLIONS while the rest of us pay more for energy!

From Watt's Up:

Note also that while the U.S. had been reducing CO2 emissions during the Trump years due to expansion of natural gas fracking, China has increased CO2 by huge amounts.  Biden not only wants to stop U.S. fracking but also gives China a pass by rejoining totally pointless Paris Climate accords.  No doubt Illegitimate Joe's son Hunter will make a killing off that!

Biden and Dems Continue to Poison America with Race Rhetoric Over Voting

 Dems, the party of the KKK and historical defenders of slavery never tire of using race and fear!

Texas and Georgia are among the states which have passed election reforms in the wake of the designed disaster Dems inflicted on the country in the November 2020 election.  Now Dems are at it again calling these reforms racist. Odd though that both Texas and Georgia under the reforms will still have more open voting than Illegitimate Joe Biden's home state of Delaware.  Is Delaware racist?

Nevertheless Dems continue to hype the race rhetoric. Here's some perspective:

Joe Biden: Requiring Voter ID Is Bringing Back The Civil War

Those who minimize the Civil War (based on a racialist agenda denying America's arc toward freedom) are trumpeting its significance to magnify election disputes.
Jonathan S. Tobin

It was always a mistake to treat the ravings of a man who once told African Americans that Mitt Romney would “put y’all back in chains” as having credibility on racial issues or history. When then-Vice President Joe Biden uttered that hyperbolic lie during a 2012 campaign speech, that sort of calumny against Republicans seemed to embarrass even partisan Democrats.

Republicans skewered his claim that a GOP stand on financial regulatory policy was the harbinger of the return of slavery. But Democrats mostly shrugged their shoulders and put it down to the crazy uncle role Biden seemed to play in the Obama administration.

Nine years later, the same man (now acclaimed by his corporate media cheerleaders as the avatar of decency and honesty) is still toeing the same line. On Tuesday, he gave a speech about the dispute over new voter integrity laws sponsored by Republicans, and Democrats’ attempt to rewrite voting regulations on a national level.

The result was, if anything, an even crazier version of his “chains” speech. Speaking at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, his assertion that Republican voting laws are “an attempt to suppress and subvert the right to vote,” comparable to “Jim Crow,” was equally hyperbolic. He also went on to say, “We’re facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War. That’s not hyperbole, since the Civil War.”

His frequent use of the word “literally” and his attempts to deny that he is using hyperbole make one wonder if he knows what these words mean, or if the content of the legislation he is denouncing has ever been explained to him.

Election Integrity Is Not Fort Sumter

Requiring a photo ID to vote is a measure supported by 80 percent of Americans, including large majorities of Democrat and minority voters. Other election integrity laws would limit practices that were virtually unknown or frowned upon before the coronavirus pandemic, such as mass mailings of unrequested mail-in ballots, vote harvesting, and unlimited early or drive-by voting schemes. To suggest such measures are the equivalent of the Confederates firing on Fort Sumter is an argument so transparently false that it shouldn’t require serious discussion.

Since the narrative about Republican “voter suppression” — a phrase stretched to mean anything that might involve the smallest inconvenience for a potential voter — has become an essential part of Democrats’ electoral toolkit, these distortions are now largely unchallenged by corporate media outlets. The president received less pushback from his media allies for his mendacity about voting than even the cursory dismay his “chains” rant received in 2012.

But it would be a mistake to view this blind support for Biden’s hyperbole as mere partisanship. Like the tragicomic “escape” of Democrat members of the Texas state legislature, Biden’s speech is a form of political theater more than anything else.

Gaslighting Racial Language Is On Purpose

Still, Democrats’ willingness to falsify history and pretend voter ID laws are somehow the same as a bloody rebellion over slavery is not an accident. It must be seen in the context of a rhetorical war the left is waging on the teaching of American history itself. It may play well with the loudest wing of Biden’s party, but (as the results of the 2020 election showed) it is actually turning off the voters Biden pretends his preposterous claims are helping.

The revisionist movement to “reimagine” American history as a tale of unbroken racism, white supremacy, and oppression of minorities has been germinating in academia for decades. But it was not until the Black Lives Matter movement gained popularity and The New York Times published its “1619 Project” in 2019 that it made real inroads in the American public square. After the post-George Floyd panic about race and the “fiery but mostly peaceful” Black Lives Matter riots, the full-scale assault on America as she knew herself was unleashed.

Agitators toppled statues and invoked the Civil War. But they seemed insensible to what actually happened from 1861-65. The real insurrection fought over slavery was quashed at the cost of more than 600,000 American lives.

Critical Race Theory Undermines the Civil War

The war and the passage of constitutional amendments ending slavery and guaranteeing due process and the right to vote didn’t complete America’s journey toward more complete freedom begun in 1776. But it was an indispensable step toward that goal, and would have been impossible without the sacrifices of Americans who had no personal stake in the quest against slavery.

The recent popularity of critical race theory discounts that sacrifice. But to point this out or question any part of the left’s new catechism of apologies and reparations is to be exposed to redoubled charges of racism.

Those gaslighting the country to justify lies about history are at the same time seconding the gaslighting and lies about voting laws from Biden and other Democrats. Ironically, the same people who minimize the importance of the Civil War (because of a racialist agenda that denies the arc of American history toward freedom) are trumpeting its significance to magnify election integrity disputes. Unfortunately, these falsehoods resonate with those on the left who have come to believe their political opponents are actual fascists.

Still, this effort may be failing among the minorities it pretends to represent. By promoting ideas like “equity” — which demands equality of outcome, quotas, and racial discrimination rather than equality of opportunity — Democrats undermine the achievements of the Americans they claim to help. It is little surprise that black males as well as Hispanics and other minorities were more open to Donald Trump and his opportunity message, as well as his disgust with a political establishment that African Americans know has betrayed them time and again.

While those who want to beat their breasts for their privilege may cherish these lies, those who would opt out of the racial drama of perpetual victimhood may provide the escape hatch. Let’s hope so, because the chattering classes want to use these toxic ideas to tear down both American principles of liberty and its tradition of free and fair elections.

Jonathan S. Tobin is a senior contributor to The Federalist, editor in chief of JNS.org, and a columnist for the New York Post. Follow him on Twitter at @jonathans_tobin.

Photo Pxfuel

Democrat race rhetoric demonstrates THEIR racism and is demeaning to blacks!

We've previously shown examples of black folks who reject the Dems efforts to turn public schools into indoctrination factories for their divisive racism. More and more minority voters are catching on to the act.

Ever notice how it's primarily white liberals and a handful of racebaiters who are trying to scare black people?  

Watch this:

According to white liberals blacks can't use the internet, don't have photo ID's and can't get to the DMV.  Such racist insults would be denounced if the person(s) saying these things were a Republican. But it's just another example of how white liberals demean blacks so no big deal right?

P.S. Ever notice how ANTIFA, the group which claims to fight racism and fascism are also nearly all white liberals who tell blacks what to do!

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Teacher's Union Makes it Official: They Intend to Use the Schools to Promote Left Wing Political Activism and Anti-White Race Theory

 And they will also use their power and money to fight any parent's group that tries to stop them!

Across the country we have seen many protests at board of eduction meetings demanding that their schools stop indoctrinating their children with left wing politics and racism.  This includes many blacks who understand quite well that what is actually being taught is divisive, hateful and RACIST!

Well, the National Education Association, the same group that demands schools be kept closed because of the virus even though the CDC and every other Western nation showed it's not a problem is going all in for using the schools not to teach but to indoctrinate.

Christopher Rufo writes at City Journal:

In the resolution, the union agreed publicly to “convey its support” for critical race theory, oppose restrictions in state legislatures, and use schools to promote political activism. The delegates pledged to “join with Black Lives Matter at School and the Zinn Education Project” to hold a “national day of action” on George Floyd’s birthday, recruiting teachers to hold political demonstrations and “teach lessons about structural racism and oppression.”

The resolution also promised to develop a study to critique “empire, white supremacy, anti-Blackness, anti-Indigeneity, racism, patriarchy, cisheteropatriarchy, capitalism, ableism, [and] anthropocentrism”—that is, adapting the most fashionable and intellectually bankrupt ideas from the universities for use in grade school classrooms.

Finally, the NEA passed a resolution to “research the organizations” that oppose critical race theory—including grassroots parent organizations—and provide resources to groups and individuals targeting them. The national teachers’ union will use union dues, collected from public employees paid by taxpayers, to attack parents who oppose the racial indoctrination of their children.

At least we can dispense with the left's lie that they are NOT trying to use the schools for political indoctrination.  The NEA has declared that this IS the plan and as we all know Democrats so whatever the NEA says! 

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The Left's Unchecked Lurch to Radicalism Will End in Tears or Blood!

Illegitimate Biden talks about a "civil war" and seems determined to start one. It's a war Dems will lose! 

 After four years of questioning the legitimacy of Trump's election in 2016 Dems are determined to shut down, shout down or literally PUT IN JAIL anyone who asks questions about the 2021 election. Rather than support full transparency and audits of election results Illegitimate Biden went to Philadelphia this week. Philly is a hotbed of election irregularities. Rather than join with elected Philadelphia officials responsible for investigating elections and making reforms this doddering fool said that any question of his election was tantamount to a civil war. So much for hypocrisy. So much for irony. The left's delusions have gone beyond that. It's a mental disorder. Mass hysteria. Illegit Biden talks about the "Big Lie" because that's exactly what Dems are doing. It's been going on for years. Today's Democrats have gone off the deep end. After decades of screaming that anyone who opposed them are somehow hateful and evil they have taken it to the next level. They don't just want to silence people on the right. They want to put you in jail. Get you fired from your job. Physically assault you in public. Examples are everywhere. They scream about opposing fascism while engaged in exactly that. 

 Hate has poisoned the soul of the left. Critical race theory is just the lastest push to divide America. The left is lurching so far left they are falling off the edge. I met liberal columnist Andrew Sullivan when I lived in Washington, DC. I didn't always agree with Andrew but he made a persuasive case. Apparently he's under attack for being insufficiently zealous in promoting the new Marxist order.

Andrew writes:

He sees what this movement is about: the end of due process, the rejection of even an attempt at objectivity, a belief in active race and sex discrimination (“equity”) to counter the legacy of the past, the purging of ideological diversity, and the replacement of liberal education with left-indoctrination. 

Yang sees the attempt to dismantle the entire carapace of liberal society and liberal institutions: “[The proponents of the successor ideology are] not trying to be malicious, but they are trying to basically annihilate a lot of the foundational processes that we depend upon and then remake them anew. You operate from the starting point that all the previous ideologies, methods, and processes are untrustworthy, because they produced this outcome previously, so we’ve got to remake all of them.” Precisely. This is a revolution against liberalism commanded from above.

Look how far the left’s war on liberalism has gone.

Due process? If you’re a male on campus, gone. Privacy? Stripped away — by anonymous rape accusations, exposure of private emails, violence against people’s private homes, screaming at folks in restaurants, sordid exposés of sexual encounters, eagerly published by woke mags. Non-violence? Exceptions are available if you want to “punch a fascist.” Free speech? Only if you don’t mind being fired and ostracized as a righteous consequence. Free association? You’ve got to be kidding. Religious freedom? Illegitimate bigotry. Equality? Only group equity counts now, and individuals of the wrong identity can and must be discriminated against. Color-blindness? Another word for racism. Mercy? Not for oppressors. Intent? Irrelevant. Objectivity? A racist lie. Science? A manifestation of white supremacy. Biological sex? Replaced by socially constructed gender so that women have penises and men have periods. The rule of law? Not for migrants or looters. Borders? Racist. Viewpoint diversity? A form of violence against the oppressed. 

It is absolutely no accident that this illiberal ideology has no qualms whatever with illiberal methods. The latter springs intrinsically from the former. Kendi, feted across the establishment, favors amending the Constitution to appoint an unelected and unaccountable committee of “experts” that has the power to coerce and punish any individual or group anywhere in the country deemed practicing racism. Intent does not matter. And the decisions are final. An advocate for unaccountable, totalitarian control of our society is the darling of every single elite institution in America, and is routinely given platforms where no tough questioning of him is allowed.  

Sullivan ads this chart showing how far the left has shifted:

 The left is coming after our First Amendment and Second Amendment rights.  Their effort to rig the electoral process is obvious. Time is short. Americans on the middle and the right have a short time to stop this. Start with full transparency of elections and demand that only LEGAL votes are cast.  Fight the attacks on freedom of speech and political association with all legal means. Replace any Republican official who refuses to join the battle.  This is a war. Democrats started it. We have to finish it!

Friday, July 09, 2021

Best Takedown on Climate Hysteria and Activist Hypocrisy. Bottom Line: ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!

The first part showing stupidity and hypocrisy of climate activists is entertaining. The final five minutes showing how the science is NOT settled is important. But mostly, it's all about making climate profiteers RICHER!

Speaking of Racism and White Privilege. I Guess it's OK for a U.S. Senator to Belong to a "White's Only" Club As Long as He's a Democrat!

And whatever happened to Virginia's Governor Ralph Northam who touted the KKK in his college yearbook? Well why not! Dems are the party of the KKK. Always have been and will be!

Everyone Knows! When Will Dems Admit Biden is Not Able to Perform the Job of President?

And Kamala ain't no kitten either. Her own staff hates her and LEAKS their dislike!

OK, can we all be honest for a moment and admit Illegitimate Joe Biden isn't able to perform the duties of his office due to failing mental faculties? If not, how many examples do you need. Here's another one. Illegitimate Joe did a drop in at a Michigan country store over the July 4th holiday. While paying for his pie someone asked him a question about Russian hacking. You know, the guys Biden said he would be REAL TOUGH on because Trump was a traitor or something! Watch this... Illegit Joe FREEZES then has to take cards out of his pocket to answer:
Really. If that doesn't persuade you that the guy isn't working from a full deck then you are lost.

Meanwhile, ever notice how many ice cream parlors they take Illegit Joe to for photo ops? Must be a comfort zone for him. And he demands "TWO SCOOPS." Remember all the grief the press gave Trump when he had two scoops? Ah, but somehow Illegit Joe doesn't have that problem. After all, Trump knew what day it was and could tell you the names of his cabinet members!
Let's just hope that the next time there's a national security crisis with Russia, China or whoever Illegit Joe can find the cue cards so he knows who to call and what to say!

Racism and Hate for America Promoted by Democrats

If any Republican said anything this racist and divisive every GOP leader would have a microphone shoved in their face demanding they denounce it. But Dems not only accept this kind of hate, they PROMOTE IT!
Worse still than the hate messages coming from elected Democrats, are the racial hate messages being spread in public schools.

Meanwhile, blacks show they can think for themselves and many are not buying these hate messages:
A black father in Michigan blasted Critical Race Theory during a recent school board meeting in Caledonia, Michigan. Ian Rice, whose wife and mother of his children is white, demanded that the anti-white racist curriculum will teach his daughter that “her mother is evil,” and cause children of different races “to hate each other.”
Hate is the new Democrat agenda. Is it any surprise there is so much violence and racial strife?

Sunday, June 27, 2021

HUGE Turnout for President Trump in Ohio. America's Heartland Gets It

Illegitimate Biden could NEVER draw crowds like this!

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

The Left is Going After the Flag. Now they block saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Will You Be Silent as Your Rights are Taken From You?

 This is just their first step.  When is enough enough?

First the left attacks the flag. That banner which Americans have fought and died to protect.  Now, it's the Pledge of Allegiance to that flag and to being an American.  We're on our way to a socialist tyranny where rights are conditional according to which political party you belong.

The Flag and the Pledge are divisive? Where does this leftwing fascism stop?
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