Since Biden seized power there have been over 400,000 deaths on his watch. He blamed Trump for every death during his term in office. When will Biden be resigning?

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Biden Speeches on You Tube Only Get a Few Thousand Views. Trump Does Rally in Arizona, Gets Over 400,000. Over 50,000 Brave Cold to Attend In Person

But somehow Biden won the election? Stop with the malarkey! Biden's Martin Luther King Day speech. 17,000 views on You Tube. Trump Rally in Arizona over 8 million views on Rumble. Biden is toast. Biden's election was a lie. Everyone knows it!

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Biden's Base Begins to Desert Him as #Illegitimatepresident Implodes

Only a year in office and it's already a total disaster with no end in sight!

Look at the Quinnipiac Biden approval polling results below. It's an unmistakeable trend matched to a degree by every other poll. But Biden's trouble has to do with more than just losing independent voters and Hispanics. He's losing his base.

It was stunning that last week Biden went to Georgia and delivered a divisive and angry speech on voting rights. He accused those who do not support ending the Senate filibuster of being "traitors" who would align themselves with racists like former Alabama Governor George Wallace. Biden left off the part where he had previously praised Wallace and declared that his state of Delaware was on the side of the South in the Civil War. See more at National Review.

Biden used to brag about his segregationist past:

But there he was in Georgia on January 11, tarring anyone who dared to oppose an unconstitutional federal takeover of elections as undemocratic and racist. Of course Biden left out the part where Georgia's voting rules are actually more open than Biden's homestate of Delaware. Is Delaware still pining for the days of the confederacy?

The real indicator that something is seriously wrong with Biden's presidency came from the Georgia voting rights activists like Stacey Abrams and others who boycotted Biden's speech. When the President from your own party shows up to address your key issue and you find somewhere else to be it says something profound about Biden's lack of support. We're still waiting to learn what "schedule conflict" prevented Abrams from showing up. Strangely the news media has not been interested in getting an answer.

It's not just supporters of a federal takeover of elections who are upset. The divide in the Democrat Party goes much deeper:

Sen. Bernie Sanders moans how Biden's failure "demoralize[s] tens of millions of Americans.” The problem gets worse for Biden as he tries to appeal the extreme left in his Democrat base. As he veers left he loses independent and moderate voters who foolishly believed the media propaganda of Biden as a uniter and a moderate. 

 And of course everyone can see Biden's failures:
  • Abyssmal performance on Covid. Hundreds of thousands more dead than under Trump.
  • Worst inflation in over 40 years
  • Collapse of foreign policy. The disastrous withdrawal in Afghanistan.
  • Out of control border with a minimum 2 million more illegal crossings.
  • Supreme Court strikes down vaccine mandate for businesses.
  • Senate filibuster remains in place.
That's just the short list.  All of these failures are compounded by Biden's obvious cognitive difficulty: And the final nail on that cognitive coffin. He's mistakenly referred to VP Harris at least half a dozen times as President: And Kammy Harris isn't any better: Biden's only course has been to divide Americans further and spread hate and misinformation about the virus and his political opponents. His speech on January 6 was incendiary. Suggesting that the protest at the Capitol on that day a year ago was "a dagger at the throat of democracy." Harris likened the protest to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. Both of which saw thousands of Americans killed and led to war. The overblown rhetoric from these two is astonishing and unprecented. More so from someone who claimed to be a unifier. And now: Directing the FBI to spy on Americans based on their "ideology" is frightening. Of course BLM and Antifa will be exempt. Imagine if Trump had done anything similar!

The real danger to democracy here comes from a President and Vice President clearly unhinged and detached from reality. How far are they willing to go to stir up a crisis, attack their political opponents or get America into war to take the focus off their evident failures? Can democracy survive such an assault?

Friday, January 14, 2022

Biden's Poll Approval Below Trump's Worst Despite Massive Media Support

 Imagine what Trump's poll approval would be if the media were fair and balanced!

In the same week that key Democrats in the U.S. Senate refused to break the filibuster to support a federal takeover of elections and a smackdown by the U.S. Supreme Court on Biden's illegal vaccine business mandate, this:

The fake news talking point for Dems is that the Quinnipiac poll is an "outlier." These are the same people who spent the last four years out lying about Trump and Russia. And as usual, they are lying here. Real Clear politics shows that ALL latest polls show Biden with overall disapproval. The trend in the Quinnipiac poll is seen in nearly EVER SINGLE POLL! Voters see almost every Biden policy as a disaster and the only people who haven't figured this out are Democrats and their media outliers!

Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Impeach Biden for Covid Misinformation

 If Dems can't apply the same standard to Biden that they demanded of Trump then they have no credibility to demand anything!

It would take HOURS to list all the Dems who are fully vaxxed, wear masks and social distance who have become infected from the virus and can also transmit the virus to others AFTER being fully vaccinated and boosted!

First Poll of New Year Shows Biden Slide in Approval at Catastrophic Level

How long before Dems impeach him?

Pelosi and House Dems Demand All Records of Republicans and Trump Re Jan 6 But REFUSE to Provide House Records Showing What Dems Did

They failed to protect the Capitol and now they are covering it up! 

 Sitting Republicans Members of Congress, former Trump officials and private citizens have been threatened with prosecution for failing to comply with subpoeanas of Pelosi's entirely one sided, partisan investigation of the peaceful protest at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. 

 Multiple times Pelosi refused Trump's offer to provide National Guard security for the Capitol on January 6. She also refuses to hand over video footage showing the peaceful nature of the protesters inside the Capitol. The only footage which was released by court order showed nothing more than the typical tourists to the building. 

But while demanding all records of Republicans, Pelosi has gone out of her way to block full transparency of her failures and communication. We can only wonder why!

Pelosi accused of hiding info on her role in security breakdown on Jan. 6

- The Washington Times - Tuesday, January 4, 2022

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is concealing information about her culpability in the security breakdown during the Jan. 6 riot, according to Republican lawmakers who have been pursuing those documents since immediately after the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Rep. Rodney Davis of Illinois said Mrs. Pelosi is stonewalling. He is the top Republican on the House Administration Committee, which oversees the management of the Capitol complex.

“The Sergeant at Arms, at the direction of the speaker has refused to provide us their communications surrounding Jan. 6. I believe those records will show there was a lot of communications and coordination between the speaker’s office and law enforcement officials leading up to and on Jan. 6,” Mr. Davis wrote in a statement Tuesday to The Washington Times.

He sent a letter Monday to Mrs. Pelosi that reiterated House Republicans’ demand for the release of documents and communications involving the decision not to deploy the National Guard for the mass protests anticipated that day.

“In the immediate aftermath of January 6th, Republicans began an examination of the Capitol’s security vulnerabilities. On Jan. 13, 2021, as the ranking Republican member of the House Administration Committee, I sent letters to the Acting House Sergeant-at-Arms, the House Chief Administrative Officer and the Acting Chief of the U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) asking them to preserve all records relating to January 6th,” Mr. Davis wrote.

“Although the USCP immediately complied with my request to preserve and produce relevant documents, the House Sergeant-at-Arms and Chief Administrative Officer — the two House officers who report directly to you — responded jointly that they were ‘unable to comply with the request at this time.’ Now, nearly a year after this request, the House Sergeant-at-Arms and Chief Administrative Officer have yet to comply with my request.”

House Administration Committee Chairwoman Zoe Lofgren, California Democrat, called Mr. Davis’ letter “pure revisionist fiction” and another attempt by Republicans to “distract and deflect” from the Jan. 6 mayhem.

“The Chief Administrative Officer and House Sergeant at Arms have already notified Ranking Member Davis they are complying with preservation requests and will fully cooperate with various law enforcement investigations and bonafide congressional inquiries,” Ms. Lofgren said in a statement. “House Democrats will continue to examine the facts, circumstances and causes of the January 6th attack, identify lessons learned, and recommend laws, policies, procedures, rules, or regulations necessary to protect our republic in the future.”

However, the Feb.1 response to Mr. Davis from the Capitol’s chief administrative officer and sergeant-at-arms denied the request to turn over documents.

“It’s been almost a year since the first request. We’ve made multiple attempts since to get this information but have been unsuccessful each time,” said Ashley Phelps, a spokeswoman for House Administration Committee Republicans. “If the House SAA and CAO do plan to comply with our request, we’d hope it would be this Congress. Speaker Pelosi could direct them to do so, and this wouldn’t be an issue.”

Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee, also is involved in the effort. He said there have been conflicting accounts about security preparations days before a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol in an attempt to stop Congress from certifying Joseph R. Biden’s presidential election win.

“You have conflicting testimony from that time period. The Capitol Hill police have said that they asked for the National Guard to be present on Jan. 6. The sergeant-at-arms has said, ‘No, you didn’t.’ So one guy says we asked for it; the other guy says we didn’t,” Mr. Jordan said on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle.”

“The guy who says we didn’t ask for it reports directly to the speaker and won’t turn over the documents. The guy who said we did ask for the National Guard, they’ve given us the information.”

The top Republicans on several House committees that started early probes into the Jan. 6 attack first sent Mrs. Pelosi a letter on Feb. 15 asking for her communications with law enforcement related to the security plans.

“It has been widely reported and confirmed by multiple sources that when Chief [Steven] Sund requested the National Guard be activated ahead of the January 6th Joint Session of Congress, the response from the [sergeant-at-arms], acting on your behalf, was that the ‘optics’ of having the National Guard on-site were not good and the intelligence didn’t support the move,” wrote the Republicans from the Administration, Judiciary, Oversight and Reform, and intelligence committees.

Senate Republicans, including Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, also have questioned Mrs. Pelosi’s responsibility for security at the Capitol before the riots.

Mr. Graham’s inquiries prompted Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill last year to tweet: “This disgraceful attempt to shift blame for the mob attack on the Capitol is absurd & pathetic. He need only look in the mirror if he wants to start pointing a finger. He has repeatedly cast doubts on results of a fair election & dangerously fanned flames of rightwing quackery.”

  Republicans are also not allowed to ask any questions about Democrat collusion with BLM/ANTIFA rioters who burned black neighborhoods with hundreds of police injured or killed. Democrats like Biden and Harris even raised money to bail out violent rioters. Why isn't this part of the investigation? 

 While Republicans who ask questions are banned from Twitter, The following tweet from Kamala Harris is still posted on twitter. Big Tech would ban any Republican raising money for Jan. 6 defendants.

Sunday, January 02, 2022

Freedom Will Not Be Denied in 2022

The Red Wave is coming!

Friday, December 31, 2021

Biden's Covid Hell Reaches the South Pole

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Some Common Sense on Virus Treatments from Aaron Rodgers

If we can't discuss the "science" then it's not really science. It's propaganda! 

 Where have you heard this before?  Why can't we talk about treatments or natural immunity without the Vaxx Police screaming and yelling? What are they hiding?

This isn't medical advice. It's common sense. And it has as much, if not validity, than every Hollywood Vax addict!

Monday, December 27, 2021

Biden Admits He Has No Plan for Virus "Solution" and Blames States for Mess

Trump was impeached for far less. When will Dems dump Biden? 

You remember the presidential campaign. Just a little over a year ago but it seems Dems and the media have forgotten. Here's a reminder: Over 400,000 Americans have died since Biden seized power. According to his own words, Biden is responsible for their deaths: One more time: That was then, THIS is now:
Let that sink in: Joe Biden today: “Look, there is no federal solution” to COVID-19.

Well we are at it, let's not forget this:
And the same liar that brought you Trump-Russia said this:
  • By Biden’s own standard, he should be removed from office. During the second presidential debate on October 22, 2020, Biden said, “220,000 Americans dead… Anyone who’s responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the United States.”
  • Since Biden took office, 400,000 Americans have died from COVID-19.
  • After Biden prematurely declared victory over the virus earlier this year, daily average cases have increased nearly 1,700%.
  • Over 27 million Americans have been infected with the coronavirus on Joe Biden’s watch, and there are now an average of 243,000 new coronavirus cases every day—nearly 3x the 7-day rolling case average on Election Day 2020, and it’s going higher.
  • There are now more than 70,000 people hospitalized, tens of thousands more than on Election Day 2020.
  • The test positivity rate is higher today than any point since April 2020 —and more than DOUBLE the rate on Election Day 2020 (7-day moving average).
  • The White House is now projecting “a winter of severe illness and death.”
  • In spite of this atrocious record and the fact that he based his entire campaign on COVID, Biden ended 2021 SURRENDERING to the Virus—just as he surrendered in Afghanistan. “There is no federal solution,” Biden said on December 27, 2021. “This gets solved at a state level.”
    • On November 13, 2020, Biden lied about the Trump administration’s COVID record, stating: “This crisis demands a robust and immediate federal response, which has been woefully lacking.”
So many Democrats who have been double vaccinated and boosted are catching the virus lately. I've lost count. Many are also dying after bragging about being vaccinated. OK, they may not be dying of the virus, they are dying because of the vaccine! 

When will Twitter ban Biden for spreading health misinformation? When will he be impeached?

Same People Who Screamed "F___ Trump" Are Shocked and Outraged That Anyone Says "Let's Go Brandon"

 No doubt these left wing fascists would like to have everyone who criticizes Biden arrested.  But they spent too much time defunding the Police so that's a problem!

By now anyone who has been paying attention knows what it means when you say "Let's go Brandon."  Apparently Joe Biden isn't paying attention.

It shouldn't shock anyone that Biden is so out of touch. He can't even remember the names of his cabinet when they are standing right next to him. But now, any mention of Biden's cognitive difficulties has morphed into a danger to democracy. And the nerve of these Biden sycophants. For years they did nothing but shout far worse at Trump and his supporters and the media never batted an eyelid:
The same lefties who howl about disrespecting Biden had no problem depicting Trump's murder. Now they are making threats against the father who said let's go Brandon to Biden! Somehow the following, and SO MUCH MORE, is perfectly fine. But saying let's go Brandon gets you in trouble. 

OK, I'm willing to show goodwill to people who have offered nothing but hate. I will not close this post by saying LET'S GO BRANDON. I'll use the original FUCK JOE BIDEN!
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