Wednesday, September 21, 2022

18 Year Old Teen Killed After Driver Uses Biden's "MAGA Extremism" as an Excuse to Run Him Over with His Car. Media Silent

 Violence inspired by Democrats is widespread and rarely reported!

Someone needs to do a web site to chronicle each and every conservative and Trump supporter who has been killed by violent leftists in the past two years. At least a half dozen I know of!


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the jr douchebag use the funds he is wasting by importing/exporting illegals to fix the gulf shore?

Gad, you idiots accept no responsibility and you wonder why no one takes you guys seriously.

Deal With It said...

Ever since Biden got elected it has been a disaster. The world and the country has been occupied with the most trivial & unnecessary infighting of the century. All during this time Putin was preparing to invade Ukraine and China was occupied taking over the rest of the world. This impotent imposter man, Joe Biden, pitted one American against another, with divisions of race & color & stupid vaccine mandates & party ideology. He & his party have been preoccupied with "the invisible white supremacists" & "the revolution of January 6". His friend, the idiot John Kerry, is upset that maybe Putin will not focus on climate change amid the Ukraine invasion. He was hoping Putin would help the world "stay on track" with fighting climate change despite the ongoing invasion of Ukraine. He was very concerned about the "massive emissions consequences". What a consolation for the innocent Ukrainians who are going to be dead in this war. They will be happy that the weather is going to stay good when they are gone!
Biden committed a complete debacle when leaving Afghanistan & abandoning American citizens and our allies & now Ukraine.
He will slap Putin with the Mother of all " Sanctions" ! Putin & his oligarchs & generals & the military will just fold up & go back home because of the Biden sanctions.
Oh no , oh please no more sanctions, please Joe Biden ! We are terrified.
Many have said that it takes no more than one president or one generation for America to be doomed. It is worse than the Carter era when the miracle Ronald Reagan appeared & saved the country & the free world. I ask God to make that happen again & soon for the sake of free people all around the world with a strong & gifted President & patriot. A man or woman gifted with the power to lead & inspire the people & to unite them. An individual that puts the country first & not party or personal gain & power.
At this time, under Biden & the democrats, we have higher gas prices, higher food prices, overall higher inflation in more than 50 years. More crime & lawlessness. No borders & the majority of the people in complete depression & anxiety & disbelief on the state of their country.
How inept, how incompetent can a leadership be ? I feel so sorry for the Ukrainians who have to go through another invasion in their country, once again ! While reporters are asking him life altering questions Biden smiles & laughs, or leaves. I wonder if Kamala Harris is studying the root causes of invasions & aggression !? Putin would be a good case study for her !
The tragedy that is Biden is a monumental catastrophe for the US & the free world. Another major catastrophic mistake was making America & its European allies dependent on Russian & other foreign energy & oil. All this was done in a year by this weak clown.

You would think that in this day & age, conquest, colonialism and "building of empire" creating " satellite states" who are obedient to another foreign leader are long gone ! But when you have an imposter American leader, who is mentally challenged and incapable, this country & the free world are not safe.
When Trump was President no foreign power invaded any other country, gas & food prices were low, the economy was the best ever, no inflation existed & the border was under control. Terrorist leaders were eliminated & America was respected by China & Russia & our own allies & others.

In a year we lost it all & more, & it is just the beginning of this madness and incompetence & downfall.
I pray for Ukraine & the Ukrainian people & leadership & I also pray for America & the American people !

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