Monday, August 15, 2022

Seized Mar a Lago Docs Leaked. Show Clear Evidence of Crimes

 Will the FBI be investigating?

Documents from Trump's safe at Mar a Lago have leaked online.  They are damning evidence of crimes which include illegal transactions with RUSSIA.

The information is so sensitive I have put it behind a wall to shield readers from the shocking truth about the subject involved:


Deal With It said...

Great Find Mike!

Deal With It said...

I doubt if Liz Cheney will get any support from sny of the Trump Deplorables. Liberals will NOT vote for her either as her dad is Dick Cheney. That will hurt any chances she has to ever become President. She will however get at least ONE vote from her Father.

Louise said...

The Democrats keep the Blacks in the party by considering making those empty promises that they never keep
Democrats tax the Backs snd the poor by making basic needs unaffordable and ensuring they’ll never get anything but minimum wage, but promise’s that they will,

Deal With It said...

The Hypocrisy comment of the Year,
Rational Nation USA, calling others Stupid!

Rational Nation USAAugust 20, 2022 at 10:38 AM
The dummies are not only stupid, their stupidity makes them dangerous as well.

TOM said...

The 'Cultists'...that would be the treasonous, Trump-obsessed, TDS-suffering Democrats who have spent the last 6+ years violating the Constitution, violating the Patriot Act, defrauding the FISA Court, illegally spying on Ameticans and the President, participating in failed Coup attempts, holding criminal Impeachments based on zero crime / evidence - except that which they illegally manufactures / witnesses, withheld exculpatory evidence, and have wept teats after failed 'We've got him THIS time' failed attempt after attempt, psychotically obsessed with, triggered by, haunted by, and can not rest until they one day Get Trump or Die Trying.

TOM said...

This kind of TDS- cult will never 'get the message',, and, unfortunately, it's not terminal / lethal, which means they won't stop until they successfully come up with a scam, or a Hoax to successfully 'Get Trump' or die of d age trying

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