Monday, July 11, 2022

New Polls: Voters Doubt Biden's Mental Fitness for Office. Dems Don't Want Biden to Run Again. Bottom Line: HE SUCKS!

 By this time anyone who voted for Biden and hasn't recanted that vote should have their head examined!

Every day there's a new poll that shows Biden sinking lower and lower.  Americans aren't as stupid as CNN anchors. They see the damage these frauds are doing to our country and they know Biden is the cause.

Who will be the last Dem to admit Biden was a mistake?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The Moron in chief just bestowed one of the highest civilian awards a president can bestow on someone to that American hating Lesbian Soccer player because the shitbags pulling this puppets strings hate True American loving citizens so they must shove this hateful creature Megan Rapinoe to flaunt their disdain for us and the real women who love our country!!
I say ......She is just a chick who kicks a ball around a field of grass she just happens to do so in-between strapping on her rubber penis because what else can a man hating female do but utilize the phallic symbol of the being she despises more than her own self loathing

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