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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Democrats to Impeach Bush

Remember all that backslapping last week in the Senate? All those moderates and C.I.N.O's (Conservatives In Name Only) saying how important it was that we get back to doing the people's business?

Well, apparently "the people's business" as interpreted by the same bunch who define "extraordinary circumstances" for filibustering judicial nominees have another great idea to move the country forward: IMPEACH BUSH!

It's not a joke, this is not a parody. This is an idea that has been bopping around the center-left of the Democratic party ever since Bush was elected. These same folks who defended Bill Clinton's rape and sexual abuse of women as "his private life" are out to impeach Bush for what nearly everyone with enough oxygen supply to the brain realizes as a masterful and potentially world changing geostrategy centered in Iraq.

You really do have to wonder what planet these folks are on...

TomPaine.com - The Key To Impeachment: "If you think President Bush should be impeached, it's time to get serious. We're facing huge obstacles and they have nothing to do with legal standards for impeachment. This is all about media and
politics. Five months into 2005, the movement to impeach Bush is very small. And three enormous factors weigh against it: 1) Republicans control Congress. 2) Most congressional Democrats are routinely gutless. 3) Big media outlets shun the idea that the president might really be a war criminal. For now, we can't end the GOP's majority. But we could proceed to light a fire under congressional Democrats. And during the next several weeks, it's possible to have major impacts on news media by launching a massive educational and 'agitational' campaign spotlighting the newly leaked Downing Street Memo and explaining why its significance must be pursued as a grave constitutional issue."

UPDATE: If anyone thinks this is just the lunatic raving of some extreme leftist, think again. Here's Democratic standard bearer, John Kerry, expressing the same view:

From Newsmax:Failed presidential candidate John Kerry said Thursday that he intends to confront Congress with a document touted by critics of President Bush as evidence that he committed impeachable crimes by falsifying evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

"When I go back [to Washington] on Monday, I am going to raise the issue," Kerry said, referring to the Downing Street Memo in an interview with Massachusetts' Standard Times newspaper.

Dems keep whining, Republicans keep winning....FOUR MORE YEARS!!!

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