John Bolton

John Bolton

Friday, September 09, 2005

Left is "Dancing on the Graves of Black People"

Rick Moran has the following:

For the left, the aftermath of Katrina has proven to be a godsend. In fact, I don't think I've seen them this happy since Hugo Chavez hornswaggled Jimmy Carter into certifying his victory in a recall vote last year. There's just something about communist thugs that brings a smile to the face of an American lefty and makes their hearts go pitter patter.

Yes, these are heady days for our left wing friends. The fact that their celebrations are taking place as a direct result of the distress, suffering, anguish and death of tens of thousands of their fellow citizens seems to not be of much concern to our morally superior betters. In fact, it has emboldened them to advance every crack pot theory on race and class that has poisoned American politics for going on forty years. One could say the left is dancing on the graves of black people, celebrating the exploitation of a political opening brought about by the incompetence of relief efforts in the largely black neighborhoods of New Orleans except for one thing; most of those graves are empty at the moment because the future les habitants haven't even been plucked from the floodwaters yet.

But why let a small detail like common decency spoil a good party? It's Mardi Gras in September in the Big Easy and liberals are dancing the Cajun Reel with the tousands of grinning skeletons who very soon now will start filling up the temporary mortuaries set up to receive them.
(there's more, and it's worth reading)

Katrina's killing winds had not even abated when Jesse Jackson returned from a hug session with Venezuelan dictator Chavez demanding that more of Jesse's cronies be put in charge of the relief effort. Never mind that it was his crowd that have run New Orleans for decades and had utterly failed to evacuate the cities most needy residents.

Randall Robinson, a so-called social justice advocate claimed that black people were eating corpses to survive at the same time that the state of Louisiana repeatedly denied both the Red Cross and the Salvation Army access to the Superdome and the Convention Center.

While people were dying and struggling to survive, a wave of left-wing apologists, including eminent environmental scientist Cindy Sheehan, took to the airwaves and the internet to blame Hurricane Katrina on President Bush's environmental policies and others suggested that the people in Louisiana and Mississippi deserved to die because their states voted for Bush.


Then of course, the left wing apologia, which has yet to do more than mouth throwaway lines regarding responsibility of the state and local first responders. The left has done little more than insist that President Bush should have seized control of the Louisiana State National Guard, and overridden the loonieLouisianasiana that were preventing relief from reaching Katrina's victims.

Such an act amounts to the overthrow legitimately elected state government and is a measure so extreme that it could only be considered a last resort. And yet, the Governor of Louisiana STILL refuses the legal arrangements that would permit the Federal government to assume full control.

Yet the same people who object to provisions in the Patriot Act that allow the government to inquire what books terror suspect is checking out of a library, are now suggesting that President Bush should have removed the elected government of Louisiana.

The gleeful and willful misinterpretation of federal perogatives demonstrated by some who comment at this site has been astounding. These self proclaimed experts in law and government, contradicting expert opinion expressed at the New York Times and elsewhere points to a desire to do two things: 1. Bash Bush at all costs, and 2. Deflect any and all blame from state and local officials.

Of course, I realize that the experience these self-proclaimed experts have in government and law goes no deeper than the time they have spent in line at the post office. But in a Michael Moore, CBS fake document world of make believe, you can be reality challenged and not even be aware of it.

But in this post September 11th world, our nation faces grave life and death issues every day. What is needed is a mature, intellectually honest debate. Not the obvioustransparentlyently political carping and one way fingerpointing from people who put their own political interests above that of the nation's at a time of war and tragedy.

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