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John Bolton

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Lefty Katrina Blame Fair and Balanced?

Left Blames All Equally for Katrina Mess? Put Up, or Shut Up!

Update: Thus far, no lefty who has taken repeated pot shots at President Bush has stepped forward to offer evidence of comments slamming the response of state officials with equal vigor.

O.K. kiddies. All I've heard from the neosocialists the past week is how Bush is at fault for the Katrina mess in New Orleans. Oh, they claim to be objective, claim they have offered criticism of the local and state government, and insist that I somehow validate their Bush hate with an admission of culpability on his part. Of course they also fail, after numerous requests to provide the LEGAL justification for what would amount to President Bush seizing the assets of the government of Louisiana.

But let's move on. The neosoc comments here always include that throwaway line about state and local governments, then launch an extensive screed against President Bush and the way he has handled the situation.

Now, is it possible that these oh, so fair-minded neosocs are visiting lefty blogs and offering similar chastisement to the virulent Bush hate that clouds these people's judgement? Is it possible that I am wrong when I say that their efforts are a transparent C.Y.A. for failed Democrat leaders in Louisiana and New Orleans and just another disgraceful round of partisan politicking at a time of national tragedy? Could it be that at lefty sites they offer paragraph after paragraph of criticism of the state and local response?

O.K. Prove Mike Wrong

Please offer in the comments section below a link back to comments you have made on lefty blogs where you demonstrate the balance you seem to be lacking here. Provide links to those comments that occur BEFORE the date of this post. Link back directly to your comment, not some general link to a story posted at, as I have no desire to wade through the verbal sewage that swirls around those places worse than it currently does in the streets of New Orleans. That toxic spew has shown to be highly dangerous to mental health.

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