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Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Real September 11 Memorial

This is what leftwing historical revisionists do not want you to see at the Ground Zero memorial in New York. This photo, of the death of the fireman's Chaplain, Father Mycal Judge, is reminiscent of the Pietas that symbolize the sacrifice of Christ.

The Orwellian revisionists in charge of the memorial at Ground Zero want to shove this image, as well as the other sights and sounds of that day: the heroics and the horror, into a dark corner surrounded by irrelevant exhibits on Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo.

How many times have you turned on television news and seen the Abu Ghraib photos, or car bombings in Iraq or pictures of the murderers held at Guantanamo? When was the last time you saw video of that awful September day when we were attacked?

Follow this underlined link to the REAL story of September 11. This is the memorial that should be at Ground Zero. This is a 7 MB download, so let the page open, turn on the sound for the music and open another page to read until it starts.

It's time to draw the line folks! Historical revisionism is just another tactic that brings confusion where clarity is most needed. We've seen it used all too effectively in the past, yet we cannot afford to let it continue unchecked. Do something about it! Sign the petition, write letters, send emails, post on your blogs!

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