John Bolton

John Bolton

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Where Was Jesse When Katrina Threatened?

The so-called reverend Jesse Jackson, long upset that Muther Sheehan has been hogging all the cameras lately, has found his voice in criticizng President Bush's response to the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina.

On Saturday, August 27, President Bush declared a state of emergency in Louisiana and mobilized the resources of the federal government to assist in that state as well as Mississippi and Alabama in advance of Hurricane Katrina's Monday morning landfall.

On Saturday, August 27, Rev. Jesse was in Venezuela, praising Venezuelan dictator Chavez as he goes about transforming his once free country into a Cuban style Stalinist regime. At the same time as Jesse was praising Chavez, protestors in the streets of Caracas demanding restoration of democracy were violently set upon by pro-government mobs.

Rev. Jesse Jackson and Venezuelan dictaor Chavez on Saturday, August 27 in Caracas.

On Monday, as Hurricane Katrina was ripping through Louisiana and Mississippi, Jesse was still hard at it; promoting Dictator Chavez while undermining American foreign policy.

In case you're wondering what possible business J.J. has in Venezuela, you're not alone. But the sad truth is that Jesse and a cadre of Marxists, Socialists, Anarchists and America haters (your typical left wing Democrat) have been spending quite a bit of time helping Chavez with his communist takeover by providing propaganda cover for activities through visits like the one above.

Last year, during the runup to the recall election that could have saved Venezuela from Chavez's dictatorship, Jesse led a group down south to show their support. The list of illuminati supporting that venture reads like a Who's Who for aging hippie America hating socialists:

Congressman Dennis Kucinich
Dr. Howard Zinn
Edward Asner
Dr. Saul Landau
Naomi Klein
Doug Henwood
Dr. Blase Bonpane
Liza Featherstone

In the final days leading up to the recall referendum that would have saved Venezuela from the Chavez dictatorship, Jesse Jackson, led a cadre of the usual susptects to Caracas to lend Chavez (red shirt center) their support.

Jesse: If you really cared about the poor people in New Orleans, you would have been here to help!

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