Monday, November 14, 2005

Reader Survey: What Are Your Issue Priorites?

Less than a year to go before the critical 2006 congressional elections and it looks like it will be an uphill fight to hold onto the gains we have made the past few elections.

We can expect Democrats to continue with their Chicken Little strategy, but as usual, Republicans are called on to hold up a higher standard and actually present ideas.

With that in mind, Mike's America is soliciting ideas from readers as to what issues they feel should be the focus for President Bush and the Congress as we work towards next November's day of judgement.

I thought about making this a poll, but polls tend to create artifical distinctions. For instance, immigration is an important issue. But it has both national security and economic factors. So, I'll just leave it open ended and we can hash it all out in the comments section.

Scoring: You have ten points to assign to the issues you wish to highlight. Please assign points to your issues. Such as:

National Security/Terrorism: 4
Economy/Tax Cuts:3
Confirming Conservative Judges: 3

You're not limited to the number of issues you think are important, but you may assign no more than ten points, weighted any way you wish. Note: assigning one to each of ten doesn't help much when it comes to prioritizing.

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