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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Next week, we celebrate the beginning of the Reagan Presidency. I invite fellow blog enthusiasts, readers and bloggers alike, to reflect on that period in our history and link back to your own posts and comments as we approach the anniversary. I'll post a special roundup of your thoughts on the big day.

Please feel free to spread the invite around, and use the image if you care to.

The "A" List (in no particular order): Don Surber , Through the Looking Glass, Bookworm Room, Palmetto Pundit, A Tangled Web, The City Troll, Grizzly Mama, Always on Watch, Flopping Aces, The Political Teen, Michelle Malkin, Moonbattery, Opinionnation Times, Cox and Forkum, Moc's Blog, Say Anything, Sister Toldjah, Real Teen-Right on the Right, TMH's Bacon Bits, Stop the ACLU!, Cao's Blog, The Anchoress, Neo-Neocon, Dr. Sanity, The Strata-Sphere, Vote Churchill, The Eye-Raqi, Eye-Ranian, Patriotic Mom, Crush Liberalism, A Rose by Any Other Name, Plan This Career, Bill Hobbs, Generation Why?, Being Right, America Centered, Special Agent Utah, Razor Sharp Claws, Further Adventures of Indigo Red, Right Wing Nut House, The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth, The NeoCon Blogger, Mental Mast#*bator, Midnight Blue, TF Stern's Rantings, GM's Corner, Sparks from the Anvil, Reverse_Vampyr, Mudville Gazette, Moonbat Monitor, California Conservative, Rhymes With Right, Political Yen/Yang, American Crusader, 4Rows Back in the Bleacher Seats

To be continued

Reagan in his own words: "America's best days are ahead... You ain't seen nothing yet!" Audio here.

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