Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Lefties Want End to "Curious George" Imperialism

What's the usual routine for lefties when they find something wholesome, that people enjoy? Well, they either trash it or try and ban it. The latest target is the classic children's book series "Curious George" which hits the big screen this week in an animated feature.

And what better place to pull of this cultural control than whacked out California?

By George, monkey movie finds itself fodder for cultural wars: "For the politically correct Bay Area parent, the 'Curious George' children's books are a minefield of cultural horrors through which to tiptoe. Imperialism. Animal abuse. Bad parenting....

"The books are really irresponsible to me. It's sickening, really," said Robin Roth, managing editor of, an animal welfare Web site.

Start with the Caucasian, gun-carrying Man with the Yellow Hat venturing to Africa (imperialism alert!) to harvest wildlife for a zoo (animal repression alert!). Continue with George being unsupervised and allowed to smoke a pipe and huff ether (bad parenting alert!), and it's a wonder there aren't pickets already forming around movie theaters.

Roth, a high school English teacher in Los Angeles, writes on her animal rights Web site that "Curious George" reveals "the sinister side of a corrupt wildlife trade with perilous roots in Western imperialism."
What was that web site again?

And of course this lefty do-gooder busybody is a TEACHER in the California public school system. Your tax dollars at work!

No doubt Roth would prefer a curriculum that includes this bit of brainwashing, "Why Mommy is a Democrat" brought to us courtesy of Little Democrats.Net

Here's a sample:

Notice in the background the private school with the outrageous tutition posted? And that large "Y" on the graduation gown is no doubt a reference to Yale, the alma mater of President George W. Bush. Perhaps the socialist who drew this propaganda was too high on crack to recall that John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton all went to Yale. And of course Democrats in Washington send their children to private schools like Sidwell Friends. No public school mind pollution for THEIR kids.

Another not so subtle smack of socialism. Oh yes! Those sharing Democrats! But only when it's someone elses money! That's just peachy when you can get government agents with guns to go to your neighbors house and demand he turns over half his stuff for you and your friends to "share."

I wonder if the author recalls how little "sharing" Al Gore did in 1997 when he listed a miserly $353 in charitable contributions on his income tax form? Or perhaps we could learn from the example of Hillary Clinton, who deducted money from the Clinton's return after donating Bill and Chelseas used underwear to charity?

And in case you thought the anti-GOP message was a tad subliminal in the preceding examples, this one is more direct. Here's Mommy protecting the little squirrels from that dangerous elephant.

Have Democrats Gone Nuts?

Most of us have long thought Democrats were a tad "squirrely" but this "book" takes the cake. Squirrels are known for their resourcefulness, hard work and ingenuity in finding and storing food. Democrats mostly complain that someone else should be doing the work and just handing over the nuts.

And what kind of tone does a book like this set with no father figure in the story? Or is this just the typical Democrat broken home with a deadbeat squirrel dad who spends his day hanging out around the bird feeder?

And what do you bet that taxpayer dollars will be used to make sure this book is in every library in the country within the year?

And Let's not forget this other classic for Democrat children. The lovable character, Dhimmi the donkey who shows young Dems the way to bring peace to the world through submission to another murderous ideology.

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