Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mexico Demanding Say in US Immigration Policy?

Blue Crab Boulevard found these nuggets at Gateway Pundit

Gateway Pundit (Damn that guy works hard) has two absolutely blistering posts up on the illegal immigration issue. One exposes the background of one of the organizers of the protests, the other calls attention to ads the Mexican Government has taken out in major newspapers demanding a say in American immigration policy.
I visited Gateway Pundit and found this excerpted from an advertisement by the Mexican Embassy in the United States.

*Mexico’s migration policy acknowledges that as long as a large number of Mexicans do not find in their own country an economic and social environment that facilitates their full development and well being, and that encourages people to stay in the country, conditions for emigrating abroad will exist.

And somehow, bad economic conditions in Mexico, due to massive corruption and complete mismanagment of the nation's very large oil wealth is the fault of the United States?

Then this:
* If a guest country (that would be the US) offers a sufficient number of appropriate visas to cover the largest possible number of workers and their families, who currently cross the border without documents because of the impossibility of obtaining them, Mexico should be responsible for guaranteeing that each person who decides to leave does so following legal channels.

Basically, unless you let in every poor unskilled person who can't feed their family in the corrupt socialist utopia of Mexico, then they refuse to take any responsibility for helping stem the tide of the illegals.

it is important to find a solution for the undocumented population that lives in the United States and contributes to the development of the country, so that people are fully incorporated into their actual communities, with the same rights and duties.

That's right... just let in every illiterate, unskilled person who wants to come and instantly grant them full "rights" (they mention duties, but somehow, those always seem to be an afterthought).

Hey Mexico! Here's an idea... Let us come down there and take over your legal system and the management of your economy. We'll clean up the corruption and put those billions of oil dollars to work helping these poor schmucks who currently have no better option than to sneak into the United States.

Mexico: You should be ASHAMED that you are unable, or unwilling to do more to help your own people, the poorest of the poor, while you continue to rape the oil wealth of your nation to enrich your already super rich citizens.

The protests in American cities SHOULD BE TAKING PLACE IN MEXICO! Does anyone else find it strange that Mexican's come here illegally to demand "rights" and justice?

I could go ON AND ON... See the Gateway Pundit or Blue Crab Boulevard for more.

While you are visiting Gateway Pundit, you will want to see this post on the whackos behind some of the illegals protest.

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