Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Republicans Ace in the Hole: Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid

Thank GOD for that smarmy Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats leader in the House of Representatives, and that funeral director Harry Reid, who leads Democrats in the Senate.

Without the fear of what misfortune would befall our nation should they take control, conservatives would behave even more like a herd of cats than they do already.

Last week, Rush Limbaugh issued a stern warning to conservatives, echoing similar calls from Party Chairman Ken Mehlman and political strategist Karl Rove.

Rush reminded those of us with short attention spans of a similar time 20 years ago when President Reagan faced a similar revolt. At the time, Fred Barnes wrote a column describing how conservatives were just too eager to trash Mr. Reagan who was mired in Iran Contra difficulties and finding the last two years of office much more difficult than the preceding six. Conservative Blog Therapy has the column and it should be a must read for those who are spening more time encouraging Democrats in 2006 than in uniting together for victory.

Here's the money quote:

Conservatives do not retrieve their "wounded" from the battlefield; they abandon them. There is so much -- especially more so today than ever before, there's so much -- competition out there. Conservatism has gotten so big; it has so many people who want to claim to be the leader, claim to be the definers, that if anybody takes a hit, they're happy to let them fade away.
The Antidote for Conservative Qualms:

When George Stephanopoulis on ABC's This Week program twice referred to Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker, conservatives must have gone into shock. Except that almost no one but hapless left wing dreamers watch the show!

Still, Pelosi's appearance on Meet the Press sent plenty of shivers up what's left of conservative spines.

And her performance didn't go un-noticed. Slate's John Dickerson wrote a column entitled "Nancy Pelosi, Super Genius" which brings images of Warner Brother's cartoon character, the inept Wile E. Coyote, who tried so hard, but always failed to catch the roadrunner.

Thomas Bray of the Detroit News takes up the nightmare scenario with "No Wonder Voters Doubtful About Dems." Here's an excerpt:
Democrats hope that George Bush's miserable poll numbers will help them reclaim control of Congress this fall. But polls also show that the Democratic Party's overall approval ratings are almost as deep in the tank as the Republican rating. Voters may be expressing dismay at the alternatives.

That would be understandable. The relentlessly partisan House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco, as Speaker? Sen. Robert Byrd, the ancient king of pork from West Virginia, as head of Senate appropriations? Gasbags like Patrick Leahy and Teddy Kennedy back in charge of judicial nominations?

Or how about John Conyers, the Detroit-congressman-for-life who would automatically become chairman of the House Judiciary Committee? Nancy Pelosi has promised that one of her first acts as House Speaker would be to unleash a series of investigations into the Bush administration. As it happens, Conyers has given us a taste of what life would be like under the Pelosi reign of terror.

Last June Conyers commandeered a basement conference room in the Capitol to stage a mock hearing into impeachment charges over the Iraq war. "[Conyers] banged a large wooden gavel and got the other lawmakers to call him 'Mr. Chairman,'" recounted Washington Post reporter Dana Milbank. "He liked that so much that he started calling himself 'the chairman' and spouted other chairmanly phrases, such as 'unanimous consent' and 'without objection so ordered.'"
On real issues closer to home - where the Detroit police department has long been operating under Justice Department supervision because of citizen abuses, or the meltdown of the city school system - Conyers has been notably silent. (His own kids reportedly attended a private school in the Detroit suburbs.) His big issue domestically: a reparations bill for blacks that he has introduced every year since 1989.

Okay, so voters in California, Texas and New York have never heard of John Conyers, who was first elected to Congress in 1964. But if the Pelosi Democrats don't find ways to show that they that will use their power for serious purposes, as opposed to show trials a la Conyers, voters may decide to stick with the devils they know.

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