Friday, June 23, 2006

Did Clinton/Albright Make Mistakes in North Korea Policy?

Readers will recall several of the Bush press conferences where reporters demanded that President Bush admit making mistakes. Need a reminder? Here's a well balanced, non-biased piece by objective news reporter Helen Thomas stating in the headline: Bush Admits Mistakes, But Not The Big Ones!

Well isn't that nice.

I wonder when Helen is going to write her piece on the monumental failure of the Clinton Administration's policy to keep North Korea from developing a nuclear weapon and the missile technology to deliver it?

Have you heard a clamor on the news wires calling for former President Clinton to "admit mistakes in response to the recent threat of a North Korean missile launch?

Nope! Instead, we get this rather self-serving op-ed in the Washington Post by former Clinton Secretary of Defense William Perry, and one of his underlings, Ashton Carter.

In it, they admit that North Korea with a nuke and advanced missile systems is a threat. They also grudgingly agree that pre-emptive action (like removing Saddam Hussein) is often necessary.

They go on to recommend that the United States unilaterally destroy the North Korean missile on the launch pad, which would constitute an act of war against North Korea.

Can you see the headlines now? Bush Cowboy Blasts North Korea! Unilateral US Strike!

Before we listen to one more word of advice from Clintonistas, let's take a minute to ask what really big mistakes were made in their handling of the North Korean situation. President Bush has been cleaning up Clinton's messes for five years now and Bush seems to get none of the credit and all the blame.

UPDATE: Now former Vice President Mondale is all for a unilateral attack against North Korea! Too bad you couldn't have found those guts when you were in office Wally.

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