Saturday, June 10, 2006

Zarqawi's Last Words

With the news that Zarqawi mumbled some last words before US troops gave him the Red, White and Blue sendoff to hell, everyone is wondering what those words might have been?

Apologies for being such a brutal monster? doubtful.

Here are a few ideas:

"But the posters at Democrats Underground said this was all a photo op?"
"What about my human rights?"
"Vote for Hillary"
"Where's Congressman Murtha when you need him?"
"Get me an ACLU Lawyer"
"Was that a Jooo bomb?"

You get the idea. Readers are welcome to make their own suggestions in the comment section.

And I knew if I picked on Sparks from the Anvil for being late to the party, Wordsmith would come through with a few last minute gifts. See his post here.

Forgive me for the shameless ripoff of his graphic, but I couldn't resist.

My favorite for the monster Zaraqawi's last words is: "THESE ARE THE VIRGINS?"

At this point Zarqawi realized that he was actually IN HELL!

Get it? "Pair O' Dice?"Thanks Michael Churchill for the above contribution. Full size image here.

One Last In Your Face Video
(Warning: Not for children, Sunday School teachers or liberal weanies):

Here's another version with the full song. These two kids are certainly getting into it.

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