Biden's Shame

Biden's Shame

“History is going to judge us very harshly, I believe, if we allow the hope of a liberated Afghanistan to evaporate because we are fearful of the phrase, ‘nation-building,’ or we do not stay the course." Joe Biden February 2002

"Remember this? Biden Ad: "Strong, steady. stable leadership. Someone tested and trusted around the world. A President with the experience to lead on day one!"

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bandit.Three.Six Reports on Rumsfeld from Iraq

Bandit.Three.Six files another superb online video report from the Green Zone in Iraq.

In this latest video report, Bandit.Three.Six focuses the viewers attention on several key points from Secretary Rumsfeld's remarks from his July 12th visit to Iraq. But I also want to offer readers with an interest in the entire speech two additional resources.

First, the Pentagon Channel video from the July 12th visit by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to a Town Hall Meeting with U.S. Troops, Balad Air Base, Iraq. The sustained and heartfelt standing ovation for Secretary Rumsfeld tells you instantly what the troops think of the Secretary.

It's a short video, and you will learn so much more about this man, who along with President Bush, leads our Armed Forces. Watching the video, you cannot miss the sincere high esteem with which Secretary Rumsfeld holds and respects the men and women who volunteer to serve and sacrifice for this nation's freedom.

You may have seen only a soundbite from this visit. The most popular sound bite (from the transcript) is Secretary Rumsfeld offering to "[A]nswer some questions later on, and -- gosh, let me rephrase that. I'm going to respond to some questions."

Here's a larger excerpt from the conclusion of his prepared remarks:
A few days ago, our country celebrated a 230th birthday, and despite your responsibilities here, I hope that at least some of you had an opportunity to celebrate as well and to reflect on how fortunate we are to live in a nation that is rooted in freedom. The American people have learned in every era that freedom does not come without cost, it does not come without hardship, and indeed it does not come without heartbreak; that freedom was earned by the service and the sacrifice of successive generations of Americans who have come to our country's defense.

And that responsibility, that honor now falls to you, and one day you will look back with a great deal of pride on what you've accomplished on behalf of our country and on behalf of human freedom and the history that you have written and that you are writing today. You can be enormously proud of your service, just as your countrymen are proud of what you do.

You have my deep appreciation. You have my respect. It is clearly the highest honor of my life to be able to work with you and to serve at a time of such enormous historic importance to our country. So God bless you, and God bless our wonderful country.
One of the questions from the troops centered on whether the terrorists goal of intimidating the folks back home was affecting the political balance in a way that might cause their efforts in Iraq to be in vain. Rumsfeld has a powerful answer:

[T]he nature of terrorism and because of their goal of attempting to cause the American people to alter their behavior and to stop behaving as free people, and to acquiesce and yield in what it is the terrorists want to do to this world, they focus very heavily on that, on the desire and the effort to intimidate the American people.

Do I think that that's happened? No, I don't. There is no question there are some people who have been intimidated, and you can tell by what they say and how they think. But fortunately, I think the American people have got a darn good center of gravity, an inner gyroscope that can get blown off kilter from time to time, but, by golly, it centers again. We wouldn't be the country we are today if the American people didn't have a good center of gravity.
Best Secretary of Defense EVER!

Mike's America readers may already be aware that we think Donald Rumsfeld is the best Secretary of Defense this nation has ever had. We admire his style. I thought I would share another reminder of it here:

Full size image here.

In closing, the latest installment of Bandit.Three.Six Video News highlights a humorous cartoon depicting Osama bin Laden's latest video tape propaganda production. If you would like to see the full version of this cartoon from "Family Guy" click here.

Both Razor Sharp Claws and A Rose By Any Other Name share my appreciation for B-36's service and efforts to bring us a report from the front line in the War on Terror. NY Treason graphic shamelessly lifted from My Republican Blog.

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