Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Buddhist Teacher Murdered in Thailand by Muslims. US Support for Israel to Blame?

Another sad news item which reminds us that the current troubles are not simply the result of U.S. support for Israel, "stealing Arab oil" or U.S. "occupation" of Iraq or Saudi Arabia. From the BBC:

Teacher shot in southern Thailand

Security is tight in the restive southern provinces
A teacher has been shot and killed in front of a classroom of children in southern Thailand, according to police.

Gunmen disguised themselves as students to shoot the Buddhist teacher at the primary school in Narathiwat district.

The attack is the latest in a string of violent incidents in the Thai south, where more than 1,300 people have been killed since January 2004.

Officials blames Muslim insurgents for much of the unrest, although criminal motives are also thought to be at work.
At least 30 teachers have been killed since the beginning of the insurgency.

Militants target schools and teachers because they see them as symbols of the Buddhist Thai authorities.

Islamic fanatics around the world are killing not only Jews, but Christians, other Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and anyone who fails to submit to their warped view of Islam.

The Palestinian Name has been documenting this violence and the Koranic inspiration cited by the fanatics as justification for this murder. I first came across the site when looking for documentation of the horrible mass murder of school children in Beslan, Russia (warning, this link contains graphic images). Those children, innocent of any wrongdoing, were made to pay the price for our failure to eradicate evil Islamic fanaticism. If you can bear it, Palestinian Name also includes the photos of Indonesian girls beheaded for the crime of being a Christian (warning, this link contains graphic images).

Yet those who claim to hold "peace" as their highest value and aspiration have only offered these and countless other innocents the peace of the grave as they continue to stand in the way of justice for these crimes and eradication of the monsters who commit them.

Victory over evil and defeat of Islamic fanatics is the only path to peace.

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