Saturday, July 29, 2006

This is Why Terrorists Want Negotiations

PLO thug Yasser Arafat won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 for his efforts to secure the Oslo Accords. Many of us recall the high hopes that took place as those agreements were signed at the White House in 1993 with Bill Clinton playing the great peace maker.

But Oslo, and it's "land for peace" deal have brought Israel no peace. And it's clear that the agreements were a one sided victory for those whose only aim is more violence, more killing.

Ziyad Abu 'Ein, a member of Fatah PLO leadership, gave an interview on Al-Alam television in July, 2006 where he admitted:

"If not for Oslo, there would have been no resistance. Throughout the occupied territories, we could not move a single pistol from one place to another. If not for Oslo, the weapons we got through Oslo, and if not for the "A" areas of the Palestinian Authority, if not for the training, the camps, the protection provided by Oslo, and if not for the release of thousands of Palestinian prisoners through Oslo - this Palestinian resistance could not have carried out this great Palestinian Intifada, with which we confronted the Israeli occupation."

This echoes what Palestinian Faisal Husseini said in 2001 when he called Oslo:

"a Trojan Horse . . . just a temporary procedure . . . just a step towards something bigger." Husseini said that something bigger is "Palestine from the river to the sea," i.e., from the Jordan to the Mediterranean, eradicating Israel. Oslo? Just a way of "ambushing the Israelis and cheating them."

Following the signing of the Oslo Accords, deaths of innocent Israeli men, women and children skyrocketed. Something to keep in mind the next time some terrorist enabler demands negotiations.

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