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John Bolton

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Clinton Interview on Fox News: UNBELIEVABLE

Early reports describing the interview former President Clinton had with Chris Wallace for Fox News Sunday suggested there would be fireworks, but WOW! What a display!(Transcript here).

A few adjectives come to mind to describe Clinton's performance: Angry, obsessive, mean, paranoid, combative, hypersensitive.

Clinton repeatedly sat up and reached across towards Chris Wallace. At one point Clinton began tapping his finger on Wallace's notes. Iit looked like Chris Wallace might need Secret Service protection.

Clinton attacked not only "right wingers" and "neocons" but Fox News and accused Wallace of doing the bidding of his evil masters by asking him about his failures.

If Clinton had put the same energy and anger he directed at Chris Wallace into fighting terrorism, September 11th might have been prevented.

And Clinton couldn't help but take a few cheap shots at President Bush. Pretty rotten behavior since all members of the Bush family have bent over backwards to be gracious to both Bill and Hillary Clinton. Laura Bush even helped kick off this week's Clinton's Global Initiative, another way the former President can use other people's money to build his own ego and attempt to convince Americans he wasn't such a disaster as President.

Talking about Afghanistan Clinton said "I haven't criticized President Bush." Well that would be the one area where he hasn't violated the longstanding tradition where former President's decline to criticize their successors. And so what does Clinton do next? Criticize President Bush's policy in Afghanistan.

Clinton's performance was another desperate attempt to salvage his legacy from the verdict of history which increasingly sees him as ignoring the terrorist threat and setting the stage for the September 11th attacks.

The Fox News Channel will air the interview again later on Sunday. Check your local listings.

Ten minutes from the interview here:

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