John Bolton

John Bolton

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Democrats Advocate Book Burning and Film Banning?

Yesterday, several Democrat leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives joined Democrat leaders in the Senate in demanding ABC cancel "The Path to 9/11" scheduled to begin Sunday night on ABC. The effort in the House is being led by Louise Slaughter who sent an official letter to Disney CEO Robert Iger along with three other senior Democrats, all of whom stand to become powerful committee chairman with the authority to regulate broadcast networks if Democrats retake the House of Representatives in this fall's election.

Much of the minority leadership in both houses of the U.S. Congress, have joined with former Clinton Administration officials in a public demand that this docudrama not be shown.

It's the most direct and blatant attempt by one political party to control free speech that I have ever witnessed.

I forget who made the point: "If these Democrats had put half as much energy into combating terrorism as they have into trying to stop this film, we might not have had a 9/11!"

Democrats Chief Objection is to the Truth!

One of the chief objections of Democrats is the portrayal of Sandy Berger as the stumbling block to getting approval to launch a strike to kill or capture bin Laden. The film is reported to show only one such scene when according to the September 11th Commission Report there were four planned, yet aborted attempts to get bin Laden. The September 11th Commission Report was agreed to unanimously with all members, including Democrats, assenting to the findings.

Texas Rainmaker takes us through chapter four of the Commission Report in which the details of these aborted strikes are revealed. If the film compressed these four incidents into one scene, the truth remains: the Clinton Administration aborted multiple planned attempts to capture or kill bin Laden.

Since the Clinton Administration left office, a number of individuals have come forward to corroborate these reports. Lt. Colonel "Buzz" Patterson, one of the White House Military Aides and the man who carried the "Nuclear Football", the black briefcase with the nuclear codes that accompanies the President wherever he goes, wrote "Dereliction of Duty" describing what he witnessed first hand and how the Clinton Administration ignored the terrorist threat. Sparks from the Anvil has an excerpt from the book where it's made perfectly clear that it wasn't just Berger who was to blame for not pursuing strikes on bin Laden.

"Proper Thinking People" Should Ban Books and Films

Flopping Aces took another cyber dive into the sewers of the Democrat Kooktocracy to see how the Democrat message to destroy free speech was affecting the natives.

This comment at Democratic Underground is positively chilling: "Sometimes material like books or movies that promote wrong ideas have to be banned by proper thinking people. We can't let people be duped."

That same individual is part of a committee "gearing up for Banned Book Week later this month."

If we allow Democrats to decide what speech is, or is not permitted it will only lead to one outcome:

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