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John Bolton

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Who Lied About Iraq?

Shamelessly lifted from Hard Astarboard:


Just click the box above and open your mind.

And while you peruse the offerings on Google, play this video in the background. Democrats in their own words.

GOP latest video here. GOP video archives here.

Democrats scream that they were "misled" by faulty intelligence? Pretty amazing that many of these statements go back to 1998 when George Bush was Governor of Texas. Quite a feat for an "idiot" "frat boy." that he was able to manipulate intelligence and sucker every Democrat from Bill Clinton on down.
Former Clinton Director For Defense Policy And Arms Control, National Security Council Staff, Peter Feaver:
"How Could Even The All-Powerful Neocons Have Manipulated The Intelligence Estimates Of The Clinton Administration, French Intelligence, British Intelligence, German Intelligence And All The Other 'Co-Conspirators' Who Concurred On The Fundamentals Of The Bush Assessment?"
(Peter D. Feaver, "The Fog Of WMD," The Washington Post, 1/28/04)

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