Monday, December 04, 2006

Flopping Aces Drawing Fire from NY Treason

Reader Alert: Mike's America friend Curt at Flopping Aces just had a big target painted on his blog by the New York Times, which sniffed that his audacity in questioning the phony tragedy reporting from Iraq was in some form or another "patently absurd," "menacing, and more damaging to a free press," or "agenda-driven, insolent, or both, but not legitimately curious."

Methinks the Times doth protest too much!

This attack on Flopping Aces and others like Chicken Hawk Express and Michelle Malkin who dare to question the journalistic integrity of the lamestream media is just the latest attempt to circle the wagons around what remains of the liberal media monopoly which has successfully sold the "all is lost, sky is falling" media view of U.S. actions in Iraq.

In light of the examination of our military and political strategy which is ongoing, should we not also examine the reporting and "agenda-driven" practices of the media which still retains a central role in shaping American public opinion?

Or is the media simply a one way street where any news reports showing events in a negative light are treated as gospel while those demonstrating success are ignored?

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