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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Air Force Three for Queen Pe-lo-si?"


Pelosi One!

Pelosi Air!

Nancy Says: "Fly Me!"

Broom Stick One!

All good stuff as the story of Nancy Pelosi's demand for upgraded air transport at taxpayer expense grows.

Pelosi claims that she only needed air transport which could reach San Francisco non-stop from Washington. Fair enough. San Francisco is approximately 2440 nautical air miles from Washington.

The following aircraft are the available inventory of the United States Air Force for what are called "Special Air Missions" to transport U.S. government officials. Most of them are based at Andrews Air Force Base near Washington, DC under the command of the 89th Airlift Wing.

The plane at right is the type former Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) used. It's a C-20, the military version of the Gulfstream III. The Air Force describes the C-20B range as 4,250 miles land miles(3,698 nautical miles). It has room for 12 passengers plus a crew of five. There are 5 C-20B's in the active force inventory and 2 C-20H's with longer range of 4,220 nautical miles.

Each plane cost $29.4 million.

Not good enough for Nancy!

The Air Force has 9 C-37 A's in it's active force, four of which are kept at Andrews Air Force for use by government officials. The 37 A is the military equivalent of the Gulfstream V. It also accommodates 12 passengers with a crew of five.

Each one cost $36 million.

Not good enough for Nancy!

The C-40B (at right) is based on the Boeing 737-700 Business Jet. The Air Force describes it as " "office in the sky" for senior military and government leaders. Communications are paramount aboard the C-40B which provides broadband data/video transmit and receive capability as well as clear and secure voice and data communication. It gives combatant commanders the ability to conduct business anywhere around the world using on-board Internet and local area network connections, improved telephones, satellites, television monitors, and facsimile and copy machines. The C-40B also has a computer-based passenger data system."

It has a range of 4,500 to 5,000 nautical miles (based on payload) accommodates 26 to 32 passengers with a crew of 10. Each one cost $70 million. Inventory: Active force, 2.

Not good enough for Nancy!

Nothing but the best for Nancy. CBS News Reports that the C-32 is what Queen Pelosi has her eye on. It's the penultimate flying command center.

The Air Force describes the C-32 as "a specially configured version of the Boeing 757-200 commercial intercontinental airliner. The C-32 body is identical to that of the Boeing 757-200, but has different interior furnishings and 21st century avionics. The passenger cabin is divided into four sections:

-- The forward area has a communications center, galley, lavatory and 10 business class seats.-- The second section is a fully enclosed stateroom for the use of the primary passenger. It includes a changing area, private lavatory, separate entertainment system, two first-class swivel seats and a convertible divan that seats three and folds out to a bed.

-- The third section contains the conference and staff facility with eight business class seats. -- The rear section of the cabin contains general seating with 32 business-class seats, galley, two lavatories and closets.

Operating cost: $15,000-$22,000 per hour.

There's only one better ride in the entire country:


Air Force One. Full size image here.

Pelosi of course denies that she had her eyes set on the big plane. "It's not a question of size" Pelosi said. Oh come on Nancy, it's ALWAYS a question of size.

In another interview (video here) Pelosi insisted that "Now, as a woman, as a woman Speaker of the House, I don't want any less opportunity than male speakers have had." Apparently in her mind that means she is entitled to more!

Dems are trying to say the GOP manufactured this controversy. I guess people who fake national guard documents, steal and destroy national security documents and lie about having sex "depends on the meaning of the word 'is'" might well believe everyone else lies too. The only difference is, if WE do it, we don't get away with it. Just ask Mark Foley.

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