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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Global Baloney: What's the Underlying Motivation for Hysteria?

"Kyoto represents the first component of an authentic global governance."
French President Jacques Chirac
The Hague, November 2000

If you want to understand the motivation behind the media hysteria surrounding global warming, the above quote from Chirac goes right to the point.

And just to underscore that point, A group of 18 scientists from 11 countries funded by the United Nations Foundation released a report to the U.N. recommending measures to combat global warming which include a global tax on greenhouse gas emissions.

In describing the need for action, Panel member John Holdren of Harvard University sprinkled the following scare words into his statement: "catastrophe... harm...danger...intolerable...unmanageable."

Consider the Source

Well, when the U.N. speaks we MUST listen? What a minute. Who is this "U.N. Foundation?" Turns out it's totally funded by CNN media mogul and certified whacko Ted Turner. So Ted Turner goes out and buys a panel of scientists to support his one world government view and we're all supposed to swallow it in the name of science?

Talk about perverted!

And does anyone think that the United Nations, who has failed miserably in it's primary peace mission, not to mention totally corrupt where money is concerned, should be handed the tool to rape the U.S. economy by imposing a "global tax" which we all know would end up being paid primarily by us?

The mask has fallen away folks! Global baloney hysteria is not, and never has been, out of concern for the environment. No "tax" collected by the U.N. would do anything to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The hysteria is all about scaring U.S. citizens to the point they will willingly hand over a portion of our sovereignty to a corrupt, unaccountable, totally worthless international body.

No thanks! Better luck next time Ted Turner!

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