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Friday, February 23, 2007

Global Warming Scaremongers Causing Children to Lose Sleep.
PLUS: South Carolina GOPrs Falling for Global Baloney?
Consider the Source

Older readers will recall this shopworn technique of the left:
Global warming concerns are keeping children awake at night
February 22, 2007

Half of young children are anxious about the effects of global warming, often losing sleep because of their concern, according to a new report today.

A survey of 1,150 youngsters aged between seven and 11 found that one in four blamed politicians for the problems of climate change.

Are you doing enough?

One in seven of those questioned by supermarket giant Somerfield said their own parents were not doing enough to improve the environment.

The most feared consequences of global warming included poor health, the possible submergence of entire countries and the welfare of animals.

Most of those polled understood the benefits of recycling, although one in 10 thought the issue was linked to riding a bike.

Pete Williams, of Somerfield, said: "Concerns over our environment dominate the media at present and kids are exposed to the hard facts as much as anybody.

"While many adults may look the other way, this study should show that global warming is not only hurting the children of the future, it's affecting the welfare of kids now.
That's right. Scare the little rugrats so bad they can't sleep and they'll bug their parents into supporting socialist solutions to a problem that may not exist.

Well why not? The left used the same technique during the Cold War when they screeched that President Reagan would start a nuclear war. Stories in the "news" media frequently worried about the impact on children, some of whom were reported to be having nightmares about the danger.

The left was tragically misguided in opposition to President Reagan's policies which eventually led to an end of the Cold War and the threat of nuclear war. They are wrong now about the doom and gloom scenario being put forward now to justify the massive, unnecessary restructuring of ONLY the American economy to solve some mythical problem.

South Carolina Republicans Falling for Global Baloney?

Earlier this month a poll was released showing that South Carolina Republican voters believe that global warming is occurring and that man can take actions to make things better.

Today, South Carolina Governor, the former Congressman, Mark Sanford (R) wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post suggesting that conservatives need to get on board the global baloney bandwagon.

Sorry Governor. Conservation is fine. Socialism in the guise of solutions to questionable environmental issues is not.

No doubt Sanford and other politicians saw the poll reported in the most widely circulated newspaper, The State. I'm wondering if they missed the sentence where we learn that the poll was paid for by a group called "Environmental Defense." This is the old lefty group Environmental Defense Fund and they've been running ads in South Carolina showing a speeding freight train heading down the tracks right for a young child. If you haven't seen the ads, here they are.

Fight Global Warming
No wonder children are having nightmares. What child wouldn't be frightened if they saw this ad?

And of course when Environmental Defense buys a poll, they get the results they want. If you don't believe that, drop your phone number in the comments section, I've got a great deal on real estate YOU need to know about.

As more and more scientists come forward with studies to question the fundamental assumptions in the political agenda that global baloney activists represent, the more these activists try to scare the general public and especially the children.

Beware environmental groups that attempt to frighten children to advance a political agenda.

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