Trump in Poland

Trump in Poland

Trump the Toast of Paris!

Aren't you getting tired of the Trump haters who say he isn't liked by our allies?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Quick Takes

The Army, Navy and Air Force versions of the Congressional Medal of Honor.
  • Program Alert: Conservative Intelligence Review alerts readers to watch America's Most Wanted on Saturday, February 17 9PM EST for a story on the historic Congressional Medals of Honor which were stolen from the Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum in nearby Charleston, SC in June 2004 (story here).
  • Global Warming Hysteria: The Blog, and soon the movie? Peter Glover, an honored member of that distinguished minority of Europeans who still possess a modicum of common sense has launched the blog: Global Warming Hysteria. I encourage all those with a keen interest in the most monumental environmental scam of the last one hundred years to bookmark the site, and visit often.

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