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Monday, September 24, 2007

Hillary Clinton Deja Vu

Here it is... the report you've all been waiting for!

Hillary Clinton took to the Sunday morning news programs yesterday in what could only be called a "Sunday surge."

In this well choreographed display, she proved her mettle at spinning the hard questions and always, always sticking to her prepared talking point script. When asked a tough one, like Chris Wallace did regarding Hillary and Bill's "hyper-partisan view of politics," Hillary responded with what Ben Smith of the Politico described as her"signature cackle" (audio here).

No doubt, as Halloween approaches, children across the land will begin emulating that cackle as they prepare for Trick or Treat.

Hillary did face one question on the Hsu fundraising scandal outlined in posts below. She dodged it expertly by repeating her commitment to public campaign financing. But it's this new scandal which reminds us all how of what we all lived through in the 1990's and what we would likely face again if the Clintons were returned to the White House.

Clinton Campaign Finance Scandal: History Repeats Itself!

For those of us who know history didn't start on the day George Bush was elected President (ooops! for Democrats that would be the day Bush STOLE the election). We remember the Clinton years that preceded the Bush presidency.

It was a time of willful ignorance as terrorist threats to our country mounted. It was also a time of seemingly never-ending scandal in the Clinton White House.

And yet, those scandals had their roots years before anyone every dreamed of Special Prosecutor Ken Starr, Newt Gingrich or Linda Tripp. The roots of those scandals grow deep in the soil of Arkansas.

And in the present day, when the Hsu Chinese funny money scandal reared it's ugly head, yours truly hopped on a plane and jetted off to Little Rock and Hot Springs Arkansas to kick over a few rocks and shine light once again on the naked truth behind the real Bill and Hillary Clinton.

What follows is a photo-report of that trip. A walk down memory lane. It starts appropriately enough at the Chinese Restaurant which sparked the Chinese funny money scandals which rocked the Clinton White House:

Fu Lin's Restaruant: With Eggroll you get Illegal Chinese Contributions

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Fu Lin's is the Little Rock Chinese Restaurant once owned by Charlie Trie. One translation of "Fu Lin" is ""enrich your neighbor." Certainly that was the intention of those who frequented the restaurant which became a hangout for the Clinton's and Little Rock big shots.

Charlie promised his Chinese communist friends that Bill Clinton as President would be a good thing. And even before Clinton took office "hordes" of Chinese communists beat a path to Little Rock to cash in.

Charlie, along with the other Chinese bag man Johnny Chung (pictured with Bill and Hillary at a White House Christmas party escorting Chinese cronies), ended up dumping bags of money orders for various Clinton schemes at the DNC and escorting the same "hordes" who descended on Little Rock to the infamous White House Coffees (guest lists here). Campaign contributions were also arranged using Chinese Communist funds to reimburse contributors.

Charlie skipped the country rather than testify to congressional committees investigating these events. But he did return to face criminal charges in a very lenient plea deal that required no jail time, probation and a small fine.

So next time you hear Hillary express her support for public financing of campaigns. Ask which public she's referring to. Americans or Chinese?

For fun, test your memory and play the campaign finance scandal match game!

Seeing the World Through Rose Law Firm Glasses

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Next stop on our Clinton Scandal Tour is the Rose Law Firm.

Not every Yale Law grad rates a partnership in a prestigious law firm. Not even in Arkansas. But in Hillary Clinton, the partners of the Rose Law Firm recognized a certain quality they wanted. She was the wife of then Attorney General and later Governor Bill Clinton. That's a pretty solid recommendation if you want to make things happen in Arkansas.

And things happened all right. Mrs. Clinton must have spent a lot of time at Fu Lin's Chinese Restaurant as she seemed to develop an instant knack for "enriching" her neighbors and herself while at Rose. CNN has the Whitewater timeline which describes endless shady financial dealings, including the infamous cattle futures scandal.

The Rose Law Firm also introduced a host of Arkansas characters to the nation's attention:

  • Partner Vince Foster, the White House Counsel who later committed suicide in circumstances which continue to raise questions.

  • Partner Webster Hubbell, who later became Associate Attorney General and went to jail for tax evasion and mail fraud in connection with billing records at Rose. Hubbell later received hundreds of thousands of dollars in "consulting" contracts to keep him quiet.

  • Partner William H. Kennedy III became Associate White House Counsel and played a role in the White House Travel Office firings and the 900 Republican FBI files scandal. He left Washington when it was learned he didn't pay taxes for his family's nanny. Before leaving office, President Clinton rewarded him by appointing him to the Board of the Student Loan Marketing Association.

  • Carolyn Huber, former Office Manager at Rose went on to work as an Assistant to First Lady Hillary Clinton. Carolyn's job was to look after the personal and private correspondence of the Clintons. It was Ms. Huber who found the infamous missing Rose Law firm billing records which were found with Hillary Clinton's fingerprints. Huber is also reported as removing sensitive Clinton papers from Vince Foster's death following his suicide.

The significance of the Rose Law Firm records cannot be overstated. They directly contradict Hillary Clinton's statements on Whitewater where Hillary claimed she played only a minor role. (two resources for more information: PBS Frontline and the Washington Post -- No right wing conspiracy here)

Court House for Some Friends of Bill.... Justice Still to be Done for Others

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Above is the Federal Court House in Little Rock. It was to become famous as the spot where a Grand Jury indicted Susan McDougal for Obstruction of Justice for failing to answer questions regarding the White Water land and bank scandal.

Without McDougal's cooperation, there was no possibility of indicting Hillary Clinton for her role in White Water. In Clinton's Presidential Library McDougal is praised for her role in protecting Hillary.

Charlie Trie entered his lenient plea deal here also.

Refresher on White Water in this extensive Washington Post report.

Hillary Was Busy.... So Was Bill

While Hillary was busy making a fast buck and signing up partners in crime, Bill was busy...busy being Bill:

Saying it with Flowers.... Gennifer Flowers!

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Quapaw Tower overlooks a Catholic school and MacArthur Park in downtown Little Rock. According to the sworn statement of Gennifer Flowers taken in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case, then Governor Bill Clinton recommended Gennifer lease an apartment there as he had aides who lived in the building and it wouldn't be so suspicious for him to visit there.

Bill Clinton's affair with Gennifer Flowers went on for 12 years and Gennifer even saved audio tape phone messages. Clinton even arranged for Flowers to be hired to work as a state employee for the Arkansas Board of Review Appeals Tribunal. But that didn't buy her silence

When the news of their affair leaked during Bill's 1992 campaign for President he denied it categorically. And of course Hillary was trotted out in a 60 Minutes interview with Bill on Super Bowl Sunday (partial transcript) as they attempted to save Bill's struggling campaign in New Hampshire. It was during that interview where she made her famous statement: "I'm not sitting here – some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette."

Oddly enough, she would have to replay that Tammy Wynette role again in the White House and deny the Monica Lewinsky allegations. But like nearly all of Bill and Hillary's denials, they would eat their words. And their supporters would lap up that meal of crow right along with them!

For a Gennifer Flowers refresher, here is a transcript of Ms. Flowers 2001 interview with Larry King.

"I did not have Sex with that woman...Ms. Lewinsky"..... Ms. Flowers.... Ms. Jones.... Ms. Broadderick...Ms. Kyle-Browning... (more) "I never told anyone to lie, not a single time - never!"

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Gennifer Flowers statement and President Clinton's admission in his March 1998 testimony that he had lied about their relationship was necessitated by the lawsuit Paula Jones filed claiming that then Governor Bill Clinton exposed himself to Ms. Jones here in what was then the Excelsior, now the Peabody, Hotel.

In her declaration to the court, Ms. Jones described how she was lured to the hotel room and Bill Clinton's unwanted advances eventually leading to Clinton dropping his pants, exposing his penis and telling Ms. Jones to "kiss it." If only Senator Larry Craig had done something similar instead of tapping his foot in men's room he might still be in the Senate!

Jones lost her sexual harrasment suit, but President Clinton agreed to an out of court settlement of $850,000 while the dismissal was on appeal.

"You Better Put Some Ice on That:" The Rape of Juanita Broadderick

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketJuanita Broaddrick, then Mrs. Hickey owned a nursing home in Van Buren, Arkansas and it was there that candidate for Attorney General Bill Clinton stopped in 1978 for a campaign event. Bill invited her to visit him at the campaign office in Little Rock if she was ever down that way.

While attending a nursing home convention in the capital, she phoned and Bill arranged for the two to meet for coffee at the Camelot (now the Doubletree) coffee shop. Bill rang later and suggested they meet in her room instead.

Once inside Bill forced his attentions on Juanita, biting her lip in the process. When he was finished, he turned and told her to "put some ice on that."

(full transcript of NBC Dateline report here)

Two weeks later, Hillary insisted on meeting Juanita at a campaign event. Juanita describes the strangeness of that meeting in this video interview with Sean Hannity.

In October 2000 as Hillary was running for Senate, Ms. Broaddrick sent Hillary a letter titled "Do you remember me?" In it, she recalls that meeting with Hillary:

Do You Remember Me?
An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton
by Juanita Broaddrick
October 15,2000

...Do you remember how you thanked me, saying "we want to thank you for everything that you do for Bill". At that point, I was pretty shaken and started to walk off. Remember how you kept a tight grip on my hand and drew closer to me? You repeated your statement, but this time with a coldness and look that I have seen many times on television in the last eight years. You said, "Everything you do for Bill".
What did you mean, Hillary? Were you referring to my keeping quiet about the assault I had suffered at the hands of your husband only two weeks before? Were you warning me to continue to keep quiet? We both know the answer to that question.

Yes, I can answer Brit Hume's question. You are the same Hillary that you were twenty years ago. You are cold, calculating and self-serving. You cannot tolerate the thought that you will soon be without the power you have wielded for the last eight years. Your effort to stay in power will be at the expense of the state of New York.

I only hope the voters of New York will wake up in time and realize that Hillary Clinton is not an honorable or an honest person.

You Deserve A Break Today....

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After all that heavy lifting with Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick and so many, MANY more Bill always seemed to need a bit of comfort food. The McDonalds on Broadway was one of his favorites.

And it's a good place for us to reset the visual pallette as we head off into fantasy land:

The Clinton Liebrary: A Fantasy Paradise for Nostalgia Starved Liberals!

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It sits jutting out over the Arkansas River like a mobile home that someone backed up a bit too far over the bank. It almost connects to a rusted out and disused railroad bridge that extends over the river. Is it that elusive "Bridge to the 21st Century" that Bill talked about?

Inside, you won't find Monica's blue dress, and barely a mention of impeachment. What you will see is one long, highly partisan display of historical revisionism run rampant.

The interior is well designed and appealing, and the Cabinet Room and Oval Office recreation to scale are interesting.

But what I found most interesting was one of the alcoves titled "Fight for Power." It begins with a photograph of Newt Gingrich and a description of how "radical Republicans" (highlighted in the exhibit) sought to bring down Bill Clinton. The display went on to glorify the government shutdown, (Clinton's 1995 address here) which gave federal workers a week's paid holiday, then remarked on how the Republicans had forced Clinton to sign the renewal of the law authorizing Special Prosecutors. Next, cue photo of Ken Starr and again those wascally wepublicans were at it again, this time impeaching good ole Bill.

It was as if all the history which we have reviewed above had never happened. Indeed, the above is just the tip of a very large iceberg that melted in Washington, D.C. during the Clinton years and continues to melt today.

It certainly requires, in the words of Hillary Clinton: "the willing suspension of disbelief" to view the Clinton years with any short of nostalgia. Nor to relish their return! It's clear from the statements of both Bill and Hillary, not to mention the self serving exhibits in the Clinton Library, that neither of these sociopaths has ever learned to accept any responsibility for their actions.

Another Clinton Administration would be little more than a sad sequel of the first!

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