Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Left Wing Moonbat Tasered by Police Mob at John Kerry Event!

We're living in a police state.... and it's run by DEMOCRATS!

At an event with failed Presidential candidate John Kerry yesterday at the University of Florida, a student named Andrew Meyer stood up to make a rambling moonbat statement about how Kerry won the 2004 election, blacks were disenfranshised and he wondered why Kerry did not move to impeach President Bush. Then, when he asked if John Kerry were a member of the secret Yale society Skull and Bones Meyer's microphone was cut off and he was approached by police. As he was being led away, more police arrived as he continued to protest his removal. He was thrown to the ground, handcuffed then tasered repeatedly as he continued to protest.

Only in America would left wing moonbats think President Bush runs a police state, only to be tasered by police protecting a Democrat from being questioned about his past.

The best You Tube video of the question and tasering is here.

You may also find this video, which shows Meyer in the hallway after being led out claiming to be afraid that the police will take him out and kill him.

No doubt this student has had his brain washed by the best university professors taxpayer dollars can buy. But the lesson for him here isn't how rotten Bush is..... Think the kid will learn?

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