Tuesday, October 02, 2007

How I Know We are Winning in Iraq

Democrats are desperate to change the subject!

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Ever since the Democrat/Moveon.org attack on General Petraeus blew up in face of embarrassed Democrat leaders they have been desperate to change the subject. First it was back to the tried and true socialist playbook with a brazen attempt to federalize the health care of Americans well above the poverty level with the SCHIPS program. As usual, it was all about the children.... even "children" old enough to vote.

But massive new spending can only get Democrats so far. So they went to one of their paid propagandists named Media Matters to first try accusing Fox News commenter Bill O'Reilly of racism.

That didn't pass the laugh test, but that didn't stop Dems from going back to Hillary Clinton's creature: Media Matters for another piece of willful disinformation and an attack on Radio Commenter Rush Limbaugh.

Democrats falsely claimed that Limbaugh called troops who opposed the war in Iraq "phony soldiers." Democrat leaders in both the House and Senate as well as presidential candidates rushed to the microphones in an orchestrated attempt to propagate the big lie.

Senator Harry Reid went so far as to call Rush Limbaugh "unpatriotic" from the floor of the U.S. Senate. How is it that Democrats routinely impugn the patriotism of conservatives and undermine our troops, but howl like banshees if we dare to criticize them?

Anyone who listened to the program where Rush Limbaugh used the term phony soldiers knows that Rush was referring to people who falsely claimed to have been in the military, or who have admitted to making false statements about our soldiers in Iraq.

Lost in all the discussion of this phony scandal is the fact that Democrats hyping it routinely vote against funding our troops, have opposed efforts to unite the country behind VICTORY in the war and routinely dismiss the incredible job our troops are doing.

If only Senator Harry "war is lost" Reid would hold a town hall meeting with our troops in Iraq along with Senator Schumer (D-NY) who impugned our troops success in Anbar Province Iraq. I'd like to see the question and answer session from that event!

Dems Goal is Typical "Both Sides Do It" Crapola

How many times have you heard some lib justify the ugly smear jobs Democrats specialize in with the intellectually dishonest claim that "both sides do it?"

The dubious example Dems often cite is the Swift Boat Vets for Truth campaign against John Kerry. They tried to insist that none of the Swifties were on the boat with Kerry. That's a lie. And the Swifties who served with Kerry were maligned by Kerry's phony soldier story about our troops in Vietnam committing all kinds of atrocities.

Has John Kerry ever apologized for telling lies about our troops in Vietnam? Nope, instead, he made a political career and a run for the White House based on a LIE.

You won't find ANY Republican in a similar situation. Both sides don't do it!

Meanwhile, The Good News In Iraq Continues to Leak Through the Fog

Flopping Aces cites reports this week showing astonishing drops in civilian and U.S. military deaths in Iraq. Reports last week chronicled the deaths of senior Al Queda leaders.

This dramatic improvement is due to the strategy of General Petraeus, the excellent perfmorance of our troops and the leadership of President Bush. Democrats who have spent the last two years preaching defeat and withdrawal are now painted for the fools they are.

If anyone is "unpatriotic" it is Democrats who falsely claim to support the troops yet vote against providing them with the support they need. And how patriotic is it to purposely LIE again and again and again smearing one American after another for the sake of political power?

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